Anyone for a mint?

9 responses to “Banzai!

  1. Holy shit….thats fucking awesome.

  2. Looks about right to me.

  3. It is truly scary how desperate the deep state is. After Trump was elected despite being caught on tape saying “grab um by the pussy”, did they really think we were gonna throw him aside based on this trash. Hell, even if Trump were caught on video peeing on the bed, red state America would have thrown a ‘pee on the bed party’ to support him. They really don’t get us.

  4. Old hillbilly joke:

    That guy in the middle is lucky a cards too!

  5. As is “Anyone for a mint?”

  6. It’s perfect. Disgusting but an honest representation.

  7. Viewers may not get the reference here, which is based on a movie from 2009. Warning: do not view this movie! Once seen, you will never be able to remove it from your mind.

  8. Willie Bawls


  9. Could it be any worse than watching some of the foremen I’ve worked for, who had their mouths stitched to the company owner’s rectum?

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