Breitbart: Washington “Fake News” Post Changes Story on Trump ‘Firing’ D.C. Nat’l Guard General



Gotta love Bezos’ failing blog.

That high-pitched shrieking in the background is Katherine Graham spinning in her grave.


10 responses to “Breitbart: Washington “Fake News” Post Changes Story on Trump ‘Firing’ D.C. Nat’l Guard General

  1. When I originally misread this, I thought Obama had fired the General as one of his final going away presents to Trump. Silly me.

  2. Looks like the key thing here is the General is a political appointee. Another suitable foil for another of the thousand cuts strategy on undermining Trump’s legitimacy. Regardless of the Posts gas lighting and subsequent revised history of it’s fabricated news, this is unquestionably deliberate calculated effort.
    For a General Officer to take part in this Kabuki theater isure looks like a court martial offense of dereliction of duty, gross abuse of his congressional commission, has the odor of treason and malice. The general told on himself when he back peddled on his previous deceitful omissions, which in his case as a commission officer, is a commission of treason against a CinC elect.
    Like to see Tom Baugh write a piece on When To Shoot The Generals. Or at least court martial them.

  3. The spinning from Graham is because they got caught, again.

  4. If I were Trump, I’d do the same thing, not wanting any Obongo left overs in charge of the Praetorians in and around the Capitol, when I took office. Sine Qua Non for a hostile take over. What went on outside the Capitol wouldn’t matter in that instance, as the new President would be de facto captured by hostile forces. Think of the role played by the Praetorians in Rome, especially after the Julian Emperors.

  5. Just another God damned fucking nigger. Quelle surprise!

    And by the way, the “good” Ms. Graham would NOT be “spinning in her grave” but would instead be cheering wildly, because THIS and the rest of their fake news are the standard she demanded EVERYWHERE she went. But at least she is indeed burning in hell where she belongs, along with so many of her other good buddies.

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