Explication Of A Theme


Theme: Domestic Political Violence In FUSA 2017 & Beyond

BLUF: It will suck and you ain’t ready. But it’s coming anyway. Fast.

Medium: The following Spotify tweet collections:

Parts I & II

Part III

Part IV

Part V

Read all of this material; if you must choose (and save the rest for reading tonight), read Part V.

But then go back for the rest.

You do know that the Dems/Reds as a group and not a few Repubs have already started the political groundwork efforts, yes?

You will need to be truly Deplorable in what is coming.

Harden your hearts.

killing the chicken to scare the monkey

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  1. best way to diminish trump, keep him occupied with domestic violence episodes and you know there’s people setting that up and no-nothings ready to be pawns.
    summer 2017, should be fun.

  2. One thing to consider is the map of territory vs population. In general, it works to Team Freedom’s advantage in that it controls the vast majority of the territory BUT there are two glaring problems. First, in the heart of Red Country there are densely populated Blue areas such as Memphis, Atlanta, Saint Louis, etc., that can play hell with the Red Country rear areas. The second comes from the population density of the Blue areas. They are dense enough to where they can send out significant raiding parties and other units but can still maintain a credible local defense force. Red territories will have problems consolidating forces simply due to the sheer area to be covered thus making it difficult to raise local defense forces in sufficient numbers. On the positive side of the ledger, it will be hard for the Blue territories to sustain with enough food and water. In short, we absolutely need to peacefully split the country now before it goes too far or we will all have problems. Let California go now, along with any other state that wishes to join them.

    • Your split plan has a problem. Take the state of Texas. Split from what? Austin is the bluest of the blue here in TX and it sits dead center of the state. Same with Altanta/GA, Denver/CO, Taos/NM, etc.

      As to some of the other aspects of your post. Yes the red areas are loosely populated but that is a feature, not a bug. First off where will the blue cities get their ‘army’? Half the population can’t boil an egg let alone be proficient with a weapon. The other half that is proficient, you would probably not want in your defense force. (think southside chi town.)

      Two tactics that the Red team can employ has been used thru the ages — scorched earth and siege. Mao used both to great effect against the Nationalists. Its bloody, gruelling and overwhelmingly successful. Denied energy and water the Blue team must collapse.

      • dog,

        Siege ? Leningrad comes to mind. Nothing “overwhemingly successful” about THAT siege.

    • Let’s say that tomorrow morning California is allowed to secede from the US, peacefully.

      How many hours will it be before Mexican troops are pouring across the border as conquerors of this new province of “Aztlan?”

      And how many days will it be before the Chinese intervene militarily, ostensibly to protect the lives of “ethnic Chinese” in the large cities, whose ancestors fled to the US to get away from the Communists in the first place? There have been rumors since the 1990s of container ships in the ports of Los Angeles and San Francisco full to the brim with pre-placed Chinese equipment and munitions, from small arms up to AFVs.

      As they say in the IT trades, “now you have two problems.”

      I propose an alternate plan. If the State of California and various municipalities within continue to treat treasonably with foreign invaders with their policy of “sanctuary cities,” declare the State of California to be in rebellion against the United States. Send troops, and arrest every politician from the Governor to city mayors to elected school board members and dog-catchers in cities that have declared “sanctuary city” policies. Put them all on public trial, and hang them all, every last one, from convenient lampposts and telephone poles. Then withdraw California’s status as a sovereign State and revert California to the status of Territory, with neither Congressional representation nor representation in the Electoral College for a minimum of twenty-five years, during which California will have an appointed Military Governor to restore order and root out corruption, and the Border Patrol will have a free hand to go house to house and eject the invaders.

      • THAT alternate plan is written like a true Lincoln bootlicker.

        Let ALL of them go peaceably and if they are invaded by foreign powers so much the better. I say let the foreigners burn the damnable place to ground. It’s the only way to be sure. If they want our help, then it’s time to negotiate terms with the NAZIS/REDS who run that fucked up state in order to stop foreigners from “burning down their house”. And if noone invades then it won’t take 20 years for CALI to be a failed collectivist state like Venezuela. Any illegal CALI migrants/refugees coming EAST across the Cali border into the US fleeing invasion or otherwise are terminated with extreme prejudice. You must be prepared to repel borders at all times.

        Grey Ghost

  3. Simple **fast** range estimation out to 600 yards
  4. After reading it all, some quick thoughts:

    1) Hines is a historical idiot. Or a baby duck.
    Nothing he brought up was either memory-holed, or unknown to me.
    To be fair, I was alive at the time in question, and don’t think history started with Madonna.

    2) That said, it bears noting that the Left is the Left, and leopards don’t change their spots. Shrillary has always been and always will be a wannabe tag-along radical Leftist, she just wants a Manhattan townhome, a Palm Beach mansion, and a Swiss bank account as a virtue prize.

    3) Divorce doesn’t work like Hines thinks, either politically, or any other way. He’s evidently too blind or too stupid to get that, whether deliberately, or from simple inexperience with the institution itself.

    4) If the left of today attempts to re-institute the Days Of (Impotent) Rage from the ’70s to any meaningful degree, they’re going to engender a backlash, and not just from TPTB.
    It’ll be from loosely affiliated or totally independent cells of people on the Right who have a particular skill set, learned and honed over long years everywhere between the late 1970s and now, in visiting violence on specific people, and their movement will get blind-sided and taken apart piecemeal by random strangers who walk up and whack them, institute campaigns of violent destruction against their businesses, institutions, and support networks, and just generally sow merry hell in their hip pockets. And from time to time, grab a few, work them over with a sock full of lug nuts, and beat every bit of useful intel out of them before using it to go to the next stop on the train tracks of the Leftist Underground Railroad, and begin again.
    And they’ll do it in their spare time, without f**king with their day jobs, and while in plain sight, leaving zero trace.
    As sport.
    And with none of the Constitutional constraints placed, at least nominally, on the feds.
    Boo frickin’ hoo.
    While the Big State continues, with varying success, to take the Left’s terror networks out wholesale.

    5) You can’t cross the same river ever again, because
    It isn’t the same river, and you aren’t the same person.
    The radical Left will find this out to their chagrin, because mainstream America in 2017 isn’t Mainstream America in 1957 or 1967.
    As Damon Wayans used to say, “Homie don’t play that.” Anymore.

    6) Hines’ comment that “This should all be a movie. Or three.”, while broadly true, shows a total unfamiliarity with actual Hollyweird.
    WhereTF does he think that prior Leftist base migrated to, in the late 1970s??
    Nobody goes to church anymore, they go to the movies. That’s why the Episcopalians aren’t the paymasters. And the lawyers all work on making movies these days, not defending actual oppressed revolutionaries, because that’s where the money is. (Bonus, the movies are all about defending oppressed revolutionaries. Win-win for the Left.)
    Because Eastwood, Schwarzenegger, Willis, and Norris are all senior citizens now.
    The George Clooney/Meryl Streep/Matt Damon/Susan Sarandon bunch thinks the terrorists in Hines’ tweetfest are the heroes in that storyline, not the parasitical pathogens in society we know and love.
    And they’re the same ones funding the next crop, as long as they don’t blow up movie theatres or studios, or their Beverly Hills McMansions.

    You will need to be truly Deplorable in what is coming.
    Oh yeah.
    It’s a lot less fun to be a revolutionary, if someone comes up to you and shoots you in the face after the rally, then walks away.
    Or your business/company/non-profit keeps catching on fire and burning down, and all the fire trucks were at three other fires on the other side of town.
    You have no .gov to whine to, no enemy to target (that you know of), and, oh yeah, you’re dead, with your face pummelled into pizza topping, while you bleed out.

    And the cops will spend around 2 seconds before declaring you were the object of a “botched drug deal”, or a “robbery gone bad”, and moving along to cases they can clear, involving people they care about.
    And/or turning over an apartment full of serendipitously found intel to the feds.

    Don’t ask me how I know.

  5. Best way to combat commies?
    Cut the heads off the snakes, one at a time.
    It would be so easy to take out their leaders, arrange accidents, including their family members. After the first two or three, there would be a distinct reduction in organised protest if not it’s complete elimination of it.
    Taking to the streets in armed resistance to these assholes is counter productive and, simply, very stupid.

    • Faster still — take out their money flows. It is not cheap to bus in loads of radicals. Somebody paid for it, make them poor, the buses stop.

  6. Like I said the other day, only works if Trump bites. Cut the press out, tweet your line, not let them generate the narrative. ,

    Left /right/central. A choice, I know my place, it isn’t two of these.

    And like I said earlier last week ” Alinsky’s rules, work both ways.

    If your not 63 or older, you know what you read, not the truth of the matter. In 1968, If you,didn’t live in a flash point, or travel to, you know what you read.

    The truth is, at some level, this is sanctioned stuff. Part of the dog and pony show.

    Interesting read, at 60 and being raised near the Bay Area, I remember, the events, but not the intent of the day.


  7. Part III link appears incorrect. I get part 1&2 again when I click on it.

  8. Observation: A tweet storm is a terrible way to advance a cognitive thought.
    Observation: As much as the idea of a ‘National Divorce’ sounds like a solution it is not. Say we split along the old Mason-Dixon line. Does anyone not think that the Leftists will not be trying to infiltrate Freedom Country in a year? Their belief is in the superiority of their belief and they wish to spread it everywhere. You can only eliminate it with prejudice, containment is not an option.
    Observation: Godzilla may tromp once, maybe twice. Eventually the populace either converts or fights Godzilla. But the third trip through will not be a cakewalk.

  9. Aesop, agree in detail.

    And, nearly all of Hines’ assertions about lefty tactical advantages assume the former power of the msm in their corner, giving cover and approval. That is no longer going to work, thanks to Trump’s deft exposure of their impotence, the many revelations of their deflecting of theft, treason and outright depravity. It’ll take awhile but, when their marginalization gets to be more than they can bear, they will at least pretend to warm up to Trump just to get back to baglapping at the seat of power where they do so long to be. They will get slapped down every time they give aide and comfort to the enemy.

    NO ONE trusts them any longer and it will be a daily delight to watch Trump continue the destruction.

    Conversely, alt media will be encouraged and gain newfound respect, credibility and readership. Folks who have been silent will find their like and their voice. Their numbers and confidence will grow….

    As for hollywanker, most of the really lefty polemic movies are box office failures, and many of the “stars” like Damon, Streep and Sarandon are widely despised and ignored.

    It’s all true, and more and better besides.

  10. Hines had one thing right anyways,


    The Left by no means has a monopoly on violence.
    My advice to those people is to remind them to fear the fury of a patient man.

  11. dog09, agree, but it’s controlling the roll not allowing the bought and paid for media, to bitch slap the story, their way. Kinda see this tweeting, positions as range mounting the media.

    Again Alinsky’s rules, reversed. He’s bitch slapping individual reporters, shaming them.

    While any press is good press for Hollwood, it ain’t so for media. When the big dog barks, eventually ALL reporters will heel, if they want access. Without access, your just another duck on the pond, and not a reporter.

    This is simple Pavlov dog shit. We’re in the conditioned response phase for the new admin, training the press as to ” How It Will Be”


  12. I made it half way thru part V and gave up. It’s maddening trying to read that shit. Put it in paragraphs like normal people so it can be read.

  13. Confining myself to the inauguration, it should be interesting. The Washington Examiner article has the useful information on what the left have planned, and Hines does a good job of contextualizing it for us.


    This is The Main Event for the left, Portland was the warm up. The tactics used in Portland will be seen here: blocking highways, property destruction, especially plate glass windows and cars. The “non violent” protesters are the useful idiots who provide cover for the violent “antifa”. I have no doubt that the antifa will be there, and will have plans within plans to disrupt and riot.

    Some other things we saw in Portland: the police will stand back. It took the Portland Police five nights to get a plan to really control the streets and arrest the protesters. The initial respnose was to control the perimeter, try to prevent them from going in some directions, but not to really stop what was happening. We’re not going to see 1968 Daley style policing, where hard lines are set and heads beaten by cops to hold them. That’s not in style anymore, all these cities are run by leftists who are in sympathy. The Baltimore mayor’s orders to give the rioters a “space to destroy” will be the initial response.

    The riots will be taking place in the outer ring, several security circles away from the President and other VIPs. Antifa come prepared to fight with masks, helmets, clubs, gloves, flammables, projectiles and makeshift weapons. They aren’t getting anywhere near the parade with those sorts of things.

    There are a few unknowns on the right. The “Bikers for Trump” might be a factor. However, Mad Max movies aside, 700 lb choppers make a poor Street Fighting platform. If they stash their bikes somewhere nearby and show up in force in leathers with helmets they could be an actual force. I don’t think so far they have shown any ability to do that sort of thing, I think they are more like a “Toys for Tots” ride with pretensions of bad-ass-ness that have yet to be proven.

    The hardcore nationalist right is quite the opposite of this. They don’t have much of a PR platform, they aren’t going to be featured on Good Morning American making vague threats about “walls of meat”, but they are some hardscrabble gutter punks who like to fight, and seem to be pretty good at it.

    Their last two engagements with the antifa in California this summer ended in serious bloodshed … lefty blood. 7 antifa were put into the hospital in Sacramento after they attacked the Traditionalist Youth Network (legally planned) protests. The TradYouth claimed they disarmed the antifa and used their own weapons against them. Twice. Maybe it even happened that way, who knows. But what we do know is that it was a serious street fight that left one person in critical condition and six others with pretty bad knife wounds.

    Neither the antifa nor the hard-right are large in numbers. I suspect the antifa might be able put 300 people into DC to riot. I suspect the hard-right would have trouble finding 100. These two groups hate each other, and if they meet in DC there will be blood again, it’s almost a certainty.

    The last group are the patriot right. Tea Party types, many ex-military, they will not go looking for a fight, but are constitutionally not prone to backing down to punks and thugs. If the antifa proceed in their usual tactics, of attacking Starbucks and parked cars the patriot right is probably a lot more likely to leave the area than to try to stop them. If on the otherhand they do things like try to prevent people from going places, with their blockades, the “non-violent protesters” may find that not everyone has memorized “the lefty rules of street theater”. The police may be trained to wait for specialized units to deal with street blockades, Tea Party folks expecting a nice day in the sun might have a much more direct way to deal with them, and if arms are broken or amputated in the process: well as the saying goes – play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

    All in all it looks to be a glorious day for the Left, with the Right’s response unknown and going from “nothing” to quite impressive. Hope the TV cameras are well positioned. Red vs. Blue street action on Friday, NFL Conference Championships next Sunday. A great week for sports coming up this week!

    • Any chief of police who attempts to give rioters “space to destroy” will be picking up bodies in short order, and it won’t take Rental Rooftop Koreans to get there. And some of them will be any cops attempting to stop property owners defending their livelihoods.
      We’ve seen Watts (both times), and Ferguson, and so on.
      That horseshit is over.

      The one thing no one will mourn will be dead anarcho-Lefty rioters.

      In most cases, the shooters can look forward to becoming the next city council, anywhere but Chiraq, or the District of Congolia.

      As to the latter, Trump would nationalize the guard units of the 29th Infantry Division in about 15 minutes, and issue ROEs that would make Kent State look like a school picnic.

      Game over.

  14. I agree with Hines that the right is at a distinct disadvantage. Most of the Right has jobs, and families, and mortgages and no time to organize and can’t afford to get fired. The radical left is mostly collage students with no obligations, and public employees who are impossible to fire. The people who fund the left are the easily the richest on the planet. Bill Gates, Zuckerberg, the Koch bros (it was them who funded the Russian hooker pee scandal).
    The problem is Europe. It is ready to explode in Biblical violence, the cause of which will be the obvious out of control immigration. By mid summer Europe will on fire and from the chaos, Trump and Putin will gain power, exponentially. And they will abuse it. That is the nature of power. But I’d rather have Trump abusing power than Hillary.

    • The Right with jobs pay the taxes which support the radical left college students and government employees while they do this to them. Taxpayers are accessories to government crime.

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