Simple Range Estimation Technique

You do need to know this skill, even for your SPOT/SALUTE reports.

Practice now while the range is still one-way.

Tempus fugit.

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  1. The assumption being with the naked eye and no magnification? If so, I missed that.

    • Guess I missed it too. He makes reference to the technique so that the shooter does not have take his eyes off the optics. I assumed a 1x dialled in for the range, magnification for the shot.

    • You are correct.

    • He said it at about 2:14.

      • @singlestack is correct, I was caught up in Shrek’s imagery in my mind’s eye and missed it. Homework assignment; leaving the house now (on foot with my ruck, of course, on a stroll to the beach) to dope my own cataract corrected eyeballs using my laser rangefinder and his visual references. I love this blog!!!

        • And this is the most important part of the technique. Not everyone has the same eyesight so the actual ranges vs visual cues have to be calibrated to each individual. A slightly more universal technique is the football field technique where one guestimates the number of football field lengths between the observer and the target. Both require experience and practice of course.

    • Randall Flagg

      See vid at ~2:11-2:15 when he mentions this technique is for the “naked eye.”

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  3. A typical 556 iron sighted in at 200 yards is a neck hold at 300 yards for a center of mass hit. A target at 400 yards a hold just above the head is needed and iron sights obscure the target. At 500 plus yards wind begins to have significant impact on holds, and holdovers are difficult without reticle references or background references such as a berm with discernible features. A range adjustable rear peep can deal with holdover consistency at extended ranges without obscuring target or needing reticle or background reference points. More importantly the danger space at 500 plus yards becomes a narrow distance tolerance that may overwhelm the resolution of the crude range method here. At 400 yards the danger space is 285-460 yards allowing for at least a 15% error in ranging. At 500 yards danger space collapses to about +\- 50 yards and at 600 yards about +\- 40 yards. Thus the ranging method presented here isn’t really needed out to 400 yards and beyond that this method’s accuracy doesn’t resolve within the danger space reality of target size and bullet trajectory.

    It’s a good method in the absence of anything else but the first round hit probability for unknown targets ranges beyond 500 yards is probably 50% or less. If you can’t discern a head (400+ yards) a good tactic with no rear sight elevation adjustment is a 3 round bracket volley. First shot hold center, re acquire sight and just obscure top of target with front sight post for second shot, and finally hold above target for third shot. This technique follows recoil and with punctual shot timing the second or third shot will arrive on target before most conscious reaction time. However, beyond 400 yards if your caliber isn’t greater than 6 point something with some speed behind it, unless you are shooting at paper or steel you probably just fucked up.

    • SO if you can’t be certain of a quick KIA on the target, maintain concealment and wait for help, or get closer if you have a good E&E plan?
      Don’t stir up a hornets nest unless you can kill all the hornets.
      Makes sense to me.

    • Randall Flagg

      Or, in other words…. for anything past 200, just use 7.62 NATO and be done with it.

      • How about a 280 Ackley? I am having a new barrel put on my my 270.
        I want 1000 foot pounds at 1000 yards, for hunting feral pigs in the fields of South Georgia. I have my HBAR for lightweight stuff. Worked standing offhand at 50 yards with it today. What is a reasonable expectation of accuracy and what is the goal at say 50 and 100 yards? 75% in a 6 inch plate at 50 yards from a low ready on a beep ?
        6 inches at 100 yards snap shooting within two seconds?
        It was getting heavy after 30 rounds coming up from the waist.
        Time to train up.
        I may have to build a lightweight 18 inch rifle.

  4. Width Over Range = Meters

  5. Never looked like triangles to me at 600 yds. More like single upright grains of brown rice moving around.

  6. Alfred E. Neuman

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  7. M4 front sight post is 7moa. If target torso matches the width he’s 21 divided by 7 away , in hundreds. … 300 yards , to match front sight width. That’s all I got with a naked eye … so it’s my system. Change the math for your Aimpoint s dot size if applicable.

  8. Cool knowledge and easy to practice in the urban environment (sans firearms of course). Parking lot striping is approximately 9 feet wide, so counting stripes and then practice seeing what a human being appears to be at that distance.

    Another trick – use your own hand to judge distance. Hold out your arm at full length, and compare the height of a known height against your thumbnail against object. For me, a 6 foot high object is 64 yards away from me. So half a thumbnail is approximately 128 yards. And so on. Our arm and nail lengths vary per individual, so check for your own ranges.

    Thanks for the link.

  9. Thanks for posting this.