Time To Git


NYS Department of Labor link of shot above.

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  1. SWEET!!

  2. Whatcha wanna bet ALL the records of the organization will be “lost” immediately? Whatcha wanna bet that someone who was responsible for maintaining those records within the organization will soon commit suicide by shooting himself twice in the back of the head on a railroad track?

  3. Pity is was with the whimper of lay-offs, and not napalm and cluster bombs, but I’ll take it.

    That also pretty well puts the period to the sentence of any 2020 Shrillary run, toddling in her walker, and hopped up on stimulants for the obligatory 10-minute speech.

    The Family is over, and the Arkansas reign of terror is drawing to a close.
    Some federal indictments and RICO charges would be a pleasant cherry to put on top of that cake.

    • Randall Flagg

      “The Family is over….” Not exactly. As Rambo famously said, “Nothing is over!”

      Watch… Killary and Webb Hubbell’s kid will enter politics.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        She’d already been mentioned in connection with a NY House run, but that was before mom flopped.

  4. All their evil will fold into the background, only to reappear in another guise.

    Hunt them down. Rub them out.

  5. Found a guy at the bottom of the East River when I lived in NYC. Coat hangers wrapped around his neck with cement blocks,shot six times,stabbed twelve times and set on fire. The cops said it was the worst case of suicide they had ever seen. Sounds like the Clintons were involved.

    • By the way, lads, don’t forget to puncture the lungs and abdominal cavity well before the late departed goes for his final swim.

      You’d be surprised how much lifting power is generated by the contained gasses of decay.

      We certainly were.


      Near-Zombie Jimmy Coonan
      Guest of the Feds ’til 2063

      • Jimmy the Saint

        Gunshot to the back of the head, wrap immediately with towel, stab in heart to stop blood flow. Hang by ankles in shower, slit throat to drain blood. Stop for a pizza break while body drains. When finished, sever head and limbs, wrap in separate garbage bags, weight, and sink mid-river. Or so I hear.
        – Zombie Roy DeMeo

  6. “Plant layoff.” What is it that they manufacture, build, or create?

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    wow 22 layoffs in April for the Clinton Foundation due to “discontinuation of the Clinton Global Initiative”

  8. SemperFi, 0321

    I knew those assholes would be on a plane before the month was out. They are not sticking around for the festivities next week, something about moving assets closer to work?
    Didn’t they buy a bunch of property in Dubai?

  9. behind enemy lines Ct.

    Hopefully one of those stinger missile’s that the Marxist & Hitlery supplied to those Middle Eastern terrorists will take that plane down.

  10. looks like the “donors” are drying up.

  11. Alfred E. Neuman

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