Club Orlov: Wherefore Goes Germany?


An update to this piece, written one year ago.

Read them both.

Understand that what is happening in Europa will be happening here in the FUSA.

Just watch.

13 responses to “Club Orlov: Wherefore Goes Germany?

  1. “Understand that what is happening in Europa will be happening here in the FUSA.”

    Not will be. It already is.

    Are you going to believe the fedgov’s official numbers that only 100000 were brought in this past year? Three Janet flights per day = 500,000+ people.

    • GS,

      “Are you going to believe the fedgov’s official numbers….?”


      Just think of fedgov’s inflation rate announcements. Always low-balled. Never a kernal of truth in anything said by the scoundrels who comprise what one calls “government.

      Q: How do you know a government official/politician/spokesweasel is lying ?
      A: His lips are moving.

      As of today, 17 JAN 17: 1 + 1 + 535 + 8…..hemp and a tall tree. Just for starters.

  2. Will be?…
    It already is.

    Yours In Liberty!
    NorthGunner III

  3. May God have mercy on the souls of the leaders of Europe. They won’t get any from me, or from Trump. And they won’t get any mercy from the invaders they invited into their countries to rape their daughters and loot their welfare state. The insanity of these leaders defies all logic and will only end in horror. We here across the pond, can only look away, and ignore their screams of help. When things blow up there it will be a battle we cannot join and could never win. This new war in Europe will be a thousand times more senseless and chaotic than the first two. My God Europe, not again.

  4. An amazing number of Soros-bots in the comments are trying to debunk the obvious truth of this account….

  5. Ironically, it was a Frenchman that foretold this story; Jean Raspail, in his book The Camp of the Saints. One could read it, but there’s little difference between the Eurotrash headlines and the story in the book – with the ending yet to be played out.

  6. Oh for a pin. The worlds problems solved within minutes.
    With a change of US administration things “may” not pan out as badly as they would have in FUSA.

    But that Europe is in a hell of a mess is true. Only none (apart from a few Eastern European leaders) have the cojones to do anything about it. Why is that I wonder?

    Could it be that they still aren’t thinking like the weak minded, politically correct, ‘Western’ European governments who hug anyone that looks multicultural no matter what happens shortly there after?

  7. The comments are priceless: overwhelmingly out-and-out trolls for the continued merkelling of Germany, and all of Europe, by the same crowd of anarcho-Marxists that elected the little dictator in the first place, the exact sort of content-free airheads who go to train stations with “Refugees Welcome” signs, and come home ass-raped and bleeding, with a surprised look on their faces.

    Who then buy a nurkha and niqab, and toddle back home to their new “daddy”.

    Until they start hanging the intruders from lightpoles as policy, Europe is toast.

  8. “Understand that what is happening in Europa will be happening here in the FUSA”
    already happened. the usa has already been changed for over 50 years since the 65 immigration act, its just a matter of time now.

  9. Olav is on the money, but it’s to late for the EuroTrash now. The comments prove it.

    So does this. In case anyone here doubts the Euros hate us, read this. A very important article with tons of links to “mainstream” news outlets:

    Genesis 16, on the sons of Ismael (Arabs): “He shall be a wild man, his hand against every man, and every man’s hand against his.”

  10. I can’t get over how everybody thinks Europe is screwed. We have a much worse demographic situation here. Europe isn’t nearly 50% non-white, we are. The Europeans still have their identity. That’s why the migrants can’t assimilate. Historically, 7 out of every 10 migrants in Europe ends up here. Once they get that European passport, here they come. The Feds say only a small number of refugees have come here, so far. What they’re not telling you is that once they are here, they are legal and can bring their entire extended family, legally. Those family members are not considered refugees, so they are not counted in those numbers. Oh, and they are all entitled to the benefits of affirmative action. They and their kids go to the front of the line in front of your family. Enjoy.

    • ” Oh, and they are all entitled to the benefits of affirmative action. They and their kids go to the front of the line in front of your family. Enjoy.”

      and you won’t do a fucking thing about it or else.

      that’s right. fucking nothing.

      i’ll splain it to your dumb ass.

      you even try to do something against the invaders and you will be arrested and or shot by your beloived thugs in blue – period.


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