Fred: IQ – A Skeptic’s View


On intelligence, its measurement, and it relevance.

Badthink, all.

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  1. First off…using the term retarded is being grammatically and politically correct in my book.I grew up around mongoloids,hydro-heads,thalidomide baby’s and all the rest of God’s special children. I taught special ed,drove the short bus, and enjoyed being a special olympics coach. Intelligence does matter. I refer to intelligence in the general sense as,” Mother Nature”. Survival of the fittest means survival of the smartest and most adaptable.We,as patriots, should be adapting right now at a mind- boggling rate. Tighten your shit up.The motherfuckers have taken the gloves off. Are you waiting to get punched in the face?

  2. All societies mentioned by Fred as examples of equality of IQ or its dis-ulitilty as any sort of measure, in fact ALL societies, are developed and maintained by those with the highest “IQ”. The remainder of the gen pop are worker bees, the whose efficiency and quality of life, training and education determine to a large degree the success- and longevity- of the society. This determined by the moral and philosophical underpinnings, cultural unity and, yes, Liberty afforded.

    (As an aside, consider the state of American ed, its purposeful destruction and the prognosis for continued viability.)

    Question: What has Africa ever produced, technically, organizationally, agriculturally, or by any measure that we would recognize by Fred’s own criteria of successful cultures?

    Further, we are not complaining of low “IQ” among high tech Indians or Chinese, who are very low in number, but of the flood of illiterate, diseased, un-assimilable, hostile, ignorant LOW IQ breeders with their hands out. And muslims? All the “high culture, science and art” of their so called Golden Age of the Caliphate was imported from Rome, Greece and India. And their intentions are beyond obviously evil. High mean IQ does not behave as muslims do. Inbreeding and mysogeny, sexual agression, bestiality, lying as an art form and cruelty are not usually the hallmarks of high IQ as a cultural indicator either.

    IQ can be questioned and debated as to the accuracy or “cultural bias” of its measurements but, like most such metrics, still provides some measure of large demographics that relates to reality. That the Irish and other European immigrants could assimilate while third worlders as presently constituted cannot is obvious.

    In the final analysis, and in the context of our current crises of immigration, the fine details of this debate simply do not matter. When your own life and the life and liberty of your family and your country are on the line, identifying, fixing and eliminating the threat(s) is essential and first order.

  3. Fred drinks better than he thinks. Apparently, Fred has never heard of a caste system. India and all Latino countries have one. The Castizo class in Mexico keeps the lights on. The average IQ of a Castizo is probably 95+ while the average IQ of a pure blooded Mexican Amerindian is probably 75. So the Castizo class can fill enough high IQ professions to build and maintain a level of 1st world civilization.

    Fred also assumes that ancient populations are genetically indentical to modern ones. Look at the dumb, vile, inbred modern inhabitants of Egypt. Do you really think they could have created the pyramids? The depictions of ancient Egyptian royalty look nothing like modern Egyptians.

    Did the Mayans have a ruling/priest caste that only married among themselves and formed a genetically distinct, high-IQ subpopulation? Could this subpopulation have been wiped out by a low-IQ peasant revolt? Maybe the taboo of marrying outside the caste was lost and the whole tribe achieved genetic equality.

    IQ is real, we’re not 100% sure what it is or how to measure it, but it’s real and important. Much like gravity, IQ doesn’t stop being meaningful or significant just because it’s not fully understood or makes you uncomfortable.

    • Correct. There are Spanish Mexicans (who are European) and then there are North American Mexicans. South America had examples of a European elite as well. Must be that Iberian-celtic gene pool…

      I’ve also noticed there were Arabs who looked whiter than most muricans who call themselves white. These Arabs were the upper class and don’t spend time outside under the sun. Working outdoors is for the lower classes.

      It has been this way for a long time. Look at Nefertiti’s painted bust for an example.

      Very different from the black people who inhabit the rest of Africa, but keep in mind Africa also has people from Europe and India from the last 200 years. Chinese are also moving there. Chinese take similar positions on skin color and race.

      • My grandfather’s was born in this area:
        One of the pictures from the Caves of Altamira:

        “The cave of Altamira has the privilege of being the first place in the world where the existence of rock art from the Upper Palaeolithic age was identified. Its uniqueness and quality, the stunning conservation, and the freshness of its pigments meant its acceptance would be delayed by a quarter of a century. At the time, it was a scientific anomaly, a discovery that constituted a giant leap and not an incremental step, and the phenomenon was difficult to understand for the society of the nineteenth century, gripped by extremely scientific and rigid propositions.
        Bison, horses, deer, hands, and mysterious signs were painted or engraved over the 9,000 years during which the cave of Altamira was inhabited (22,00013,000 before the present). These representations extend for a length of more than 270 metres throughout the cave although the best known are the famous polychrome paintings. Conserving their excellent condition is a challenge for science and heritage management and is the priority and raison dêtre of the Museum of Altamira.”

        Heck, remember a few years ago having a dream of an earthly
        figure appearing in front of me he looked like a Dalmatian, only
        as a man; then looked around and found that there where
        peoples called Dalmatians:
        “The History of Dalmatia concerns the history of the area that covers eastern coast of the Adriatic Sea and its inland regions, from the 2nd century BC up to the present day.
        The earliest mention of Dalmatia as a province came after its establishment as part of the Roman Empire. Dalmatia was ravaged by barbaric tribes in the beginning of the 4th century. Slavs settled in the area in the 6th century, and the semi-mythological White Croats and White Serbs divided Dalmatia the following century, with the Croats ruling north of the Neretva river while the Serbs ruling the south.[citation needed]In 1527 the Kingdom of Croatia became a Habsburg crown land, in 1812 the Kingdom of Dalmatia is formed. In 1918, Dalmatia was a part of the State of Slovenes, Croats and Serbs, then the Kingdom of Yugoslavia. After World War II, Dalmatia became part of Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia in SR Croatia.”

        “It is curious that physical courage should be so common in the
        world and moral courage so rare.”
        ― Mark Twain

        “Every man to his family and his belongings”

  4. I’ll tell you what’s skeptical…

    Drunk Cop Refuses Field Sobriety Test Because He Doesn’t Trust Cops

  5. SemperFi, 0321

    We don’t need to look overseas to make comparisons of uneducated, unemployable retards. The majority of people I know right here who can hardly write a legible sentence or carry on a decent intelligent conversation all suffer from one common denominator; TV addiction.
    There’s not a book in the house, they never read anything including most emails, they never use the computer for any research except to look at new toys,TV is on 24/7, and when they sit down to relax, it’s the lowest quality TV programs that they watch, like American Idol, ball games on the weekends instead of going out hiking and exercising, and in between it’s constant Faux News.
    We’re on what, our 3rd or 4th generation of TV kids now? It’s only getting worse, and with all the electronics everyone uses every day, no hope of pulling away from all that. They even text in new shorthand because they can’t spell anymore.
    Electricity has made life easier for us all, and is also the death blow of the planet.

  6. Are the many names and locations
    of the major Swamp uber-menschen
    to be made public,
    just as ours is being tracked?

  7. Darwin is a Harsh Mistress

    Too bad Fred knows more about his neighborhood distilleries and breweries than population statistics.

    Genius is a rare and precious thing. It changes the course of history and seals the fate of nations.

    But genius is born of woman, just as the rest of us. Smarter women, smarter men. More smarter women, more smarter men. More smarter men … MORE TRUE GENIUS IS BROUGHT INTO THE WORLD.

    Fred makes a fun read with his caustic cynicism and breezy “fuck you!” dismissal of the bete noir du jour.

    But really, he’s just one more “Chet” from one of the world’s millions of neighborhood Irish bars where men go to get drunk, solve the problems of the world, pass out and do it all again the next day.

    IQ, whatever the hell is it, is the gift of peering into the future and planning accordingly. Fred should stick to the audience that gather about such gifted seers. That’s is job, after all, as even he will say. Fred is an observer, not a do-er. And like all Irishmen, he damned will and does begrudge you the slightest advantage.

    Sign me,
    “Grandson of a Lace Curtain, Protestant Murphy so I know what the hell I’m talking about!”

  8. IQ is what IQ tests measure, nothing else. Those measure correlate with many other things, but the correlation is not strong for life success. e.g. jobs and marriage and personal relationships. Strongest are measures of educational success.

    IQ is definitely not intelligence, defined by the ability to optimally manage life’s many aspects requiring thought.

    All of the comparisons of IQs of races and nationalities fail to provide meaning because of the Flynn effect. That is a consequent of minds adopting the abstraction levels they are exposed to, and IQ tests being restandardized to match. Abstraction levels are higher for modern times in countries in which educational success is an important characteristic — schools teach to the test. Watch Flynn discussing the Flynn effect, and understand IQ tests are not measuring intelligence, just IQ.

    You know that, because IQ tests don’t predict much about life success.

    The very negative aspect of all this is that our society is caught in a positive-feedback loop where educated people define education. Poor judgments (life success producing) produce poor education, ever-narrower fields of study with ever-higher levels of abstraction. Generation by generation, it iterates, and our very intelligent country is failing.

    Another thing to explain : why is such an intelligent country failing so badly?

    • Because we require none of it from either voters nor politicians.

      “Life success” has fuck-all to do with intelligence.
      It has more to do with temperament, and how well one can put up with stupid people. The smarter one is, the more of those there are, and the harder one’s life becomes.

      • I think you didn’t grasp the important implication of the video : there are a lot of ways to be smart. Define those as ‘temperment’ or anything you wish, fact is, the person you think is dumb may be working on understandings you don’t grasp. Lots of IQ dumb people are successful in life, as parents, workers and co-workers, and we too often believe verbal sharpness is intelligence, have an inflated view of our ability to judge.

        If you can’t sit down next to anyone on an airplane and learn something new from them, you are not taking advantage of all of our species’ understandings. There are not enough minds, you are apparently willing to waste so many on the excuse of ‘dumb’.

        People are what they are. The common goal must be maximizing the result of that reality. Cooperation, knowing who can be depended upon for what. IQ smarts is part of that judgement, but not even the most important thing even in the most difficult field. The biggest scientific advances don’t come from the highest IQs, etc.

    • Thinking Freedom has got it right. Neuropsychologists, I.e. paychologists who study the relationship between the brain and human behaviour and abilities generally do not regard IQ alas a useful concept.

      If you think about it trying to reduce a measure of the many varied cognitive abilities (memory, abstract thought, visuospatial skills etc) to a single figure is silly. So I score 100 on maths tests and 0 on language tests, you score 0 on maths tests and 100 on language tests. Both of us will have a composite score of 50, which tells us nothing about individual differences.

      I am speaking from experience as a retired clinical neuropsychologists who has probably administered 2000 plus IQ tests (required for forensic / legal purposes). The majority of higher scoring individuals (IQ of 120 plus) were on the autistic spectrum, and though of high IQ lacked ‘common sense’ (baring in mind that my clients were mainly seen as part of a forensic assessment).

      Furthermore given the range of error on IQ scores, about plus/minus 5%, the difference between a score of 92, 93, etc is negligible

      • SemperFi, 0321

        What about the ability to memorize anything? Many of the high IQ people I know got there by memorizing everything they were ever taught, can still pull up stuff from 6th grade math class, or 10th grade chemistry (these are 50-80 yr old people).
        My GF is on a genius level, 15 yr old freshman at Johns Hopkins, several masters degrees and can memorize anything she reads or hears, and yet, buys into all the stupid liberal nonsense. She was raised by parents who were both math specialists and teachers, and her sister is also the same genius level.
        I have lots of common sense, read and study a lot, but can memorize very little (except for things like reloading charges, etc) and especially schoolwork being the hardest to remember. I learn by hands on, not theory. Consider myself a free thinker attached to nothing.
        Yet we’re both very intelligent, on different levels.
        And I admit, she’s much smarter than I am, on a science/math level, out in the woods or real world, not so much.
        I believe that most of the genius level people were raised and groomed into that IQ level, just like you train generations of horses and dogs to excel. There’s the occasional quick learn, but they’re very rare.

        • SF 231

          From what you are saying memory can be dissociated from other mental abilities, which is true – the absent minded maths professor stereotype would be an example of poor (episodic) memory but high maths ability while an autistic ‘idiot savant’ may have phenomenal memory but otherwise poor social intelligence or common sense.

          There are also cases of people with devastating amnesia but otherwise reasonably intact cognitive abilities, eg The patient HM and a composer called Clive Wearing.

    • Good video.

      By extension all else being physically equal modern people especially city folk might also be faster moving and more deadly.

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