PHS: The Dilemma of Friends and Family Who Don’t Prep


A widespread problem.

And yet, left to their devices, those relatives may become your worst enemies.

Thoughts on a rational path forward in comments.

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  1. Tough love is called for.

    The best example I can think of is when we shoot a movie or TV show near Skid Row.
    Rather than let the production be besieged by ceaseless hordes of homeless looking to scrounge through a literal ton of garbage for either leftovers or recyclable bottles and cans (and leaving a debris-strewn hazmat site right in the middle of an urban base camp), the location manager invariably agrees to let the most likely-looking supplicant have the lot: in exchange for keeping all the other endless conga line of beggars out of our working area from start to finish.

    Ever see an actual junk yard dog in action?
    In return for the bounty of a couple of sacks of aluminum cans and a catered meal or three, they’ll routinely perform feats of protection you can’t get well-paid security or the police to do, all on their own initiative.

    In short, if I needed additional security, and family showed up, there might be a job in exchange for meals.

    In the event that nothing like was needed, they’d be SOL, and have no more call on my resources than anyone else, and told to move along, enforced in precisely the same way. At most, I’d suggest some likely nearby prospects, and give them every benefit possible regarding local intelligence and such.

    But anyone who thinks nepotism is a suicide pact is in for a rude awakening.

  2. hmmmmm feed a man a fish and feed him for a day teach a man to fish ??

  3. I do not advertise that I prep outside of the circle of friends that I squad up with. I am the only prepper in my family. I put away extra supplies with the expectation that unprepared family will arrive on my doorstep. It’s not fair, but neither is life. I am unwilling to fire upon or turn away my kith and kin.

  4. PSYOP Soldier

    Just because we’ve got some breathing room, me hopes, does not mean one stops planning/preparing/doing/etc…Fine tuning is the order of the day, more on skills and meat space at this phase.

    First off, i have looong since quite discussing this with folks, period, and if i do it is in the vein of a natural disaster, ice/snow storm (which paralyzes Charlotte) or prolonged power outage and that i am using my camping kit (i’m a known fly fisherman and camper in ‘hood, having been here 9 yrs now) as backup and following the dictates of and just being a good citizen…3-4 days is all one needs….

    Since everyone around us knows we have two adults w grandkids that we will end up taking care of, we have supplies for them too, nothing extreme just the suggested 3 -4 days worth is all and after that, i say .gov will be there for us…..

    I did pay attention while in a PSYOP unit….

    Now, if a friendship beyond the banal develops and i feel that this person is of the same mindset, then i dive a little deeper, and use my all time favorite go to argument: When/If the Trucks Stop

    I ask folks to read this and give me their opinions, and short, near and long term responses.

    If all goes well, then i help them, by advising/some sharing on the next steps in the prepping process…

    If this does not open their eyes, and plan according, then nothing will, imo,, and i put them into my Yellow/Red Card category of local/neighborhood intel..

    I color code neighbors into 3 categories, green, yellow and red on a 4×6 index cards, my own little intel stash…

    I still keep all low key and do not disclose actual resources, of any kind to anyone, even family.

    If the time comes that i/we are forced to use resources beyond our pantry and the misc food/med/etc., kits stored here, while bugging in, then i am into my cache supplies and shit has hit the fan and most likely in Plan B mode big time and waiting for Brackens music to stop or Venezuela/Balkans type of action…..

    • lastmanstanding

      Thanks for the info…color-coding the neighborhood is a smart idea. We just had a rather large turnover in the hood this past year, which is surprising for rural Montana. Mostly new “old people”…it will be interesting once the winter deep-freeze subsides to stop and meet the new neighbors…and what they have to offer…or not.

      We have had the second or third coldest winter in history here this year. The last cold winter (not even nearly as cold as this one) chased a shit load of pussies out of here…I am hoping for even better results this time.

  5. Alfred E. Neuman

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  6. In the document-drama “American Black-out,” one of the few good things I saw was the prepper-family had a credible amount of food in a pantry by the kitchen. The MAIN stash, the years-long supply, was carefully hidden in a separate location, and not talked about. That way, if looters broke in, they would see the obvious supply, take it, and leave. They would never think to look for more. So, there might be a day-to-day selection of food in the kitchen, a more in-depth stock in a hall or bedroom closet, a long-term supply in a basement, crawl space, or hidden room under the garage floor. And then there would also be some medium to large size caches at off-site locations.

  7. Brian in Ohio

    Save your OPSEC and your breath, they dont want to hear it. Now sportsball, the latest phone and whatever stupid shit is on cable? Absolutely.

  8. Clawing at the door, whining and threatening?

    A whiff of grapeshot!

    Well,it depends on who it is. I would not turn away my kids and grandkids… but they are all prepping too!

  9. I gots a 6pk of ramen chikin,2 bottles of mnt.dew,3 waters,a redryder,a wristrocket and a MikkeyDs shake straw and a bag of dry peas.Aint nobody takin mah stuf./sarc off)On a serious note tho,the family and friends that know whats up and also prepare will share anything between us.If you have anyone thats trustworthy cultivate them now,before you get too far behind the curve.I have quit trying to wake anyone new up for quite a while now,if they don’t know the truth F em.

  10. Were getting a breather, not a pass. What’s your strategy.


    • Yep. Trump is the tide going out before the tsunami hits. I’m thinking prep item prices will go down as everyone settles in thinking we got a pass.
      Don’t let your guard down.

    • Dirkmeister,

      WTF….what’s with all these different screen names ? You’re not taking after the moslem scoundrel and sociopath Haxo/Stuka Pilot/(Not So) Wise Cave Owl/Mohammad/Et al., who uses multiple alter egos, are you ?

      • Dan III

        Mathis, had rebranded me with some anti po po title, was so amused I thought I’d roll out the list I’ve heard over the years.

        find it hard to take myself to seriously!


        • Dirkmeister,

          Well, at least you sign off as “Dirk” so we know it’s you.

          Just checkin’.

    • lastmanstanding

      Only a breather for sure.

      We are fortifying the homestead this year for the long haul. We are solid, but improvement is a good thing. Better organization, a bit more storage, enlarging garden/greenhouse, canning more, etc.

      Spouse wants to go hunting, and learn how to clean game. She is an accomplished butcher, cook, homemaker and business woman… just has never killed and field-dressed anything.

      You should see her raft and trailer!

  11. After reading the article and the responses, I couldn’t help but reminded of this old Twilight Zone Episode, “The Shelter”.

    Each of us must make the decision of who we will help, and to what extent.
    In my eyes that means family first, then TRUSTED best friends and then neighbors that have shown interest and have common sense on their side.
    Books like ‘A Failure of Civility’ and Boston’s ‘Surviving Y2K’ definitely help too.

    Non ‘gov/authority’ solutions do exist and can work,m as the second response shows..a voluntary ‘win-win’ situation for all concerned.

    Yours In Liberty!
    NorthGunner III

    • The Shelter” was agitprop to comfort the unprepared and shame the diligent.

      As if someone had attempted to re-write “The Ant & The Grasshopper”, and reverse the hero and villain roles entirely.

      Instructive only if you think that when there are no rules, that Marquis of Queensbury ought or will be observed nonetheless.

  12. Save and print out this and hand it to those who you know are ‘fence sitting’ but open to listening and understanding:
    How Horrific Will It Be For The Non-Prepper?

    Yours In Liberty!
    NorthGunner III


    The first line of defense is your mouth. STFU. Unless your free-loading “family” show up with a U-Haul loaded with water Mountain House, ammo, and quarts of Korbel Brandy(medicinal purposes, of course). They should be turned away or shot.
    Neighbors, especially the kids, should NEVER lay eyes on what you have. Kids blab. Area denial on your property should be considered seriously. Above all, keep planning and prepping. 2017 will be festive, to say the least.

  14. The dilemma is only if you confuse your prime directive as a man and leader of your household. The parable of the grasshoppers and ants comes to mind. It’s an ugly choice but you didn’t make it, they did. I feel bad about canoeing an intruder’s head because he’s a human being, but I didn’t make the choice to break and enter. Either enjoy dying with your kin or make peace with living with the alternative. My family is my job, anything that compromises that, particularly your own stupidity is regrettable but not my concern. I’ll pray for your quick passing and give you some water, I will not take food out of my family’s mouth and I’m at peace with that. Never lose sight of the objective, never compromise, never deviate. Survival is hard enough without parasites who happened to be pulled from the right crotch.

  15. I no longer speak to strangers, neighbors, or family regarding the need to prep. I sent out the FEMA guidelines for 3 days of food and water, three years ago. If people must be convinced to look after themselves, someone else will necessarily do that. I don’t have the time for it.

    I am preparing for some family to make it here, on the off chance that they can get out of where they are.

  16. No doubt that an unconstrained liberal mind wrote the final chapter of “The Three Little Pigs”; well, pissing away their money and time will come back upon them. And BTW, how would have Little Timmy received his leg operation if it were NOT for penny-pinching Mr Scrooge saving his money?

  17. Considering what happened after storm Sandy maps to local dumpsters behind restaurants might be in order. Laugh, but its already fact. DWEEZIL is right keep quiet on your preps. At times your preps can be buried, live, as potatoes, yams, ground nuts, etc. Many crops exist that the typical American would walk right by and not recognize it as food, hidden in plain sight.

    • You may be the most unstable person I’ve ever seen on the blogs. You’ve let your hatred consume you. You’ve lost your humanity. Observing how pathetic you’ve become is not pleasant. Have you considered suicide? It’s the only way out for you. Better yet. Suicide by cop.

      • can’t stand facing the reality of the murkin po lice state?


        all the bitching and moaning is for nothing.
        no one will do a damn thing about any of it

        until the enforcers are removed from society.

  18. I used to purchase backpacks and other camping gear I found at yard/garage sales– had enough to fill half a one-stall garage– and bought a bunch of three day food supplies to put in the backpacks. Add a sleeping bag and some form of shelter– tent or groundcloth– and passed them out to those family members who seemed ‘receptive’ to SHTF preparedness. Not all got one, or would take the pack, and those I just wrote off the list of ever talking with about preparedness again. Those who took the packs with a ‘thank you’ got periodic check-ups from me concerning their stocking.

    Quit doing that a few years ago. Give them time to forget all about ‘where the hell did all this stuff come from?’ They’re all on their own now, though some will find their way to the compound if necessary. Those who didn’t prepare can find their way to the FEMA compound.

    There’ve been some who tell me Christians help those in need. I remind them of the bridal party and the virgins who forgot to bring lamp oil. That is my guide and I will not apologize for it.

  19. Stealth Spaniel

    I tried to get neighbors, friends, and family on board. I have been ridiculed, mocked, told to stop being depressing, and outright laughed at. I mean, “the government” will take care of us, right? My idea has always been, even if you don’t value yourself, at least plan for those who cannot: pets, children, and the elderly. (I am more likely to feed them.)
    So, I’m done now. I have a friend who is splits 25lb bags of oats, rice, and wheat with me. But I approached it from a “it’s cheaper” standpoint, and not prepping. I have stuff squirreled all over the house. Including other stuff like sanitation supplies. Next year, I am hoping to be moving to a more rural area where prepping is considered normal behavior. No one can prevent a population from willingly becoming destitute. LA during the earthquakes, was the same deal as hurricanes, floods, ice, etc in other areas. Everyone knew it was going to happen……….. My mama taught me cast iron cooking over an open fire for a reason.

  20. A few years back I made a prep comment to a small group about making sure you have food for an upcoming ice storm. People looked at me like I had sprouted an extra eyeball.
    I quit talking to any one about having preps. You can’t help/save everyone.
    Normalcy bias.

  21. ALCON,

    Just realize one cannot prep for every contingency.

    There is a limit to one’s money. In today’s economy courtesy the illegal Kenyan and the 535, your minimal dollars are buying products at extremely inflated prices compared to 10 years ago. It’s called “incrementalism”. The citizen has been slowly squeezed now for 10+ years. How’s your wealth compared to community organizer soetoro-obama and KON-gress ?

    95,000,000 Amerikan adults out of work. And soetoro-obama is bringing moslems in in droves. Courtesy of tthe 535 Congress co-conspirators many of you fools re-elected. If you are a natural born Amerikan your lot in life has long been compromised by the scoundrels of government.

    Can any of you preppers even make a pot of coffee without gas or electricity ? Hey….but, keep preppin’.

  22. ALCON,

    Mountain House #10 can sale for month of February. 45% off.

    Yep….you need water.

    Yep….you need heat.

    Yep…you can hunt for Bambi, Bugs and Rocky the Squirrel. You can grow your own food, that too.

    Let your conscience, your capabilities and your inflated Barry Bucks be your guide.


    • Hell of a deal. I’m in the case a month club, paying 120.00 to,190.00 depending on case content. After the initial large purchases this Case a month works well for our needs.

      We’re not all in of freeze dried etc, we stock cases of #10 cans, of regular foods purchased at a local store named Cash and Carry. A restaurant supply store, I believe it’s west coast, could be wrong.

      We rotate roughly 150 cases of that ” real food”. We’re running into a minor problem, that’s 150×6 cans on the shelves, about 1/2 is now 4/5 years old we can’t eat it fast enough for rotation.

      We share it with our kids, and have recently been giving cans/cases to local transients, and the food bank. Then re stocking.

      Prepping isn’t cheap, it’s gets down to -20 here and food even in the garage can freeze. Once that happens, it’s out.

      . Think theirs 100plus sealed,buckets in the sheds. Like I said were pretty serious about this stuff. We like the idea of the rice beans etc etc,,freezing in the shed. Kills everything even thinking of growing in the sealed,buckets.,

      We recognize the problems associated with storing this much, it would be a logistical nightmare to move this stuff on short notice.

      Don’t forget seeds, we purchase the heirloom seed vaults and store,them in the freezer.

      coffee, well over 100 pounds., Lipton tea, 4 cases of 1000 bags. Tang, lemonade.

      Water filtering. Big Berkley water filters, a box full of extra filters.
      A couple dozen hand held water filters. We give these as gifts, to family and friends.

      15 KW propane GenSet, 1974 points ignition. 5 hundred pounder bottles. 15/20 kerosene lanterns, with a fifty five gallon of lamp fuel.

      I’m a loader, not uncommon for me to,have,100 plus pounds of,powder on the shelf, roughly,100.000 primers. I only keep 1000 to 2000 specific caliber bullets on the shelf.

      Big fan of Sierra 500 round boxes, of their match grade stuff. I prefer Berger, but can stock Sierra 500 bullet cases for the price of250 of the Bergers. For the slim differences on accuracy, I’m ok with the Sierra.

      A Dillon 650 for bulk loading, and a RCBS for prescision loading, everything redundant.

      Won’t get into numbers of cases of ammo on the shelves, as for rifles, I’ve been collecting since the mid 70s, and got in on some great rifles cheap.

      I’ve owned a lot of m4s, Colts starting in the 70s, we provided one to each of our children nieces and nephews, and my brother in laws. I started custom building a couple m4 rifles a year, using the best of parts available, Noveske, VLTOR, Colt.

      Not a name brand junky. Use to spend time over on m4forums, paid attention to a couple of those boys building habits. They knew what they were doing,,and how to build the best m4 out their.

      I did make a huge mistake, I started using Noveske switch blocks for my suppressed guns. Fucking garbage. Concept is sound, to be able to re gas for “can/ no can.” The Machine works fantastic,,what you would expect from Noveske’s.

      I’m going back to VLTOR pinned blocks.

      I’m rambling, sorry.


      • Dirkmeister,

        Whew ! You’ve a ton of stuff. 100,000 primers ? Wow ! I have 10k of small pistol and 10k of small rifle and I think that is a lot. Guess not.

        Regarding suppressors. I run an AAC 7.62 SD as it works with 5.56, 7.62×51, and .300 BLK. What I find interesting is that any AR uppers I use with the can cycle and suppress just fine without an adjustable gas block. My DI uppers are not adjustable gas blocks. Of my two LWRCi uppers, both are piston but, only one has an adjustable gas block. When shooting suppress all the uppers work fine, cycling and bolt locking back on last round. Makes me wonder why one even needs an adjustable gas block ! Hell, my Noveske 8.2″, 300 BLK upper works great using subsonics with or without the can. Maybe I’m just lucky.

        Few years back I looked at those Noveske Switch Blocks. Never felt the need for them. Glad I didn’t buy ’em.

        I’ve been getting powder and bullets from Powder Valley. Seem to have the best prices and best inventory of any of the Internet rascals. For subsonic 300 BLK I do love the Sierra .308, 220 grain, round nose Pro Hunters. With 9.8 grains of H110 I get about 974 fps @ 15 feet from muzzle. Velocity is like .45 ACP. It allows me to practice CQB shots as close as 7 yards on steel with an ARmalite platform. No steel damage.

        Regarding food storage….for my purposes I feel I just can’t beat MH freeze-dried. Freeze-dried has drawbacks with the need for water and fire. But, it is lightweight and stores, unopened, for 30 years. I do supplement with a dozen cases of MREs and commercial, canned food items.And as you remarked, prepping ain’t cheap.

        You’ve got me rambling now. Take care.

    • MichiganderJim

      “Yep…you can hunt for Bambi, Bugs and Rocky the Squirrel.”

      After SHTF??? Better have a different plan for the second week. Oh yeah, long pork.

  23. Family? Them who only contact us when they want something?
    Nope, they’ve never shown any degree of commonsense in preparing for even the smallest of ‘events’.

    Thus, if the time comes, they’ll find us uncontactable with a shingle pinned to the boat. Gone fishing, hunting, foraging, and surviving.
    Sort your own mess out, we’re busy.

  24. After the ball drops everyone outside my circle is color coded red.

  25. In the scenario of facing days without ‘services’, I’m very well prepared. Even up to a month though keeping the basement sump running is a concern.

    It took what, 2 days for the canibals to come out after Katrina?

    Outside of immediate blood relations I will not support anyone. Join with other well prepared and like minded, maybe. Support? Never.

  26. just move 500 miles away from anyone you know, say, on a sparsely populated island inhabited by indians who have lived off the land and waters for centuries… these folks drop off fish, deer, and elk meat to me every month. The Chippewa are good and generous people.

    • tfA-t,

      I would think you would reward their generosity with some goodness from your untold wealth. An ounce of gold or even a Kanadian Silver Maple Leaf perhaps ?

      • I swear, as i type this, I hear my detectors beeping and i’m watching on my cams, my indian neighbor out front with his tractor removing the snow banks i made while plowing. These guys are GREAT.

        and yeah, i compen$ate them when they allow me to.

        • tfA-t,.

          “….I compen$ate them when they allow me to.”

          You do lead a charmed life.

          • why. yes. i do. 🙂

            it wasn’t because i hung around drinking beer with the fellas my entire life, or made bad decisions that put me back year after year…

            it’s not as easy as it sounds. hence, the reason most people are all fucked up…

  27. The one person (extended family member) who said one time, “I’m coming to your place…” was told, “…bring a million calories”. Got a strange look. Had to explain that, that’s what it would take to get them through one year without going to the store (a long way away from where we live). As others have said, keep your mouth shut ………

  28. For everyone who thinks they are going to hunt and trap their food need to look at what happened during the Great Depression. The deer population what quickly reduced in short order, followed by things like rabbits, etc. With the increased population we have today, how likely is it that you will be able to sustain on wild game and berries? Yeah, you will likely be able to pick off a deer or two at the beginning, but they are going to become real scarce in a hurry. If you have a big garden and know how to can, or have poultry or livestock, so much the better, but lay in all those preps you cannot grow or raise on your own – you are not going to be living off the land for long.

    • Have you ever looked at a map of Canada? and only 33 million people…

      It’s YUUUGE!

      i don’t believe for a second it’ll ever be devoid of wild game and the Great Lakes will never be ‘fished out’..

      murka on the other hand… it’s a shit hole.

      • I hate it, when you actually make sense.


        • then you must hate every post i make.

        • Dirkmeister,

          The tfA-t is somewhat of a bullshit artist. While he M-Fs Amerikans, 100-200 million of them at least, he won’t burn his fUSA passport while NORTH of the Amerikan border.

          Several weeks ago I suggested he burn his passport, YouTube it and post it here at WRSA, as he is fond of posting graphics and/or videos. He didn’t take me up on my thoughtful suggestion though. So, take the tfA-t with a grain of salt. He whines and whimpers about Amerikans but he won’t give up access to the Homeland. Besides, all who come in physical contact with him luv them some tfA-t. Hell, he even has to FORCE his friendly Kanuckistan neighbors to take his money !

          That tfA-t is some kind of special, EH ? (See tfA-t. I speakee the Kanuck)

          • I’m most certainly NOT average.

            some have it – MOST do not

            that’s the way life is.

            maybe you need a safety pin.

  29. Family…

    I’ve already triaged them. Skill sets assessed, etc. If they showed up in a bad way and were looking for shelter, then yeah. Might even co-opt my idiot sister – better than having her running around flapping her soup coolers about us.

    I’d have to stack ’em like cord-wood and it would be tough go, but blood is blood.

    Friends? GENUINE friends? Not just some guy I have an acquaintance with? Those are rare and few. My genuine friends are either dead or currently out of the country. The one guy who might show up has good skill sets and, since I’ve known him for 30+ years, him and his get admitted No Questions Asked.

  30. I shouldn’t have let myself get started on this whole topic.

    A failure to prepare on someone’s part does not constitute a crisis on my part.

    I war with myself but I have come to the realization I can’t save everyone, so in recognition of that DO NOT come to my door unless you are invited, this includes family, acquaintances and the guy with a wife and two starving kids in the middle of the lane. Hard yes, but consider the following. If I happen to have enough resources to take care of six people for one hundred days (who would be so shortsighted) and I suddenly have one hundred people show up on my doorstep, on the seventh day we start going hungry. It’s not that I won’t compromise the ongoing security and safety of my family and trusted others, it’s that I can’t.

    On the topic of resources a person can not prep for their long term continued existence and that of their progeny. At some point the preps are going to run out or fail in some manner. Continued living will require a good head on your shoulders, knowledge and tools, and skill in putting those last two to work. Most folks in the hives are light years from that last sentence.

    And don’t go thinking in Rawles Land it is any better. I live very rural, a small community of less than 1K in a desolate region. The vast majority of folks are trapped by their normalcy bias and if the store is closed for more than a couple of days they start skipping meals. I would hazard a guess after a collapse of any type, by day seven they would be dead or thinking about eating their neighbors.

    Don’t even think of talking to them about expanding their skills base or building a store of supplies –

    “What are you talking about? Survival, hell my great granddad helped open up this country. We have six generations of people here.”

    – the problem is they have lost sight of the fact they don’t posses great granddad’s knowledge, skills and life experience and they sure didn’t pick them up by osmosis. The adults aren’t interested in anything other than the high school sports teams and what’s on the boob tube. The kids are only interested in their electronics and social media (and performing stupid driving stunts).

    Over Christmas break the oldest son was home from college. During that time we killed, slaughtered, skinned and hung four beef. We also cut and wrapped the five that were hanging in the cooler. I had extended invites to several to teach them the process. Not one showed up, a few offered excuses “it’s too cold” (high temp during the day was around 8° (F) you want to work fast at those temps) I don’t know what they think they are going to do on their own in the middle of the winter post collapse. Number one son’s pictures of himself, knife in hand, blood to his forearm, stripping the hide off a carcass just about sent the special snowflakes back at college to their safe places.

    In the teaching of knowledge and skills I have had repeatedly offered to help folks with outdoor and basic camping skills, woodsmanship, routefinding, hunting and fishing and so on – “I have location tracking on my phone I don’t need to know how to use a compass – guns are dangerous and scary” – are just some of the responses .

    I can’t find a person that knows how to tie four basic fly fishing knots (albright knot, nail knot, triple surgeons knot and duncan loop) let alone how to cast a line. None of them know how to sharpen a knife and have it be truly sharp. What really amazes me is they look at me like I’m crazy if I even mention learning how.

    I have offered to teach food growing, harvesting and food preservation (what are you going to do when you run out of ball canning lids?) and seed collecting. Garden seeds and plants come from the farm supply store. Ditto more jar lids and rings. Historic methods of meat preservation are met with a yawn, talk of tanning a hide causes their eyes to glaze over.

    Don’t even think of mentioning things like the Baltic Dry Index and what it means or the derivatives bubble or unfunded liabilities or …. These people living in part of Rawles Land are without a clue and represent the majority of the local population.

    Finally trust, trust for me is earned in one of two ways – over the long haul or through the crucible of near death and coming out the other end alive together.

    I don’t care who or what you know or what you have, if I don’t trust you, I can’t depend on you and you then become a threat to me.

    I better stop before I write a book


    • MichiganderJim

      “I better stop before I write a book”

      Maybe consider it. That was great; thanks for sharing.

  31. Portland Oregon is “enjoying” a couple weeks of snow-ice & barely-below-freezing weather which resulted in a declaration of emergency by the Governor. Search: “pdx homeless warming shelters”. It’s been about 9 years since a similar situation, but I believe that Spokane Wa gets 5x as much EVERY winter and schools don’t close. It’s easy to get soft & comfortable in a temperate valley. When walking, it feels like +34F is colder than +25F because +25F is somewhat dry (and my clothes are awesome when dry, but just okay damp). I parked the car in a safe spot and have walked everywhere (up to about 8 miles per leg), day & night, with a 20-50 pound pack (gear/groceries for home). Occasional light chill on nose/lips, but I refer to my Norwegian ancestors for advice “The weather is not too cold, your clothes are not good enough”.
    Eating enough of the right stuff (good fats, meat, fruit if you can get it) keeps you warm and keeps you from getting sick with the office monkeys.

    How are you set for a post-9.5 earthquake? The State estimates first response for outlying areas to be months (IF EVER) after the quakes. The response by various big-gov may not be what you want or need. YOYO.

    “How much food is grown in your ZIP code?” -Professional optimist Matt Bracken

  32. Marlo Stanfield

    80 percent are on legal meds. Probably the same amount can’t thru the day with out drinking. The number who mix booze and doctor meds please. Then there are the illegal drug users. Put your Preps in a remote location, they don’t know about. I don’t think the Russians are coming will be the problem. If they show up it will be to defect. Seen to many of them come to a mall for the first time and see that look go across their face. Just like when I was stationed in the Canal Zone and hearing about Russian or Chinese ships docked missing their crew. Hmmm hot climate year round and some cute nicely tanned female that can cook a hot meal as well as fuck the shit out of you. These are the things that don’t make CNN. Get your CDL, learn to fly a bush plane. Be willing to ditch the home place and your nosy ass Miss Daisy with binoculars. Learn Spanish and keep it to yourself. Watch Univision. Being able to yell in Spanish can save your life. From: Western Rifle Shooters Association To: Sent: Monday, January 16, 2017 7:27 PM Subject: [New post] PHS: The Dilemma of Friends and Family Who Don’t Prep #yiv0972915373 a:hover {color:red;}#yiv0972915373 a {text-decoration:none;color:#0088cc;}#yiv0972915373 a.yiv0972915373primaryactionlink:link, #yiv0972915373 a.yiv0972915373primaryactionlink:visited {background-color:#2585B2;color:#fff;}#yiv0972915373 a.yiv0972915373primaryactionlink:hover, #yiv0972915373 a.yiv0972915373primaryactionlink:active {background-color:#11729E;color:#fff;}#yiv0972915373 | Concerned American posted: “A widespread problem.And yet, left to their devices, those relatives may become your worst enemies.Thoughts on a rational path forward in comments.” | |