Risks And Possibilities In 2017


The Saker looks ahead.

With guarded optimism.

5 responses to “Risks And Possibilities In 2017

  1. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I say again, Trump isn’t off script and won’t go off script as he’s not fond of becoming pink mist.

  2. lon a follower

    Picking your poison. Trump or Hillary.

  3. Have to agree with this comment on the Saker:

    “I find it interesting that Saudi Arabia and Yemen are not even mentioned as a footnote in this entire analysis of all outcomes. Why?”

    The Saker is looking ahead with one eye closed.

  4. I may have missed it but he did not mention oil and our future energy independence once and the impact that will have, nor the effect that would have on the world markets, particularly in the ME.


  5. I’ve never read Saker before but he has an odd perspective. He’s extremely pro Putin, which is sort of an Alt-Right fetish. For instance, he repeatedly refers to the current group running the Ukraine as “Nazis”, without hyphen or sense of irony. So anything he writes about Russia I have to take with a few grains of salt. I have no doubt the Ukraine government has some bad actors associated with it, but the Putin theory that Ukraine is a play-toy of Russia is a pretty sad vision to line up behind, as the author has.

    His writing about Latin America is even more bizzaro. He seems to be mourning the loss of the latest crop of revolutionary idiots like Chavez, along with their slightly slicker but just as corrupt “Socialist” counterparts,

    “And from an US imperialist point of view, the current policy ain’t broke at all, it is rather a success. I simply see no reason why Trump would decide to allow Latin American to be free and sovereign thereby reversing the almost 200 year old Monroe Doctrine.”

    There are a lot of ways to look at Latin America but any view that favors the Ortega Bros, Chavez and other leftists is delusional. These people have brought nothing but misery to LA, and they have shown repeatedly that they are not to be even given a chance, as they will alter the rules to ensure permanant rule. The Castro boys did it, Chavez did it, Ortega has done it (eliminating ‘two term’ limit for President).

    To claim that opposing failed leftist totalitarians is akin to “imperialism” and “Monroe Doctrine” makes me quite suspicious of the authors background and intention. Seems like he may be re-entering Earth atmosphere after a long orbit in Soviet space.

    It’s always good to get different points of view, and I enjoyed reading it. I think his overall theme that it’s a “multipolar” world and that the USA is no longer the worlds sole superpower is correct. How Trump deals with that remains to be seen.