You Cannot Like The Bear


And you certainly shouldn’t respect him.

What’s he gonna do about it anyway?

7 responses to “You Cannot Like The Bear

  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. Centurion_Cornelius

    Do not f**** with The Bear.

  3. nonsense. The Russian bear is gentle & benign, and can easily be controlled by a pretty girl and a few pieces of candy:

    Russian drivers are far more dangerous:

    let’s hope none of them ever get into tanks and airplanes.

  4. ALCON,

    Uncle Adolf and the 20,000,000 German casualties, courtesy “Case Barbarossa”, are unavailable for comment.


    One must respect the bear.
    The bear cannot be trusted.

    You may feed the bear, the bear will be cuddly, as soon as you run out of food, it will snap off your face.

    The bear is fatalistic, almost like native Africans who continue to visit the same water hole even though the lion eats one each time they go for water.

    Use the bear when it’s entertaining

    Be the lion