How dare she?

Who does she think she is?


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  1. Centurion_Cornelius

    Ah! the “Great Awakening!”

    mebbe get these printed au Francaise and auf Deutsch as well?

  2. Alfred E. Neuman

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    HELL NO!

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  5. Unassimilable to Western Culture & US Constitution ROL. The PTB know that. A deliberate scripted & orchestrated Hijra Diaspora Hegelian dialectic posited by Political Arsonist’s. Using a Radical Islamofacist POTUS to turn up the heat in the Petri dish. The CFR already put a dictator in. That didn’t happen the Trump came into the fray. Deep State fecklessly flailing trying to usurp that loss of momentum & power as the Republic’s Oligarchy got usurped by the Democracy’s populism – majority. Sea change epoch & chronicle in Wolrd History in process. Not as many as there should be consciously aware of the significance. Ignorance & conscious ingnorance, structural violence & poverty are the culprits of the low footprint signature democide going on sub rosa. If & when it goes Kinetic all bets are off.

    ‘One does not establish a dictatorship in order to safeguard a revolution; one makes a revolution in order to establish a dictatorship’. George Orwell

  6. OMG mean fasc!st b!tch %)

  7. How…Deplorable!

  8. Nice shirt babe, and a good start. But stop calling them Muslims. Showing respect for the title they prefer is just stroking them. Stop. I call them moslems, small “m”, because I will not honor anything they ask for, and moslem means one who is evil and unjust. Showing them any kind of respect is the beginning of becoming a dhimmi, which they want. Want a hard, pipe hittin’ shirt? How about Death to Islam? How about, not a religion, but a monster, child raping, death cult? How about Thousands of innocents die every year at the hands of moslem killers? How about, if it’s a religion of peace, why do they murder, rape, and enslave Christians everyday? How about, moslems murdered nearly 3,000 Americans in broad daylight. Why does your govt. keep bringing them here? How about, Are you going to be the next victim of a mass murdering moslem, where you think you’re safe? How about, islam is our enemy, deal with it?