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  1. I wonder if all the people who made contrubutions to the Foundation in anticipation of some payback will be wanting a refund?

  2. That pic is priceless!!!!!!!! Laughed out loud.

    BTW, where is the Smartest Woman In The World? Haven’t seen her or her hubby since mid-November.

  3. POd American

    Is this a display from the gift shops inside planned parenthood abortion clinics?

  4. Go to the Democrats.org store, type “Hillary” into the search bar. Enjoy a long, loud laugh.

  5. Stealth Spaniel

    It has all been well worth the fight. And-we have just started!

  6. Depending on price point, these would make great targets. Just saying … gotta roll with what you got …

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Give them a low ball price for the lot, and as you’re boxing them up, let them know what great targets they’ll make.

  7. Can we PLEASE stop seeing that face?

  8. Alfred E. Neuman

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  9. Can I get some bedpans made with her face in it? I know a lot of guys in VA Hospitals who would LOVE to take a DUMP on her face.

  10. I almost forgot the VFW Urinal targets that has Jane Fonda’s face to pee on. Might be a market for Hillary Urinal Targets. That way she can get the respect she deserves.

  11. Call ’em spittoons and they’ll sell them all.

  12. hmm me think it is a new target range for wind of hate conditioning

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  14. If you believe we have seen the last of the Clintons,,your fucking nieve.


  15. Great Hillary product ideas now buy one get three free!

    The Official Hillary sexbot.
    The Hillary inaction figure.
    The Hillary Scooby Van.
    The Officlal Hillary Depends collection. Keeps you 50 points ahead, locks in moistness.
    The Official Hillary Handler guy. (Complete with mystery vial of chems for Hillary)
    Conniption Hillary for election night.
    Purple Rain Concession Speech Hillary. (Comes enclosed in a collectors display case complete with its own glass ceiling!)
    The Hillary Clinton 9/11 Cinderella slipper.
    Table Pounding Hillary. (What difference does it make? Also comes with a wet bloody table. Hey, you can’t expect her to dance in the blood of Benghazi-she can hardly stand up!)

    Collect them all! Trade them with your friends! Cherish them and revere the object lesson always.

    C’mon scrot! You know you want one!

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  17. behind enemy lines Ct.

    Trump says he wants to turn the page on the Clinton’s .Claiming they are nice people. I pray this is a ruse. Cause the Clinton’s & their globalist masters will never give up.