John Lewis & The Limits Of Liberalism


Progress made (from a liberal perspective) on minority rights (not civil rights, which in theory would apply to all) since 1965?

Perish the thought.

If we told that tale, our grievance supplies would fall perilously low.

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  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. A picture is worth…?

    More than the sum and total of the life of that miserable racist, trading the misery, ignorance and slavery of ‘his’ own people for money, ‘fame’ and power.

    What’s the inflationary equivalent of thirty pieces of silver, ca. 33, CE, in today’s “money?”

  3. I used to object to expressions of frustration and outrage such as “chimpout” and “pavement apes,” but it’s hard to resist reality so graphically portrayed.

  4. Harambe looks….. displeased…

  5. Needs to be put back in the monkey cage!


  6. oughtsix, in today’s “money”, the 30 pieces would be worth about 1300 dollars.

    As a side note, presented for thought, BZ has some words on the Quisling.

  7. I think Selma means city of peace?

  8. This Police Officer was shot last week:

    Yesterday, the killer was caught in Miami:

    “Every man to his family and his belongings”

    • There’s not a cop in Fusa that doesn’t deserve being killed.

      Fucking corrupt scumbags.

      and anyone supporting or training them is by default

      THE ENEMY.

    • Saw that, in an attempt to escape justice, he inflicted a hella of a beat down on himself. Saw him on the news being moved from a unit, to the jail. Somebody fucked him up really really good.

      I’m sure ” only the force nessaccary” was used on this citizen. ,


  9. Jan 17, 2017
    Stern Ferguson III reacts after shots rang out during the celebration following the annual Martin Luther King Jr. parade in Liberty City.

    Video Here:

  10. The he-boon strikes again! LOL. Can’t open his friggen mouth without saying something racist and a lie. POS.