Motive, Means, Opportunity


Greenwald: Deep State vs. Trump

MDT has some related themes.

Food for thought.

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  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. lon a follower

    And Roger stone is fighting against the deep state? But who is Roger Stone?

  3. “Any attempt on the life of President Donald Trump, whether successful or not, will now be looked at as being orchestrated by the CIA, the FBI, and the Military Industrial Complex that we all know exists.”

    Those agencies are only tools (and often fools) of the factions.

    Well, fellow vets, who’s going to pull your strings when things get hot?

    1. Transnational technocrats hiding behind corporate/national in name only government(s) A.

    2. Old Euro money (royal families/banks) hiding behind corporate/national in name only government(s) B.

    3. The last vestiges of Constitutional bureaucrats and colonels also with just a tad bit of self interest hiding behind corporate/national in name only government(s) C.

    • “…and The Military Industrial Complex….”

      Actually, Ike originally called it ‘the military industrial congressional complex’ but dropped ‘congressional’ for political reasons as put forth in Bret Baier’s book: “”Three Days in January: Dwight Eisenhower’s Final Mission.”
      Another reason why ‘the 535’ is full of jive.

  4. Look, once again the problem is noted, what about identities, and strategies to counter?.

    Your in a ” group” your compromised.

    Your in a cell with others you know since childhood, you may be ok.

    Only way this works is data dumps,

    I’m sure your tired of me posting this. But I’ve not seen any other suggestions.

    Who , name specific. To include family pets, girlfriends etc.
    What, what is the connection. Group, connections, direction.
    Where, where do they hide/ live/play.
    When, when would they be their, and not be their.
    Why, motivation, what motivates them, their strengths, weaknesses.
    How, To introduce ones self, close/far.

    Even a crumb, become a picture with enough crumbs. Our side needs to paint a picture,,connect the dots.

    Is, time critical?


    • The problem is those questions need to be worked by people in meatspace. I hope that is happening, but there is zero chance for success for any Intel effort conducted over insecure comms.

  5. MichiganderJim

    Wow, poor JC. It’s not easy losing one’s mind.

  6. Boss,
    Secure coms don’t exist in dirt people’s world. Put it out, in no specific fashion, let those inclined too, glob onto the Intel, do so, for picture painting.

    We are ALL creatures of habit, without fail.

    Leave for work.
    Arrive at work.
    Lunch habits.
    Home from work.

    Ball games.

    Favorite food spots.
    Minor overview of useful stuff.

    We dusted off the old “underwood” for critical stuff. Slow but effective.

    Your car, your phone, even your cloths leave a trail. Wierd world we live in.


  7. That we assume everybody here knows the basics of How To” investigate” is a part of a problem, “not the problem” Many here don’t have 300/500 bones to take Cullpeppers classes, I’m sure their worth every penny, however my come down to beans on the table for their family.

    Wouldn’t a basic script work, like “salute” which may may not have civilian application. ,

    Frankly I don’t know that my model of WWWWWH, is appropriate for Intel gathering. It’s just second nature to me, so that’s what I use.

    Their are a lot smarter men here then me. Their are men here who are in deed in the big show. They should pow wow, agree on an Intel package, for meatspace application.

    Something that plugs in across the board.

    My example would be, we all have radios, but we’re all on different bands, channels. The govt does a thing called ICS500 so everybodies on the same page. ” the model for this thought”

    Simple fix put the suggested crib board out, everybody copies it, and practices it. Next week I need to know what’s up in, up state NY, I float me need, and like magic the dump comes back to me, in something we all understand, free language, not some criptic bull shit. .

    Just thinking out loud here.