Plans For The Inauguration?

Just lovely.



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  1. CA, more on the terrorists’ plans to disrupt the Trump inauguration:

    These fuckers mean bidness. 

  2. Witness the results of a government regulated educational system. SJW’s are too self-absorbed to realize the irony of their illiteracy. Sad for them that Marks-A-Lot markers are sold without a spell-check function…

  3. Considering the planning efforts with the possible end results could easily qualify as domestic terrorism…add to that, the possibly physical danger (including death), to victims of such a chemical attack. (which is EXACTLY what this is…)

    Submission of this evidence to the named alphabet agencies will likely result in another “move along folks, nothing to see here moment”. Project Veritas itself has been labeled more of a threat than the entities it investigates and exposes.

    Thanks to the defiant democraps and republipukes against Trump, along with the loyalist party media’s (fake news agencies), DC Anti-fascist Coalition will be regarded as heroes and will receive the best cover and support money can buy.

    I suspect this will be allowed to play out, regardless of the revelations and all blame will be placed on Trump’s shoulders.

    • Clearly the ” results” are added value, pre planned, extra sloppy love.

      Just reading on, about guns,,and pails of bullets found in the pucker brush. Along the river.

      Miss direction at is worst.


      • Upon discovering this…gotta wonder how come they didn’t leave the stashes in place, keeping the discovery on the down-low, while setting up surveillance surrounding the perimeter to capture the perps with the goods in real-time…

  4. Point of clarification prior to comment. I listen to every piece of shit with a microphone on the AM dial when I’m OTR. Why? Because I want to know exactly what type of crap ALL sides are pumping. Yesterday’s flavors included NPR and Sean “Great American” Hannity. NPR was self flagellating with regard the commie philanderer known as MLK and on Hannity there was this Proj Veritas thing. When the segment got to the where of the meeting (Comet Pedoland) both Okeefe and Hannity made sure to paint the folks calling for investigations into that filth as “conspiracy theorists”. Continuous line of smoke being blown up we the sheeples’ ass on that one. There is something to it and I suspect it’s a sick twisted satanic honeypot.

    Troubled times ahead.

    • Hannity made sure to paint the folks calling for investigations into that filth as “conspiracy theorists”.

      Hannity (rhymes with insanity) et al exist merely to maintain a controlled opposition to the marxists. That’s all. He & his ilk continually promote the prop-LEO, pro-military, pro big .gov theme.

      Simply the pied pipers of controlled “opposition”.


  5. I hope this country’s “Law Enforcement” honor their oaths for a change, and do their jobs. If President Trump is assassinated, or if he is not sworn in, or if he is impeached, then pig hunting season will open.

  6. I see All Souls “church” soon losing it’s tax-exempt status.

  7. No quarter asked, no quarter given, no mercy of any kind.

    Challenge accepted.
    Game on.

    If they only get prosecuted, those pussified bitches will be catching for Bubba, not pitching, in pound-it-up-their-@$$ prison.

    • Stealth Spaniel

      +1. They set the rules: we just live by them.
      Embrace the contempt.

    • Ankle-tight $65 jeans; check. Simply-fabulous knit neck scarf; check. I doubt they have a clue that, at grappling distance, what a wonderful “handle” that scarf makes.

      Should be an entertaining mix of hysterical media & Culper’s battle-tracking.

  8. Notice where the protesters are staying? Liberal churches. Getting help from the liberal, radical, queer-clergy-is-OK unitarian/episcopalian churches that helped the Weather Underground and FALN.

    • ETA: How about trying out some those less-than-lethal toys, like the microwave Active Denial System … maybe turn up the beam a bit. 😉

  9. I’ll watch on the TeeWee with a 5 gallon bucket half full of 223, loading more mags.

  10. Alfred E. Neuman

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  11. Love the sign holder. Fact: Trump won 57% of the vote, Clinton won 43%. Those are the only percentages that count.

    That said, as the US government still declines, and I don’t see that ending, we’ll have to forge nations that are natural entities.

    The south is such a nation, which will have to wring out those that aren’t of our nation.

    The late Sam Francis,”Every real nation is a people of a common blood and descended from the same ancestors. A nation – from the Latin word meaning to be born – can have no other meaning.”

    • wring em out all you want. just hope they don’t think their welcome up here either. no body wants these idiots. hell, i just as soon the Mackinac Bridge is taken out. we yoopers don’t want anyone else up here.