From slightly up the Red food chain:

‘Grassroots’ Organization Offers $2.5K Each To Protest At DJT Inauguration

Gosh, where do they get all that money?

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  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. Must be George Soros. Last year I found out he was funding a small BLM event in the city I work in, Pensacola, Florida. It took me five minutes of research online, despite the fact that my local media couldn’t (or wouldn’t) do the same.

  3. Is it tax free? If so, I’ll participate. Be one with my enemy, if you know what I mean…

    • Just what I was thinking.

      I like money though.

      Especially when They could be paying me to be a lethargic and uninterested protester. Alternatively, a great chance to show up dressed as your favorite caricature of the extreme left so as to illustrate the absurdity of the left.

  4. I believe this is a complete hoax. He was on Tucker Carlson’s show on Fox tonight. A lot of people bought into it.

    • Feral Underclass

      Yah, ^^^ This. The guy kept saying how he supported “Peyton” Manning and then how he hoped his organization’s efforts would expose the Roswell, NM cover up of 1947. Either he was very good at misdirection or he’s a nut case. My money is on the latter.

      • Feral Underclass

        Follow up video. Festivities begin at about the 1 minute mark.

        • Heehee… Once he joined the French Foreign Legion
          they changed his name to CALYPSO O’CONNOR IN
          ALL CAPS 🙂

          Eyes Right

          “Every man to his family and his belongings”

        • yet another bearded wonder.

          is that supposed to make them ‘look’ tough??

          to me, it looks like an asshole that talks. I keep waiting for a brown turd to be squeezed out between it’s drivil

    • don’t know about these specific artifacts but, in general, it is not a hoax. The communist takeover of Russia was heavily financed by the (((Left))) end of Wall St.: (((Lehman Brothers))), (((Lazard Freres))), and etc. This (((Soros))) rent-a-riot stuff is more of the same. Occupy Wall St. back when, ditto, via Adbusters…another Soros front.

    • Cassandra (of Troy)

      Brian Underwood/17Jan17@23:08,

      Saw that too & if this is the same outfit it’s quite likely BS, the questions are whether it’s a spoof & if so is it a general or directional one. Dom’s repeated line about releasing the Roswell Papers & the Payton Manning mentions were a bona fide hoot which TC finally gave in to appreciating, reminded me of something The Onion’d pull.

  5. Gee whiz, that sure is a lotta $. I hope ol’ Mister Soros ain’t havin’ to eat cat food or nuthin’ to make this chit fly….
    ….or not too much of our tax money is going for it, thanks to Deep State ops…

  6. Since this organization is paying people to break the law, it sounds like a good RICO case for the new AG….

  7. Post No Bills.

    Not For Hire.

    Oh, and uuhhh…. Fuck you, you illiterate, ignorant, morally bankrupt, brainwashed, lazy, ‘entitled,’ and very shortsighted selftothingnarssistshedonistswithadeathewish. (Yes, I know “self loathing narcissists” is seemingly contradictory but, pathologically descriptive.)

    Glad to give you what you want, even if you don’t realize what that is.

    “Freedom isn’t Free” isn’t some cutesy slogan anyone can (mis)appropriate.
    It’s the literal Truth that gives the lie to every g-d damned thing you think you believe.

  8. “Before getting into a fight, better to see what kind of fight you and yours can win.”

    I’d bet this one we can win.

    And noneya usual “whoisdis ‘we’ assholes” need bother.

    If you ain’t figured that one out by now., you may not until it’s too late and there is no one left to help you.

    In which case, you are and will be a drug on the whole deal of your very own personal Liberty. FOAD.

  9. all smoke n mirrors.

    trump will toe the line or be killed.

    simple as that.

    same as it ever was…

  10. Is this the group that was on Tucker Carlson tonight which agreed they were fabricated?

  11. John A. Fleming

    That’s no fake. It’s a honeypot, to attract the operators of those 17 Fed intel agencies. Plant a few of your own guys in it to get the riffing going, and all those operators will be foaming at the mouth to outdo each other in convincing the group to engage in every kind of nefarious and illegal action. Your guys just egg ’em on and split ’em up into action teams. It’ll be fun to watch when they all try to arrest each other.

    With all the bloodhounds mired in the honeypot with noses full of cayenne, your guys have already previously contacted your trusted go-to groups that worked you in the past, and set them on their way. When the commotion starts, the hounds will be far away sniffing for butyric acid precursors and drone purchases.

    Soros’ momma didn’t raise no fool.

  12. Just watched Tucker Carlson (link below) and this is a beautiful thing. Aside from showing just how inept and biased the MSM truly are, it shows the patch forward for all good patriots to play the MSM like a violin. And just for grins, hang on for the whole interview to find out that “Demand Protest” has decided to change, they no longer protest Trump, but now they support Trump, and are PROTESTING the Protesters! I love it when Trump yanks the chain on the MSM and have them standing around flat footed and asking “what just happened to us?”

    MSG Grumpy

  13. There have been paid professional protesters since the Vietnam war.


  14. Lightninbolt

    Soros is guilty! I don’t believe it’s a hoax but we shall see in a couple days. Nothing would surprise me concerning how “low” these liberal commies will go.

    • Not only should we support that kind of behavior but we need to encourage all collectivists/marxists to self immolate. They just need to do a better job of it and make sure they die from the flames.

      Grey Ghost

  15. These knuckleheads provide great cover for counter measures.


  16. As I keep saying — Cut off the Money, You cut off the Movement.
    The financiers are the critical target to the whole operation.

  17. Ok fellas it was a hoax.
    probably to inoculate the public against the next time it comes out and is real…