SLL: Neither Intelligent Nor Wise, But Definitely Dangerous


Soulless miscreants.

And that’s just for starters.

Know that the Deep State exists, it is agitated, and it is willing to do anything to preserve itself.

Are you?

By any means

11 responses to “SLL: Neither Intelligent Nor Wise, But Definitely Dangerous

  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. Good Ol’ Robert, he sure has a great way of stating the truth. That’s just it about the deep state, the fuckers have gone too far. They don’t back the fuck down it’s gonna get ugly. They murder Trump, it’s over. This Republic will be absolutely fucking ungovernable.

    It’s why The Great Fuck You. What’s got them, these elites, the unipolarist one world order agenda 21 neocon alt-leftists and the clueless spineless blind puppies and red diaper brats of the european political elites wigged out is Trump is the quintessential American President. Bold, dynamic, fearless, failure is not an option, audacious red blooded alpha male, us dirt people respect. Trump owns some specific qualities and virtues from Jefferson, Jackson, Robert E Lee, with a little bit of Teddy Roosevelt rolled into an astute very successful self made billionaire who holds in regards, never ignores, or underestimates, the roots of what America is and where in America that comes from, why America is the Nation it is, the dirt people. That makes him not only indomitable, but it inspires that indomitability in kind, working both ways. And that the dynamic thing that really connects the dirt people and Donald Trump is the bone in their teeth. He is something the toxic ones can never be, a Man who has it all and remembers where it and he comes from, and has never let it change him from the man he was born to be.
    The deep state, the toxic state, their time has ended, they should be afraid, very afraid. Want to talk about bitter clingers? They got a royal comeuppance coming, suitable to the destructive bigoted arrogant snobs they are, for hubris, the treasure squandered, the misery and rivers of blood they have spilled, they have richly earned it as no other’s in human history. They are the evil ones. The only question is will it be nice or will it be the hard way, because either way it’s being served. And nothing can stop it because this shit can not go on. They kill Trump or trump up some specious bullshit to impeach him, they might as well be doing it us dirt people, Trump is our Huckleberry, and us dirt people are his, for better or worse, through thick or thin.

  3. Got it, read it. Nothing earth shattering. Most here already know these issues. A good overview. A primer for,staying frosty. If your not continuing to prep, you got no one to blame, when shit goes sideways.

    Trump bought us time, we will not get a pass, on what will be.


  4. All set here…. Loaded for bear.

  5. lon a follower

    “Trump is our Huckleberry, and us dirt people are his for better or worse, through thick or thin.”
    Sounds almost like a marriage?
    Trump may well become the next president but let me assure you i am not his.

  6. God help Trump if his only allies are the 3%

    • God help everyone if there are very many like you.

      What a sanctimonious, non starter, high drag/low speed, negative nexus piece of cowardly supperating pustule you are.

      Burst, exsanguinate and die forthwith.

      • Thumbs up 0-6.

        There is a tell Detroit and the rest of the trolls have. They are Johnny on the spot with negative and pejorative comments regarding any idea or concept of resistance and a free America, and how it can be achieved through our inalienable rights, but never any kind of constructive and positive input to those ends and how to achieve it through their “alternative” universe.
        Detroit and the rest of the resistance is futile/we will never win trolls comment as if the ideas and belief’s in winning of others and their inspirations insults them, like their defeatist mentality of hopelessness is somehow a superior thinking is the superior option that excludes the exercise of liberty when all it is good for is to spread disgusting discontent.
        Like somehow disparagement and a losers state of mind is supposed to help bring about viable alternatives to us dirt people believing in and creating a unifying sense of solidarity through the dignity of our primal freedoms and rights.
        Losers and misery love company.
        The best remedy to such people in American is Winning.

  7. Spot in he gets it. His video interview had some good conceptual EEI. Unless Trump can purge it which we c an already examine by his staff he won’t be able to uproot it. It’s just a conintued incremental erosion & descent until crucial mass & entropy. We were able to get a waiver or extension w/ Trump due to the process & circumstances. When the Ballon goes up & things go kinetic it all changes for some. The deniers, weak, consciously stupid, politically ignorant, organge fingered GMO Cheetos eatin Walmartians vainglorious transhuman chimera’s will unapologetically perish. Trump creates a paradigm shift in they’re plans but the die had already been cast. Rothschild formula for Revolutions & Civil Wars are already well documented factual & historical epochs of planetary history. People psychologically ‘looping’ between bargaining & acceptance is a decent metric. What has to be the most risible & dystopic visual of a ‘Liberal – Progressive (consciously or unconscious Trotsky-esque) prepping & buying guns. Talk about lost, distorted reality view & just an overall visual & mental construct of sheer chaos. Rosie O’Donnel – Micheal Moore – Keith Oberman et alia etc. Barking Moonbats talking about a Revolution or Martial Law ? Seriously ?
    You can’t make this stuff up. Only in Planet Fooktardia in Dumfuckistan.

    prepper’ buying guns etc.

  8. “Threatened or actual blackmail is a powerful weapon, except for that .000000001 percent who lead unblemished, exemplary lives.”

    With today’s electronic media anyone can be ‘proven’ to be guilty of anything. How easy would it be to plant incriminating evidence on someone’s computer or hide it in their home or auto? Childs play.