VDH: Trump And The American Divide


We are not even two countries.

And the prospects for reconciliation approach zero.


Or war.

Keep your edge honed.

And your head on a swivel.


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  1. Mat Best is the shit…. Gun Owner vs Liberal, enjoy!

    • see what i mean.

      they loves them that flag.

      fucking brainwashed to the end.


    • Good youtube – but why make fun of Portland microbrews?!

      • He and his krewe are former military guys…their humor will be hardcore, unapologetic military humor, absent of political correctness. He’s not a bigot, he makes fun of everybody.

        Check out the low-budget movie, “Range 15”. Seriously ridiculous, stupid, slapstick, non PC humor.

        • OMG! former military? really? WOW!

          go ahead and worship these ink stains.

          just look at this guy. what an idiot.

          get a load of his tatt that says NEVER FORGET.

          this stupid SOB doesn’t even know what he supposed to NEVER FORGET. I’ll never forget what a bunch of saps these guys are for falling for the scam. I’ll bet my last $ he absolutely believes Usama bin laden took down those skyscrapers. or that he was “captured” by the brave forces for good. SHEESH.

          • If I took your advice on every comment you made, I’d be one fucked up individual.

            You don’t know me well enough to pass judgement nor assumption.

            The links were posted for satire, good humor…but I guess you’re too serious of a poser to understand.

          • Weren’t you the guy that just a few months ago was telling one and all that being #cadre withe rakkisans is what gave you steel brush bristles instead of pubic hair?
            Now the military is bad…
            Hmmm. What’s changed?

            Cadre still means pogue.
            Rakkisans are still paratroopers.

            Something come to light there on pedoIslandNorth? Someone in range or aware, who could spill the beans on you, mister Roarke?

            • As an 11B Rakkasan I served as a heavy weapons specialist and as a rifle team member. I qualified with the M-16A1, M-60, and M-47 anti-tank missile. I also qualified secondary MOS 11C with the 60mm, 81mm, and 4.2 inch mortars. The Infantry School cadre was an entirely separate duty. That aside. I seem to recall when Rangers acted in a mature professional manner and not like a retarded child for the whole world to witness. I guess that’s the new tan boot army for you. Oh. I see this clown act sells fucking T-shirts. LOL

              He’ll kill himself soon enough.

    • A small issue. While real men drink what ever beer they want to drink, light beers are for dickless pussies.

      My beer is brewed in Atlanta, or South Carolina, not Portland.

      • SemperFi, 0321



        MGD 16-oz can with a shot of Michter’s Rye Whiskey. Good way to decompress after a day dealing with Amerika’s yutes. Some folks drink for enjoyment, I drink for effect. It medicates the aches and pains.

  2. America got conned & played. The US elected a Black POTUS (who lied for his masters for many reasons) for his color & not the content of his character. In all fairness how could we have known based on his campaign pledges & promises. That’s the rub. Congress & Senate are complicit & duplicitous in the corruption & did nothing to stop the deliberately planned & scripted destruction of America.
    If the tyranny of dictators – ‘political arsonists’ – gas lighters like Obozo continues to go w/ unchecked policies – EO’s & allowing feckless politicizing of agendas to selectively enforce or ignore the ROL or US Constitution regarding immigration – diaspora – Hijrah – refugees created by conflicts – HIC’s – LIC’s etc. expect entropy. The Ordo ab Chao – Trotsky – Alinsky – Cloward & Piven strategy’s that were allowed to metastasize caused the most damage by far. To continue to use a broken system to fox a broken system & then elect a candidate that’s not so corrupt as the last or previous candidate is a recipe for failure, societal conflagration & entropy. To continue to expect different results is sheer insanity & speaks poignantly of anosognosia of a pathological dysfunctional condition.

    • POd American

      “America got conned & played. The US elected a Black POTUS (who lied for his masters for many reasons) for his color & not the content of his character. In all fairness how could we have known based on his campaign pledges & promises.”

      Please explain this insane comment above. What promises did he make other than he promised “change?” WTF did that ever mean to anyone with a functioning grey cell? Answer: Nothing but disaster coming from a known Marxist. I do agree that the congressional and black robed a-holes were and continue to be 100 percent complicit.

      • POd American

        POd American….I hate ipad touch screens, half the key strokes take and half don’t. I killed the auto correct and this $hit still happens, need to get a bigger screen to proof read as well. Concerned American will you please correct this mistake? ..thanks.

        • POd American,

          “….I hate (Chinese Commie) ipad touch screens,….”

          There. Fixed it for you.

          Your hatred courtesy of Bill Clinton, the Republican-controlled, 106th KON-gress, and the ignorant 100-200 ‘merkans who welcomed your ChiCom manufactured, Apple POS into this country and their homes via the conspired HR 4444 (106) . A law meant to destroy the Amerikan economy and make TPTB rich.

          Don’t whine about your Chinese Commie iPAD. You fucking bought it. Yeah, and I know….everything is made, not in “China” (Formosa), it’s made by Marxists in Red China.

          Three trillion dollars of trade deficit with the Red Chinese. Look it up on your iPAD.

          Mao got the last laugh.

          • 100-200 million…

            there i fixed it for you.

          • POd American

            I received it as a gift. I don’t own a so-called smart phone and I refuse to text, there I fixed it for you.

            I do partially agree with you, I’m tired of seeing the made in china label everywhere I go. You can’t swing a dead cat anywhere in this country without hitting something made in China, hell I think we even import dead cats from there. A special thanks to Concerned American for fixing the earlier typo.

        • Yea definetly in the top ten of grips – complaints. Especially like how you tied it into particularly salient & germane issues regarding the state of our country, world view affairs, geopolitics & totally relevant to the readership of this forum. Thanks for sharing.

      • Sure easy day, there’s plenty that Obozo lied about. Surprised your having difficulty w/ short term memory loss especially considering your feeble reference to ‘anyone with a functioning grey cell’. Careful what you wish for ;-P.

        The information is readily – easily available open source. You could have fact checked it yourself but you chose no to. Ironic coming from a guy talking about a ‘functioning grey cell’.

        Here’s a short list as the list. However there is actually – factually a rather copious cacophony in his ‘Magnum Opus’ of failure.

        Obama abandoned his commitment to “unprecedented” transparency.
        Obama has failed on his promise to close GITMO.
        Obama failed to end the war in Iraq and finish the job in Afghanistan.
        Obama broke his promise to pursue a “tough, smart and principled national security strategy.”
        Obama broke his promise not to raise taxes on the middle-class.
        Obama failed to grow the middle-class and Americans’ incomes.
        Obama broke his promise to allow Americans to keep their plans and lower costs under Obamacare.
        Obama broke his promise to bring both parties together to enact a bipartisan agenda.
        Obama failed to “nail shut” the revolving door of lobbyists working in his administration.
        Obama vowed to cut the annual deficit in half by the end of his first term, in fact he grew it.

        The ‘Hope & Change’ slogan pagan idolatry mantra were non-specific & as any Charlatan chameleon knows non specificity is always the key. That’s no cathartic epiphany. Yep no doubt about it, America got conned & played & worst than what the so called ‘transparency of record’ will show. Next time you try to feebly attempt ad an homenim or to marginalize someone else, I’d suggest you might want to research it yourself rather than make yourself look ‘insane’.

        • VD6A,

          Is there ANYTHING the bastard (literally) didn’t lie about ? He got away with failing to meet the natural born requirement of the USC. After that there was nothing he couldn’t cheat, steal or lie about.

        • POd American

          “Sure easy day, there’s plenty that Obozo lied about. Surprised your having difficulty w/ short term memory loss especially considering your feeble reference to ‘anyone with a functioning grey cell’. Careful what you wish for ;-P.”

          Thanks for quoting the GOP website talking points. I probably do have short term memory loss, I won’t argue that point, but I seriously doubt the feeble reference comment based on the length of your response. I hit a nerve that I did not intend to. Mea Culpa

          It was not necessarily my intent to poke you in the eye over this posting; my disagreement is over what I inferred from your comment “America got conned & played.” I took your statement to infer a collective America…Sarcastically, I don’t remember the polling results being 100% for O’dumbass in either of his elections. Therefore, collective America as I understood your comment was not conned & played. Certainly there was a fraction of this population that were conned or played as you stated; just look at this year’s Bernie supporters and the cross overs that previously bought the whole “Hope & Change BS” hook, line, and sinker.

          Additionally, and I suggest separately, there were another fractions that wanted him because of color, because CNN said was qualified, because he could read a teleprompter, because he dressed down Joe Sixpack, and because he promised redistribution of wealth, i.e: freebies (Obama phones, free healthcare, etc.)

          Here’s my point: There was at least 50% that wanted nothing to do with this pouting community agitator/Marxist as illustrated by the outcome of this year’s election. By that I mean, in 2008 and 2012, (I believe but can’t prove) many that weren’t conned by this serpent never bothered to vote.

          I hope this clears the air, FWIW, I have no issue(s) to grind with you…..we violently agree. PAX.

  3. Steel T Post

    Civilization (i.e., City-living) is the bane of a free and moral society.

    • “When they get piled upon one another in large cities, as in Europe, they will become corrupt as in Europe.” (T. Jefferson, 1787)
    • “I view great cities as pestilential to the morals, the health and the liberties of man.” (T. Jefferson, 1800)
    • “The mobs of great cities add just so much to support of pure government as sores do to the strength of the human body.” (T. Jefferson, 1826)

    Because cities “enforce a lower-common denominator of tolerance among inhabitants.” (Red State, Blue City: How the Urban-Rural Divide Is Splitting America, The Atlantic, 2011)

    Don’t tolerate Civilization’s “lower-common denominator,” keep your pagan (L. paganus: rural, rustic, redneck) values.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      And that’s why some of us chose small towns….. 23 yrs in a town of around 1,000, 75-90 miles from any small city.
      And yes, I am Nordic pagan and anything but a brain dead redneck. Those are the lowest common denominator around here, not a clue what’s going on.

  4. To contrast how what was passing for “conservatives” in 2008 and 2012, where it was just hunker down and hope not to get fucked too hard with the later day bolsheviks since 11/2016. The ones I’ve had chance to see and overhear, these guys having ravenge porn fantasies of what they want once all us racist mockers of retards are on the receiving end of their version of good governance.

    These aren’t people who can be reasoned with. They have no desire to coexist (stupid bumper stickers aside). I’ll go so far as to say they won’t settle for a nasty divorce, either. Any effort to have reasonable discussions would be wasted. Those calories would be better spent convincing the people with badges and weapons to not go along with what those animals will want them to do to the rest of us. Not much hope there, since po-po at all levels will follow whatever orders they are given by the people controlling the paychecks.

    • Glad to see that other people are starting to understand as well…

    • Precisely. Those that think the US military will not obey orders to murder whom every the elites want murdered are sadly mistaken.

      For them I offer the fact that the US government murdered over 500,000 southern men, women, and children.

      After some interlude, Reconstruction II began after World War Two, with abject socialist Harry Truman integrating the US military, and they Eisenhower ordering the US Army to invade Little Rock, Arkansas to enforce illegal, unconstitutional integration of schools.

      As that progressed all across the south, but not nearly as much in the north, Kennedy ordered the invasion of Mississippi in order to force the integration of the University of Mississippi. This was the largest US military invasion of any state since 1865, with over 30,000 US military trroops send south.

      The US government WILL invade when and where it wants to invade, and it will kill anyone resisting.

      • They will be smart enough, however, to NOT do that with troops local to the area where they attack. If they want to hit West Virginia, they will send in Mexifornia troops. If they want to hit Texas, they’ll send in troops from New Yawk. It will take them some time to cut orders to get that done. And if those orders are cut BEFORE the SHTF, there will be enough who question to make the units not “combat effective”. As I have repeatedly asked before, how many “Sad Sacks” does it take to do that? Just how well with the New Yawkers fight when 75% of them have norovirus from a mistake in the mess hall?

      • just wave a G’damn murkin flag and watch them line up to serve…

        you can count on 80% of prior service falling in behind that fucking u.s. rag. they can’t help themselves.

        it’s all they know.

        • tfA-t,

          PS falling in behind Ol’ Glory ? Don’t be so sure about that. How many PS frequent this site who M-F the Den of Criminals regularly ?


        Absolute truth. This is what I lose sleep over.

  5. wealthy farmer

    We, the flyovers, CONTROL the FOOD, ENERGY, WATER and land transportation routes that nourish the great hives.

    THEY offer great restaurants, 72 different gender identities, a very high cost of living, museums and live performances of the Vagina Monologues. Oh, they do have better hospitals, I’ll give them that….

    • I wonder if the Ukrainians of the 1930’s felt secure controlling the food, etc.?

      • Randall Flagg

        They obviously didn’t control anything. Sort of hard to do that with no guns, and being shot for asking questions.

      • Exactly. You control something if you can keep others from taking it from you. What do you think will happen the instant people get hungry? Rather than invoking the free market, the most productive system ever devised, they will want to collectivize the farms, or introduce price controls. Think Venezuela. Get ready to burn that wheat crop…

  6. Follow the money and if you can not, you are being (as usual) played. Who supports the ‘left’? Who is paying the bills for the ‘demonstrators’? Who is supporting the agitators? Take your eye off (read: ‘misdirection’) the real back bone of the opposition and you and yours will pay the price. I think (IMHO) that we will see the opening (literally) salvo in a few days …… it should be spectacular ..

  7. Little story about cause and effect. !998 to 2000. I lived in Menlo Park Ca. Grandma had passed and my uncle said if you kids want to fix the place up, we’ll sell it. The wife got a job working for investment bankers on University ave. No house payments and she made decent money so all I had to do is work on getting rid of crap it took my Grandma 38 years to acquire, little paint and to stay out of the way of a few contractors here and there.
    But I got bored, Did a lot of fishing on the coast where I grew up “Half Moon Bay” Decided I needed a newer truck so I told the wife I’m going back to work for a while.
    So I called up the union and asked if they had any extra work? Yes lots! I guess I should confess my skill was a meatcutter and a roughneck, since there were no oil wells in the Bay Area, it was disassembling animal products. The first place I was dispatched to had 80% of he meat in the counter gone. I asked the only other person in the cutting room what had happened? She was a wrapper, she said we can’t get any Butchers. Why I asked? Well for $21.00 p/h no-one can afford to live here and no-on wants to commute 3 hours in traffic. I continued to work long enough to buy a decent truck, about 8 or 9 months.
    My uncle sold that house for 750K built my sister a home in Oregon and I bought some property about 100 miles south of her. The point of the story is the “Bay Area” has priced its-self right of the labor industry. I will never go back, even for a visit.

  8. Live by the diversity, die by the diversity.

    This election wasn’t rural v. urban; it was that the D’s lost significant numbers of black, Hispanic and otherwise “safe” diversity-plantation voters, as well as enough former Dumbocrat working-class whites to swing the Rust belt into Trump’s pocket.

    If Trump begins to separate the Evil Party from its mother’s milk over his term(s) the way he separated them from their presumed electoral votes, this is only going to get worse for them.
    Boo frickin’ hoo.

    The reality is that there aren’t enough hard-core communists from academia, the media, and the entertainment industry in the country to sustain a party hell-bent on espousing it.

    That the Dumbocrats didn’t grok this long before the primaries was tragic for them, and harmonious for the country.
    But for the Stupid Party to have been unaware of this until Election Day is unforgivable.

    Destroying Shrillary was an opening act.
    The sinking of Bitch McConjob and Quisling Ryan, and RINOs like McCain will be the next salvoes in the continuing struggle.

    And if the Leftist not-so-smart bombs continue to agitate their impotent rage, they’re going to get a comeuppance that’ll last about a century, when the powder smoke clears and the dust settles. People wanting to be left alone have suffered in silence long enough, but when their patience finally ends, generations are re-arranged wholesale.

    Lions will tolerate hyenas scavenging, right up until they don’t, and then they’ll kill and scatter the whole pack just to drive the point home but good.

  9. Moved on up, to the west side!, the psychology of the psychology.

    Just another Jefferson,


  10. Read this one by Victor David Hanson… it’s a bit long, but it hits the nail on the head. And the comment below the picture is prophetic. Probably true, too. If so, I hope they bring it on earlier than later… I’m not getting any younger.

    On Tue, Jan 17, 2017 at 7:55 AM, Western Rifle Shooters Association wrote:

    > Concerned American posted: ” We are not even two countries. And the > prospects for reconciliation approach zero. Divorce. Or war. Keep your edge > honed. And your head on a swivel. ” >

  11. Reconciliation is impossible. A separate though possible only delays the day of reckoning. In the end its another civil war.

  12. The Democrats just got too greedy and, more importantly, picked a horrible candidate. They will do better next time. Hillary got 2 million more votes than Trump, if a couple hundred thousand had been in Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania we’d be seeing her on the pedestal on Friday.

    Trump is doing pretty well to keep his head up, but the endless caterwauling has not ended, nor will it. We had: violent protests, ridiculous recounts, attempts to sway the electoral college, and now the Russia story – denunciations of Trump as illegitimate, calls for his impeachment by leading media outlets being picked up, super aggravated negros on TV all the time talking shit about him, opposition backed lawsuits, etc.

    Of course the Press will all be working for Watergate II. They already are.

    That’s the new normal for Trump. He will have to be truly amazing to rise above all that and produce changes and results that convince more Americans to support him again. The media has already set the stage for a “time to heal and end the divisive Presidency of Trump” narrative in 2020.

    Simply repealing Obama care ain’t gonna help him, or us. A true cleansing is needed, both inside the Government and inside the country. If he can’t get that done then I think he won’t have any lasting impact. The antibodies of the Left will destroy the Trump virus before it does too much damage to the status quo / Deep State / ZOG.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “Hillary got 2 million more votes than Trump”

      Not exactly. Remember, stuff like absentee ballots only get counted if an election is within a certain margin within a given state. As a result, there are *lots* of uncounted votes, and those don’t usually break for the Dems. Add in voter fraud, and it’s going to be very debatable as to how many votes Hillary actually got.

  13. Stealth Spaniel

    Alex, I will take Red, Flyover Country for $1000.
    The Mexican with the working truck, used his body everyday. He knows hard work when he sees it. Sweat equity takes on a whole new meaning when your shirt clings to your backside, and you still have 8 hours of work to go.
    The 2 pajama boys think that they practice magic and they are the only wizards in town. No, the real wizard is the engineer white guy who used sweat equity to get through 5-8 years of college.

  14. Alfred E. Neuman

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  15. Like many others, I feel a civil war is inevitable. Our divisions are just too great for ANY healing process to work. The truth that too few people understand is; the left will start the war. They have had it their own way for too long. Fortunately, they are ill prepared for the outcome of events.

  16. A lot of these younger people on the left have been brainwashed with this ‘arc of history’ fantasy. They view the past, present, and future as being part of a path. A path leading from prehistory, and presumably leading to their socialist paradise – where I suppose transsexual blue-haired degenerates of one sort or another will marry livestock, or something.

    The point is that the election of Trump has shatter the foundation of their world view, and they have no mental coping mechanisms for this situation. They, predictably, will react like toddlers, because they are toddlers emotionally – but toddlers in young adult bodies, with access to the tools of war.

  17. “Yet if muscular work has seen a decline in its relative monetary worth, it has not necessarily lost its importance. After all, the elite in Washington and Menlo Park appreciate the fresh grapes and arugula that they purchase at Whole Foods. Someone mined the granite used in their expensive kitchen counters and cut the timber for their hardwood floors. The fuel in their hybrid cars continues to come from refined oil. The city remains as dependent on this elemental stuff—typically produced outside the suburbs and cities—as it always was. The two Palo Altoans at Starbucks might have forgotten that their overpriced homes included two-by-fours, circuit breakers, and four-inch sewer pipes, but somebody somewhere made those things and brought them into their world.”

    That paragraph by VDH is why Hillary lost. That paragraph is what is understood by the so called “dirt people.” All wealth comes from the earth and all their value-added wealth passed first through the hands of the producers / makers. We have more power than most people know.

  18. What’s really changed?
    Maybe all we got with this election was a little breathing room.
    To finally get that pt regime going. To stockup at favorable prices.
    To get to know the people in your tribe.
    Nothing’s changed! Don’t let this time go to waste. You won’t be getting it back.