Everyone Is Special


From Ramirez.

7 responses to “Everyone Is Special

  1. That’s some 1st rate snark right there.
    Cognitive Dissonance has no sense of humor. Alynski was right about ridicule of the enemy was a powerful tool, but what he failed to mention was when it is turned on him and his ilk that power of ridicule evaporates like a fart in a hurricane, it is far more effective, because being a member of the human extinction movement is to lack the human quality of humor and tolerance, and the requisite lack of defense from satirical ridicule and snark.

  2. And why not?

    We’ve been treated to the first Special Olympics president for the last 8 years.

  3. Courtesy of MostlyCAjun.com

    although I’m not sure where he got it…

    • too bad this guy is a cheap fuck.

      he’s worried about nickles and dimes so much, you can’t even copy a link.

      maybe he should get in the T shirt biz…


      • Link worked when I posted it yesterday. Here it is again without the “http://” prefix:

        And last night when I clicked on that previous link AFTER it had been cleared, it still took me to the right image. In fact, if I click on it right now, it STILL works. Although it didn’t just before I started to write this post.

  4. The recipient of the Nobel Prize for Participation awarding the Medal of Participation to Crazy Uncle Joe for his participation in The Great 8 Year Clusterfark and Liberal Pigout. Ya can’t make this shit up.