GoV: Wilders Will Win


So let’s start the delegitimization campaign well before the 15 March elections.

Kind of hard to delegitimize the message in the graphic above.

Or below.


15 responses to “GoV: Wilders Will Win

  1. In order to beat scumbag islam into submission, or preferably extinction, both Europe and America are going to have to be hard and determined enough. Currently, we are not. Once we are at the level of ferocity and savagery that they are, mission accomplished. Rabbits do not overcome wolves. Fawns do not chase grizzlies away. Home invaders are not discouraged by harsh language. Leftists pay no attention to the pleadings of their opposition. Think Cheka. Shooting shivering, naked, unarmed women and men in the back of the head in a basement, for the simple reason that the executed did not think the same way the Cheka did. And these people went willingly and docile to their deaths because……..their minds were not at the level of ferocity and savagery that the Cheka were. This is a hard lesson, and most never learn it, because it is so unpleasant. To kill monsters, it takes a monster. Other wise, curl up your toes and die. A lot of you want to know WHEN it will be time. When you see the monsters, you’ll know. That little girl on the mythical planet LV 426 knew more than most of the people in the US and Europe do now. There really are monsters, and you’d better decide now. Have lunch, or be lunch.

    • Centurion_Cornelius

      Roger that, Sean. Why do we have canine teeth, if not to use them when terror is inside the perimeter defense?

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “Rabbits do not overcome wolves.”

      True enough, but they don’t have to overcome them. They simply outbreed them. Though individual rabbits fall, as a species, they will probably outlast wolves.

      We’re in the unfortunate position of being a society of slow-breeding rabbits facing extremely fecund wolves. Put simply, Europe and North America are being both outfucked and outfought.

  2. We must deal with the fact of the Judeo-globalist bankers and billionaires violent, totalitarian nature. They will use any and all invasive armies – black, brown, muslim, asian – to destroy Western Civilization and the White Race.

    Wilders, Le Pen, and Trump have all made their peace with the Jews. Hence they will accomplish nothing useful. The invasions will continue.

    in Syria, on the other hand, Russian bombers and Lebanese Hezbollah Shi’a fighters are exterminating Isramerica’s pet Sunni terrorists. Now that’s useful work.

  3. Know cops – know muslimes

    NO cops – NO muslimes.

    is anyone starting to see reality yet?

  4. Alfred E. Neuman

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  5. Interesting that Mr. Wilders has been implicated in this whole global child/pedo/satanic ring.

    Read the transcript from the video. If true, well…… One can only suggest that this is the height of hypocrisy. Violent nature indeed, but only towards kids.

    • Don’t see any transcript. Have a link?

      Keep in mind that with these pedo-accusations going around, inevitably some will come back. Eventually everybody will be accused.

      • Captain has the transcript link, second sentence into the post. I agree with you on the rampant pedo-accusations, and not accusing him since it is only an interview. Just throwing it out there.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Isn’t it funny how many people who go against the elites end up being listed as pedos?

      • Quite. Pedophilia is a bad thing if you are on the wrong side of the fence, but it is to be embraced if you are a member of the club.

  6. I was reading in the last 24 hours that the Police in Sweden are begging the Military be deployed to Malmo. Sweden, apparently, is not just leading the world in rapes, but in hand grenade attacks (more than 60 in the last two years). Their #1 shopping mall is now a no go zone. Cars are torched most every night there. The leader of Sweden is complaining to the EU about all those guns and grenades they are letting in. Not about the people they have let in who are throwing those grenades, shooting those guns and torching those cars. As spring time comes to Europe, Bracken’s Tet 2 kicks in. And the main stream press will be shocked at Wilder’s victory.

  7. behind enemy lines Ct.

    Rise up Sons & Daughters of Odin.