Herschel: Another SWAT Raid, Another Flash-Bang Thrown At A Baby

officer safety

Officer Safety smiles.

Read a bit about sovereign immunity.

It’s the larger piece of the puzzle: government officials with a different standard of responsibility than those they allegedly serve.

18 responses to “Herschel: Another SWAT Raid, Another Flash-Bang Thrown At A Baby

  1. Stealth Spaniel

    A 9 month old baby in the house, and Officer Safety thought it was A-okay to throw a grenade??? Today, Cory Booker was slamming around about air pollution and asthma. I wonder how the pollutants in this grenade affect the lungs of a baby? Oh….but it isn’t “their” baby.
    The War on Drugs is insanity……let the public do what they want. Karma usually takes care of immediate foolishness, and it ends up sorted out of the DNA pool. I am really done with trying to save citizens from their own insanity.
    And still, The Left wonders why we buy guns.

  2. This is just another reason why your whores will burn in hell, Dirk and Alaskan pig, if your Bruthas and Sistas in Blue do not make sure that President Trump is able to rout the corrupt and fraud rampant throughout this country’s government. I want justice for Jerry Waller. I want justice for Andrew Lee Scott. I want justice for Jose Gurena. And I want justice for the thousands of others maimed and murder by you filthy maggot bastards. I am willing to forgo that if it means a chance to begin smashing the swill that are trying to destroy this nation. But if President Trump is assassinated, or if he is prevented from being sworn in, or if he is impeached, then pig hunting season is open. And I’ll start with your whores, who know full well what you are, yet cheer you on anyway.

    • Mark, I get it!. We are in complete agreement, hold accountable the LEOs who are law breakers. While I know a lot of great cops, I’ve known some real shitbags As well.

      This is a different time, I saw the change coming,and I thank the lord, I’m retired. In my 25 years, I followed the constitution, closely. Was important to me.

      Use to be a thing called a ” teachable moment”. Where an officer used a contact to inform a citizen of the rule fouled. An awesome tool. Worked like this, stop, contact, I stopped you for xyz were you,aware of this law, no sir.

      I would get my pocket law book out read them the law, ask if they understood the law, and its application. Their response was I now understand the law.

      Have a great day, thank you for your time, have a good one. Back to the ride, 2834, 10-8, with a verbal warning .

      This still happens, but it’s a different time. Cities counties states are broke, police are being pushed to,write more, educate less. It’s wrong.

      Law enforcement changed for me when SCOTUS, declared that police have zero duty to protect. WTF,

      That definition went to outline a definition of police duties.

      1. Investigate crime.
      2. Make arrests.
      3. Protect the infastructure. ” my definition” again WTF,

      Their definition of infastructure = govt. my definition of infastructure, is We The People. A fundamental difference of what is truly important.

      Once a policeman finds himself at these cross roads, their life changes. My choice was to protect those not capable, To help, educate and advise the citizens.

      I can’t tell you how many times I told the bosses to fuck off, I wasn’t doing that unconstitutional bull shit. I spent lots of time on the beach without pay, for,standing on my convictions. I saw my true boss as The People, not some political hack, who,sat nightly on a bar stool getting wasted and holding court with his inner circle.

      A bunch of loosers trying to climb the vine. One day even those slugs will have a frank honest look in the mirror. If their honest with themselves, their not going to like what they see.

      They sold their soles for a few extra dollars. That IS the crime.

      Mark, I’m not preaching I’m telling you their are still men and women in law enforcement with good hearts, and reasonable skills sets, trying to,do,the right things, for the right reasons.

      My friend your hatred is your weakness. Same for afT-t. I believe your both good men, as your posts here indicate.

      Don’t get mad, get focused. An open mind is an objective mind.


  3. this never ending Tom and Jerry show of rotten fucking cops…

    Here are the eight reports of police misconduct tracked for Friday, January 13, 2017:

    Update: St. Croix County, Wisconsin (First reported 10-17-16): An officer resigned after his arrest in North Dakota for being passed out and allegedly intoxicated in his patrol car. He was working a volunteer detail for the pipeline protests. His trial is scheduled for March 3. ow.ly/zzOY307WsYV
    San Pablo, California: A commander was arrested for domestic violence. He is no longer with the department. ow.ly/1ESb307Wtvq
    University of Toledo (Ohio): An officer pled no contest to OVI. His license was suspended license but given an exception for work. He was also fined and ordered to take remedial driver education. ow.ly/6v30307WuyP
    Update: Daytona Beach, Florida (First reported 11-21-16): A now-former officer will not face criminal charges for lying to investigators about being shot at. ow.ly/8AWM307YFxP
    Update: Agawam, Massachusetts: Three officers who were fired for excessive force against a detainee will not face state criminal charges. Video of the incident has been released. ow.ly/R8Y3307YGcm
    Update: Detroit, Michigan (First reported 01-05-17): An officer resigned in lieu of termination for posting derogatory social media posts about residents. ow.ly/TPkx307YIr7
    Bexar County, Texas: A deputy was fired after he was arrested for domestic violence. ow.ly/GLsu307YIOE
    Update: Wheeling, West Virginia (First reported 11-17-16): A now-former officer pled guilty to possession of indecent images of a child and was sentenced to probation. He had sex with a 17-year-old student at the school where he worked as a resource officer. ow.ly/hBI6307YKeE


  4. MM & tfA-t,

    The badged thugs are but a tool. While you both rant about cops you disregard the ultimate scum….the district attorneys and tneir equally culpable ADAs.

    Several years ago I’m walking my dog @ 0400. Asshole comes speeding down the road. I flash him with my Surefire. He turns around pulls up next to me and starts M-F’ing me. I tell him….fuck it, I’ll just get your tag # and call the polizei. Well, the dirtbag gets out of the car and shoves me. I take my Don’t Tread on Me coffee mug and hit him center mass in the face ! Done. He goes to the ground whining I split his lip.

    Not done….30 minutes later here come tne state thugs. They charge me with summary harassment. The dirtbag I whacked was driving suspended. Well, I go to county court over the charge. Defend myself Pro Se. Court don’t like Pro Se because “who the fuck do you think you are citizen” mentality the robed bastards have. You’re not an officer of the court. One of the good ol’ boys. So you’re most likely fucked.

    Anyhow, I defend myself with the argument that summary harassment has to have proven intent. You can’t prove my intent other than to defend myself. Dismiss the charges please. Wellllll…..the ADA says the fact that I approached the dirtbag’s driver’s door was enough to prove intent !
    Judge declares “Guilty” !

    So, there’s my little story. The badged thugs don’t know the law. But it don’t matter ’cause the scumbag DA & ADAs are part of the Blue Plague. Hell, I could have testified to passing gas and the black-robed bitch would have used that to suffice as summary harassment intent.

    While I believe there are no good cops I believe the entire system is corrupt. Don’t forget the scum in the suit and necktie….they too deserve a hemp necklace.

    • Those DAs and ADAs only exist because the badged thugs protect them. Once the badged thugs are gone, the REST of the Deep State can be dealt with appropriately. Of course, it would sure be nice if the badged thugs actually honored their very oaths of office, but then that is clearly too much to expect of Rove Republicans. After all, that is what “Law Enforcement” in this country overwhelmingly is. With the same morals, principles, scruples, and honor of Johnny McStain and the REST of that crowd.

    • “Every man to his family and his belongings”

    • Dan.

      Rid the land of the parasitic po lice and the DA, Judges, and Pols can pound sand all day long. Most likely go deep into hiding for the rest of their lives.

    • He turns around, comes back to you, exits his truck,,and confronts you, and your cited into court.

      That’s some king size Bullshit. While their might be a PC or statute violation, the totality of this doesn’t pass the sniff test.

      What was the outcome for the other guy.


      • Dirkmeister,

        The driver of the vehicle had a friend in the car with him. She testified the dirtbag never got out of the car, that I wacked him through his open window. A blatant lie. My testimony was the driver got out of the car and put hands on me. When I called the bitch a liar the fucking judge almost had a shit fit right there.

        When I testified the driver got out of the car to stop me from getting his plate number the judge said “irrelevant”. I argued the POS had been cited 5 times in 3 years for driving suspended. A sixth conviction in my state calls for 2 years in jail. If he had obeyed the suspensions he would not have been driving that morning, I continued to argue. The judge tells me that is a different issue. Besides, she says, “You’re bigger than he is”. She asks me if I have a witness. I reply, “Just my dog (I was walking before heading to the gym) and she doesn’t speak English”. Judge says “Guilty. You’re fined $500.00 for the offense.”

        Afterwards I call an attorney friend. He says “Pay the fine.” Otherwise it will cost you much more to take it higher. It is not worth it.”

        Here’s the bottom line….the entire judicial/law enforcement system is a joke. It is there to make money. Go spend a day in your county courthouse and walk around near the courtrooms. Tons of defendants and lawyers. Kt is not about justice. It’s about paying and towing the .gov line.

        I’m not as blatant with my hatred for badged thugs as tfA-t and Mattis are. But, I find that cops serve little useful purposes. They prevent nothing. But, I have simply no use for some POS with a badge, localgov/stategov/fedgov. They exist only to enforce the tyranny of the state.

        • Dirk,

          Oh, BTW, the POS testified he returned to where I had flashed him with the Surefire because he thought I was “in distress”. Thus, I’m the bad guy and he was the “Good Samaritan” who I put on the ground for his kind efforts.

          Bottom line was the POS had a lying witness in his car. I had nothing. His past record and my clean record meant nothing. He had a witness who lied for him and I had no one.

          Justice ? It is a fucking joke.

          • Dirk,

            One more thing….when I had this Summary Harassment charge and I took it before Common Pleas, it was never about the court and the cops having to prove my guilt beyond a shadow of a doubt. It was about me having to prove I was innocent.

            There was a time when there were good cops who were Peace Officers. Nke, they’re law ENFORCEMENT officers. There is a difference.

            Now, the citizen is GUILTY UNTIL PROVEN INNOCENT !

            The country is in deep shit and it will be the badged thugs of today who will attempt to enforce tyranny. That is until they start succumbing to lead poisoning from 500 yards away. That or the citizens start getting some Freedom & Liberty through the election of Donald John Trump. The tinderbox is smoldering.

            • Strange times. I should have became a fireman!. I hear these stories, I realize how one sided it has become. Just wrong.

              Bottom line, that’s why I’m here. I have no illusions as to how this ends.


    • Many a lofty plan by the craftiest leader ( in a suit and tie ) sits shelved and dusty because they cant garner the support to implement them.

  5. I cannot describe the boundless hell I would unleash on anyone that pulled that shit on a loved one of mine.

  6. Flashbanging babies is just what they do.
    This is surprising, based on the last 40 years, to…whom, exactly?

    If they cared, from top to bottom, the incidents would be decreasing, not increasing.

    And Dan, the new “rule” is “pics or it didn’t happen”.
    Bodycams and cellphone video/audio aren’t just for the cops anymore.
    Live and learn.

    • Solid advice. And shut your piehole! Work on your conscious movement aswell. Like don’t shake your head up and down, or side to,side. ” implied” communications will,sink the ship as quickly as a verbal answer.

      AND understand the language traps. Phrases and sentance strings with duel meanings.


  7. FROM THE ARTICLE: “The lower court found these tactics unreasonable on the whole and granted suppression of the evidence obtained during the search. The state argued that suppression wasn’t the proper remedy and anything resulting from the “unreasonable” use of a flashbang grenade in a toddler’s room was something to be addressed in a civil lawsuit.”

    The State KNOWS that a civil lawsuit under Title 42 US Code Section 1983 is destined to fail because the police officer will claim Qualified Immunity, the plaintiff will most likely not be able to overcome that claim, and thus the plaintiff’s lawsuit will fail. State attorney speaks with forked tongue…