Just Because…


Long live the Deplorables.


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  1. I have that deplorables badge….time to break it out I guess.

  2. Goodbye and good riddances. Shitbags.

  3. I hear that Taco Bell may be hiring.

    Problem is, they have to submit to pre-employment drug screening.

  4. Awww – look at the sad pandas. I second the motion vis-a-vis the above comments.

  5. still some left over from the last production run.


  6. Trump has Alabama perform before a black tie affair of world dignitary’s. Think he is sending them a message? I hope he had them play Mountain Magic. The transnationalist would of had to eat serious crow.
    MAGA bitchez!

    “@TheAlabamaBand was great last night in D.C. playing for 147 diplomats and ambassadors from countries around the world. Thanks Alabama!” Trump tweeted at 8:03 a.m. Wednesday.


  7. I know some toilets that need licking out, down at the VFW Hall, if some recently-about-to-be-unemployed Persian chick is willing to crawl nekkid on her belly across the asphalt parking lot, and do the Chicken Dance on top a table, first. If she’s unavailable for that, I can get a hold of a coupla hard pipe hittin’ niggahs with a pair a pliers and a blow torch, to go to work on the homes here. You hear me talkin, Iranian slut? I’m about to get medieval on your ass.

  8. Remember… the party is not over. In fact, it hasn’t even begun.

    Well, except for the globalists. They’ve been partying for years now.

  9. that’s a buncha hard-faced communists, most of whom will in fact soon find 6-figure Beltway sinecures with one or another (((Soros/Bloomberg))) front organization. I’m most impressed with the White bitch, 1st row, 4th from left. When the shooting starts, race/civilizational traitors get the first bullet.

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