Kakistocracy: It’s Never For Free

elderly beggar

And usually not for thee, either.

Long sight lines.

Logistics squared away.

Lots of solid friends with guns.

And cold hearts.

10 responses to “Kakistocracy: It’s Never For Free

  1. lon a follower

    Freedom of speech as with every liberty and gift comes with conditions and responsibilities.
    Every spoken word, every written word carries power with it. Learn, and pray for discernment. See the weeds for what they are, see the contradictions, see the liars, see the spirits at work.
    i have a questions about this mission to create men with cold and hardened hearts. Is this what the world needs? Are we all Neegan now?
    Is a man with a warm, soft heart less likely to give his life for another or more likely? Does a man with a warm heart seek justice, give mercy and also forgive when applicable?
    It has been said that a man does not kill with his mind nor finger, he kills with his heart. Does a man with a hardened and ‘cold ‘ heart know the difference between murder and killing?
    “white people” Red and yellow black and white they are precious in His sight.
    Remember when we were children? we still are to be in a sense.

  2. lon a follower

    mtnforge, loosing is not an option.
    Seeing and hearing all the cards that are upon the table is desired,Trump card included.

  3. I think the author entirely misses the essence of freedom: To be unencumbered in person and property to live your life as you see fit. That DOES NOT extend to imposing your will on any other human being. Therein lies the rub: there are evil people amongst us whose sole malevolent intent is dominate others in every way possible. Those must be purged.

    • This is spot on – the accompanying problem as I see it is the complete lack of civility in our current society. Not taught any more, not promoted or otherwise practiced. Maybe the degradation of religion? Maybe the break down of the family system? Maybe the constant promotion of ‘you can be anything you want’ and can have anything? Who knows – put simply, I’ll piss on my side of the fence and you piss on your side: the second you either splash or come on my side there is really going to be a significant problem.

      • I think all the causative things you listed are operative. Basic civility sure seems in short supply these days.
        I like you fence analogy.

      • It all goes back to the two immutable “laws” of the globalists:

        Diversity is our Strength!


        All Cultures are Equal!

  4. Darn good assessment regarding propaganda and the media echo chamber.


  5. How are antifa groups not designated terrorist organizations? They openly state their purpose is to use violence and threats of violence to silence political opposition in the US, which they do all the time, including the NPI conference in November.

  6. lon, a follower, it’s good you’re asking questions, but ask yourself this question: Why are hard men, with hard hearts, needed/wanted? The answer being, times call for them, and survival demands them. Asking questions is good, but without coming up with answers, all you’ll get is doubt and indecision. Brutal times and people, elicit among the brave, the required response. By the by, that little song, with the refrain that, be they yellow, black or white,they are precious in His Sight, is very cute, but not found in the Bible. Logically, one could deduce that position from what the Bible contains, but Christ never said it. And no one is talking about murdering children here.

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