Making Non-Snowflakes – Part I


An excellent essay on how not to raise candyasses.

Part II to follow.

4 responses to “Making Non-Snowflakes – Part I

  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. Stealth Spaniel

    So much truth in this article. Children are far more capable than they are given credit for. They want the stories of the people that they come from. They want to know what they should aspire to. They are able to exceed any expectations. Set the bar low-and they will meet that too.

  3. Many of them are so indoctrinated they can not possibly be saved.

  4. Spend the 10 bucks and get the audio version of “The Way of Men” By Jack Donovan.
    Listen to it with your sons when you take a trip, hunting, sports, whatever.
    Just over 5 hours.
    It should be mandatory for every young man in America who wants to be a man some day with value.