PHS: The FBI and (Another) Dirty Little Secret


I know.

Cue the Gomer vid.

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  1. Centurion_Cornelius

    “It’s all for the good of THE CHILDREN!”

    “Jawhol, Mein Fuhrer!”
    …what could ever go wrong with THAT?

  2. The way the FBI tried to cover the method of obtaining the evidence is pretty standard in order to avoid acknowledging how they really got it. Same tactic as used on San Berdoo shooter’s iPhone. They already had the means to get in; but don’t have to acknowledge it if they – very publicly – have Apple do their “patriotic duty” and help ’em out. When Apple initially went all “FU” on them amazingly they got in anyway. They are pretty good at backstories unless someone gets out an e-Tool and asks those pesky questions.

  3. “and speaks to a dangerous culture within law enforcement agencies, who seem to grow ever more creative at finding ways to avoid adhering to the Constitutional protections of the Fourth Amendment.”

    meanwhile back at the station…

    Harris County, Texas: A deputy was arrested for producing obscene material and sexually abusing a dog. He has been fired.

  4. ALCON,

    Hey ! Not all NAZIS were bad.

  5. Is anybody surprised? I’m not.

  6. Lightninbolt

    Fox and other media pressing that “Donald Trump only has a 44% approval rating…lie! Al Sharpton vomiting the “rehearsed lie” that the “Russians helped Trump by hacking the election !” Obama, today, during his last “presser”…touting “fake news” among other lies! Distractions! They won’t stop people! Be vigilant!

  7. This would be as well, if someone were to use it against the hives in this country:

  8. As was mentioned below, your car, your phone, your computer TV, fridge, your cloths, are all tracking you. The food joints you enjoy, street lights etc, etc.

    Difficult to remain gray anymore. Computers are cheap, enough now that I shoot the shit out of mine, pull the box and pitch it in a lake. I rarely carry my cell phone, I don’t trust it, truck might be new enough to talk, 2006. my other rides a 79 landcruiser, none issue..

    Your computers not working, hire the local high school kid down the street. He’ll have it up and running in no time.


    • SemperFi, 0321

      Drove 2 L/C FJ-40’s for 20 yrs, last one died in ’98 from metal fatigue, now I have a POS ’05 Jeep Wrangler (another piece of highly over rated American junk). Still looking for another L/C but will settle for a 4Runner I think. Don’t sell yours, I kick myself constantly for not rebuilding my last one.

  9. Alfred E. Neuman

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  10. Not at all surprised that Amerika’s Gestapo and S.S. do this shit.
    They and their enablers and snitches, toadies and such should
    be all strung up and left to dangle as the ravens and such pick
    their evil carcasses clean!

    fbi and the rest of ‘law enforcement’ – FOAD them all along
    with the rest of what the sheeple call ‘gov/authority’!

    Definitely time to suggest this great book again:

    One Nation Under Surveillance
    —Privacy from the Watchful Eye

    As Boston has mentioned, microsnitche’s ‘windows system’ is nothing more than a bloated intel gathering virus disguised as an operating system..that’s how gates created it and intendced it.

    Yours In Liberty!
    NorthGunner III

    • Please pardon the cross post but this deserved a reply and the earlier was shut down.

      “Sorry gcp, I NEVER asked nor would I ask ANYONE to ‘die in my place’!”

      You didn’t ask, neither did I. He did it anyway. Such is His nature.

      Re: Ayn Rand… “She said it, I believe it, and that’s all there is to it – understand?”

      You believe your book, I’ll believe mine.

      “You’re welcome to live your creed and follow your conscience as you will; that ends when you and others like you try to coerce and bully others to ‘follow your ways’…when you do that you’re no different from the savages of ‘team mo’ that I have no use for.”

      Coerce? Bully? Please demonstrate; otherwise you are finding an enemy where there is none. Savages? You mistake me for the catholics who butchered my kind. I just quote a book as do you. You are free to pay attention or to ignore. What are “my ways” anyway? You have as much of a clue as to what my ways are as I have about the “rifle armed neo-pagan witchery” you lay claim to.

      Reply to gracecountrybiblechurch at yahoo dot com if you care to continue.

      yours in liberty…

  11. A sharp lawyer, enforceable action in federal superior court, a settlement that dictates that every Geek Squad location must post a notice that they are agents of the FBI. Won’t stop the FBI, but after Best Buy’s business drys up they will certainly adjust their actions.