Sparks31: This Weekend’s VHF Contest


Sparks explains.

Here the ARRL blurb on same.

Make or break out your antennas and make those contacts.

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  1. PSYOP Soldier

    Hell yes…

    Why pray tell would i want to do this?

    Because, local, local, local..Who gives a shit what happens in russia, china, Kalifornia, et al…

    Because i can run my redneck commo toc from my suburban home, covertly, with a cheap 20w solar panel, 35 ah agm battery, arrow j pole in attic, kenwood 281 and still communicate, out to 100miles…

    Add in my Uniden Home Patrol II for FLEA/LE sigint gathering too…running wide band discone in attic…

    Because i can hand out CCS (cheap chinese shit) HT’s (cheap baofengs) to neighbors, and act as hub for ACE/SALUTE reports, sending Intel out thru my HF rig, all covertly…

    Because at my age and physical issues, i can still be of service to the various “run n gunners,” out there and contribute….can u say digi mofo’s…..

    Because i can test and use my shit NOW, before an event that matters,

    Because unless you do it now, BEFORE, you WILL NOT automagically know how to do it under stressful conditions, when it MATTERS.

    Because i can say fuck you to those that talk shit, but never DO shit, simply buy SHIT, keep on shelves, thinking, i’ll figure it out when it matters….NO GO…

    Everyone wants to be a rock star, until it’s time to do rock star shit…..

    So yeah, i’ll play this weekend, keep a commo log, and verify what i THINK i know and get prepared for the upcoming Winter Field Day, where i will do all this from austere field conditions, working from, living in a mobile commo toc, eating cold mre’s, and sleeping in suv….

    Wash, Rinse, Repeat or Learn, Unlearn, Re-Learn and apply Lessons Learned….

    PSYOP out….

  2. A couple of important notes WRT VHF/UHF contesting-

    The bulk of the activity will on SSB and CW. This is where that Yaesu 817 or 857/897 really comes in handy (they’re the only rigs that continue to have this capability). While FM contacts certainly count, they will be very limited and local in distance. It will be a great opportunity to figure out just how far you’re propagating though.

    You’ll need more antenna than a rubber duck on your HT. This would be a great time to try out that homebrew Moxon I gave instruction for a while back. FM favors vertical polarization, SSB/CW is typically horizontal.

    If for nothing else, cut on that Baofeng for a while over the weekend, sit it on 146.52mHz, and answer a call or two (if you’re licensed). You might be surprised, you might make a friend.

    • NC…

      Gonna be running my Kenwood 281 65w w arrow j-pole and yagi, gonna point that thing your ways…. 🙂

      The club has other guys running SSB, i’m just the lowly vhf station….

      Also gonna connect my HT to both antennas and see what i can do on 5w antennas 35′ up on milmast….

      No matter what, i expect to have fun and learn a few things…..

      Will report back w results n lessons learned….

    • POd American

      “The bulk of the activity will on SSB and CW. This is where that Yaesu 817 or 857/897 really comes in handy (they’re the only rigs that continue to have this capability).”

      Not true, you forgot the Kenwood 2000 series of transceivers. BTW, if you want to practice stealth/directional transmissions using these freqs, I would not use a j-pole or any higher xmit power than necessary. Anyone that understands antenna theory will immediately know what I’m talking about.

      • PO’d…
        Since this is a field day exercise, and one of the goals is to make qso’s, then i will be tx’ing at full power on j-pole and varying power on yagi as i test kit…
        Now, if this were a shtf event or other criteria like stealth, then yes, low power all the way, short comm windows and the like….

      • Ok…so there’s the Kenwood. At twice the expense of the ones I listed.

        Because I’m poor I suppose. 😉

        • POd American

          Poor had nothing to do with my comment. You can occassionally find a used 2000 series radio at a reasonable price. I have Kenwoods and Icoms now, but any radio that works is a good radio….good luck with your testing. 73s

  3. I’ll be at my BOL this weekend so it should be fun, most of the time I can only catch people on the repeaters I can hit from my hilltop but I can hit those with 5-10 watts using a J Pole pulled high up using a string over a branch. I’ll see what 65 watts gets me simplex.
    Might be good motivation to finally build that Yagi.

  4. This was interesting on Sparks site:

    “Every man to his family and his belongings”

  5. Yup.

    But you better have a permission slip from uncle scam.


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