WeaponsMan: On Whitworth’s Rifle & Related Topics


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7 responses to “WeaponsMan: On Whitworth’s Rifle & Related Topics

  1. if WM wasn’t such a devout badge worshipper his site would be more palatable. the brainwashing runs deep in that one. Murka!

    • Hilarious! He made your pee pee sting, didn’t he?

      Almost as bad as getting a speeding ticket.

      And then you, big passive aggressive man, go and shit on the rug at someone else’s house. Reparations!

      • anyone who supports the establishment is a tool…

        you CANNOT claim to support freedom and liberty AND support the thugs who deny it.

  2. Got to admit, the Whitworth is really an incredibly cool rifle, with a 530 grain bullet!

  3. Very impressive, to think a rifle from that era could be accurate to 2k.

    No bells, no whistles, just a dead eye, and great fundamental skills sets.

    Fun read.


  4. Good article, but difficult to read and always comprehend, without starting and stopping to interpret what was being said. Misspelled and incomplete. I don’t like to guess what’s going on, and a little proofreading goes a long way. Also gives viewers the idea that you’re literate. C-.

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