A Parting Gift


Attorney General Loretta Lynch and a parting shot at personal freedom.

Up yours, too, lamb chop.

14 responses to “A Parting Gift

  1. Poor poor Trump.

    He “won” a country that no longer gives a rats ass about “the system”.

    I predict he will double down on his way of running a business. Ever see his show the apprentice?

    Fine if it’s “your” business. Not such a good thing to do when there are 320 million armed and angry people who have had enough of the gubbermint. You Trumpsters are about to witness a heavy handed tyrant in action. The cops are going to find themselves caught in a crossfire 🙂

    • “You Trumpsters.” Trump will soon be the prez. Yours too. Makes you a Trumpster of sorts,whether ya like it or not. “Welcome to the party,Pal!”

      • I don’t vote, I have no pony in this race.

        I hope you enjoy the taste of your new master.

        Mmmmn BOOT.

        • Well, then, why not go ahead and get on yer boat and defect to Oceania?

          Das Boot.


          • lol

            you really ought to free your mind before you die.
            voting for a new master only gets you a —new master. Like anything is going to change. Are you that dumb?

            It’s a game, and you’re “it”


            • What really annoys most folks about your relentless ranting, is that you seem to think you’re above the fray. The UP isn’t really another planet.

              We’re all, for any number of reasons, due for destruction but, somehow, you’re not, being richer and sporting more of the symbols of wealth of the world, not to mention an abundance of hot young snatch, all due to your vaunted superiority. Again, not to mention that your “success” depended upon the minimum wage labors of a buncha stoopid murkins/illegals upon whose sweat you built your minuscule empire.

              Welcome to the party…. Pal!

              Nobody gets out alive, or even in beneficent circumstance… especially those for whom none but themselves merit any consideration.

            • tfA-t,

              Tell me….if you truly are in the socialist Mecca of Kanuckistan with your leftist pal, Trudeau 2, then why the hell do you care about anything in fUSA ?

              You still haven’t posted video of your passport burning, NORTH of the border.

              If you didn’t vote to render the Marxist witch Klinton from Making Amerika Miserable, you have nothing to whine about. BTW….how could you vote if you’re in Kanada ? Another lie from you, EH ?

              All this “money” you claim to have ? I call BULLSHIT. Your bloviating about how wonderful you are has finally reached a crescendo of despair, where you attack others just to bolster your own, delapidated ego. All your alleged wealth….another big lie.

              You”ve become a clown…..hahahahahaha ! Thanks for the entertainment.

              GO TRUMP !

              • why can’t you people let go of your fantasy of how free you are?

                so big deal, you are allowed to vote.

                do you really think anything will be different in your world?

  2. “We’ll put a boot in your ass.

    It’s the American way.”

    Some lyrics from Toby Keith’s concert today for President Trump.

    A small point from the great FUCK YOU!

    Perhaps applicable here as well?

  3. Intel on US citizens transferred overseas? No due process? No warrants? Probably a lot of useful info there.

    Have the revolutionaries realized they can no longer operate on US soil?

  4. “….by permitting his attorney general to circumvent the Fourth Amendment….”


    Why isn’t that hor under arrest right now?

    Oh, that’s right, silly me, “It’s just a goddamned piece of paper!”

    communist bush gave communist obama the tools to snap it off in our collective asses

  5. SemperFi, 0321

    I’ve heard Trump was going to take on the FedResBank, and then I see this today;


    How the fuck is that possible?, the IRS is a private collection agency for the FedRes/IMF.
    Something tells me he is still one of them, and it’s business as usual. They’re all gonna walk, and FedGov continues the squeeze on US.