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WaPo: Czech government tells its citizens how to fight terrorists — Shoot them yourselves

Minor tweak:

“…and then shoot the traitors who admitted them to your country.”


Fixed it for you.

Vzhledem k tomu, běž do prdele, to je důvod, proč.

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  1. Shooting is so much more efficient than impaling…

  2. I just found a new training mission environment. In the Czech Republic.

  3. Love my VZ58.

  4. Here in Fusa the people are taught to run and hide.

  5. WaPo talking shit about how regardless of what the Czech gov’t says or enacts, Brussels will force stricter regulations on them anyways…

    Apparently, WaPo is unfamiliar with the Spiciness that was going on nearby – in the former Yugoslavia – back in the mid-to-late 90’s…

    Pretty sure the Czech Republic is familiar with the Sportiness…

    Meaning, I’m pretty sure folks in that neck of the woods are fresh out of fucks to give when it comes to what Brussels has to say… plenty of family secrets… plenty of kitchen floorboards and small gardens that smell like Hoppes or CLP or cosmoline…

    They know what’s up – they’ve seen it before – and self-preservation will trump mindless obedience to bureaucratic toadies…

    Speaking of – when things got spicy in the former Yugoslavia back in the 90’s, there was more than a few dusty old K98’s, Lugers, etc, – complete with issue, 1940’s vintage ammo – pulled out of mothballs by the original owners – creaky old duffers who stashed them decades ago, just in case…

    They might be a lot of things, but stupid ain’t one of them…

    • You mentioned that there were a few K98’s floating around Yugoslavia, about 5 years after the latest entertainment there, a friend of mine went back home and got a photo of a neighbor with a fully armed functional T-64 he had stored in his barn.. Apparently keeping the batteries in good shape, was a bit of an issue though.. Evidently the Albanians were going to get a surprise the next time they came calling

      • When traveling in Lithuania in 2010, I went to a small museum adjacent to a former Czarist-era fort complex.

        The charming young lady who was my museum guide explained that the large field piece (Sov equivalent to the 155) had been hidden by a local farmer in his barn since the war, and only when the Sovs left in 1991 did he feel safe enough to donate it to the local historical society.

        Reminiscent of the joke about why the (Dutch)(French)(etc.) grandpa kept going out to his garden and watering it with oil.

  6. I was in Prague about 20 years ago.. Guns for sale right out on the street. I was impressed.

  7. FYI for you tourists; the Czechs make fine firearms but better yet, they make world class beer!

  8. The WaPo’s typical hoplophobic photograph contains at least 2, possibly 3 pellet rifles and likely an additional three plastic/airsoft guns. I doubt the Czechs are getting added “degree of difficulty” points for attempting to stop Muslim terrorism with pellet guns.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      There are some hunting air guns that it would definitely hurt to be on the receiving end of.

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  11. behind enemy lines Ct.

    Back in the 80’s Belgian Flea Markets were hot with WW2 era weapons semi & full auto.