Best To Get Those Needles A-Clicking


‘Pussyhats’ Galore: Inside the Pink Toppers Thousands Will Wear to the Women’s March on Washington

Words fail.


42 responses to “Best To Get Those Needles A-Clicking

  1. MaryfromMarin

    Amazing how well they color-coordinate with Code Pink’s vagina costumes.

  2. You want to hear the warhooping and screaching when I point out its nice that the bimbos are practicing a traditional womans skill like knitting. Hell the next thing we know, they may learn how to cook and clean house.

  3. I like to knit. There is a subculture of knitters. Most are evil like this. I fled.

  4. American woman, stay away from me
    American woman, mama let me be
    Don’t come hanging around my door
    I don’t want to see your face no more

    Just singin’ to myself….

  5. Centurion_Cornelius

    You’re right, CA–word do fail with this BS.

    Ain’t these wimmen got jobs? families? kids? hell–even got a gerbil or hamster to take care of instead of this jackass stuff.

    Big regression here–they got their adult butts handed to them in the election, so now they start acting like babies. mebbe the pajama boys will provide security for their “march.”

    • The world is changing in foundational ways. The time honored ways of legacy patriarchy are returning, and for good reason, all you need is to look at these repulsive deviant bitches. These screeching things with a vagina don’t know it yet they are going to be an extinct branch of homo sapiens. Because they are all but useless.
      What alpha man in his right mind would think of having a thing to do with such toxic dead end of our species.

  6. Wonder if Tom Jones will be there to empower the pussys along in song?

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Nah, we need Zombie GG Allin to trigger the bejesus out of them.

      • Heh. Good one. However, anyone who doesn’t understand the reference should probably leave it that way. You’ve been warned.

      • Jimmy,
        I have to say you just went up a notch in my book.
        Someone could stand in their crowd with one of those “AIM here GG” signs.

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    ‘Pussyhats’ Galore: Inside the Pink Toppers Thousands Will Wear to the Women’s March on Washington

    Words fail.

  8. SemperFi, 0321

    Oh great, more crazy cat ladies.

  9. So “pussy” is no longer offensive? Or this like the “N word” for wealthy white Libs?

  10. Give a woman an inch, she’ll take a mile.

    (unless some nigger gives her 8-9″. then she’ll STFU, for a while at least, and then come crawling back for more.)

    BTW, would somebody please do the planet a favor and take out Media Benjamin with extreme prejudice?

    Make me a sammich and bring me a beer, woman. Now.

  11. So why is this a big deal?…women have been exploiting pussy since the beginning of time.

  12. ALCON,

    Effin’ twats. Put ’em ALL back in the kitchen where the belong along with the manginas who enable their “equality” while emasculating themselves.

  13. Pray for rain. Hard cold rain. The SJW’s will not be able to endure it. It will break up their parades and protest. Pray for a deluge.

  14. I imagine that mob will reek of box wine, cat piss and despair…

  15. All these catwomen… can you imagine the smell?

  16. Perhaps my monitor’s color is off but all i see is blue waffles

  17. Crap like this pussy hat march is proving the point that this guy is making:

    Women once again demonstrating why they don’t rule the world.

  18. Sure would be a cryin’ shame if these hats were “accidentally” dusted with itching powder before use. Or hair remover.

    Sure would be a shame…

  19. If these pigs had actual MEN in their lives, this shit would not happen.

  20. Well, I am sorry to offend or upset, but if others’ words are failing, I have some words: I repsect what they are doing.
    To give credit where I think credit is due, this is something that turned their dispair into a creative and contructive fun thing to do making cute and warm “pussy” hats and the women do bond together over babies, families and other shared interests. Please don’t discount what the women are doing. I think they’re being smart and taking steps. The first step is “building tribe”, meeting and getting together over some mutual interest doing something fun that you can all share in together. Then deciding where do want to go from there will be the next step. Same steps work no matter which side you are on, and I think they may be quite a bit ahead of us in this. So please don’t discount them for what they are doing. It’s a start, and if they are willing to get together and knit pussy hats on their own time and using their own money I am sure they would be willing to help their cause in other ways. The active members of the team (whether team red or team blue) need support (logistics, a place to rest and eat and to resupply, and you need several support members for each active person in the field). And some of them are making plans for beyond Inaugaration Day.

    • You are either being very ironic or completely clueless as to what really going on with these bitches (I strongly suspect the latter is the case).

      And then post a link from the fucking *Guardian*, of all outlets to back you up? While you’re at it, why not suck Al Jazeera’s dick as well?

    • This women’s march on Washington is turning into a laugh fest, considering there are already many black women who see the list of white women joining in is a spit in the face of many black women who see said whitey gals are no different than their male counter parts.

      Another controversy is their refusal to allow other women’s organizations including women who oppose abortion and believe in protecting families, some who supported Hillary and who consider themselves “feminists”, etc. Their facebook page has changed from public to private because most of its members can’t agree on women’s interests, politics. Even their use of “million women march” (organized by 3 white women), has been deemed as “cultural appropriation” by stealing the heritage of the 1997 million woman march that was reserved for black women. (more obvious PC).

      Many media’s have pretty much concluded that this entire event has become a cluster due to their confused and pointlessness.

      In other words, their “If you want to come to the march, you are coming with the understanding that you respect a women’s right to choose”, quoting Linda Sarsour. Which in feminist-think is code for a woman’s right to choose, obviously excludes “a woman choosing life instead”.

    • i also repsect them

  21. I was in the Army back in the Vietnam days and the hats we were issued that had the points on each end were worn with the points on the front & rear and we referred to them as “Cunt Caps”. My oh My how history repeats itself but the names change a bit.

  22. behind enemy lines Ct.

    6,000 red diaper baby woman bused into D.C. from the Un -Constitutional state of Ct by Commie Kongress Critters Rosa DeLauro & Elizabeth Esty. Rabid freedom hating gun grabbers all.

  23. Pussyhats? Seems more like a bunch of Asshats to me.

  24. Nice pussyhat, babe. Real nice. Now, go get me a sammich, wid some lettuce, mayo, and tomato and some swiss and pastrami, and on rye. And a Sammy. Soon’s I get done watchin’ this game, I wantcha to put on that thing I bought you from Fredricks’, do me a lil’ dance, and trow me a nice one. Atta girl! Whomp! (whacks her good on the ass, and she jumps and squeals a little.) I love foreplay.