Dear Rosie – Why You Shouldn’t Want Martial Law



H/t to WM, who offers his own thoughts.

16 responses to “Dear Rosie – Why You Shouldn’t Want Martial Law

  1. Bullshit.

    ML would be the best thing to happen to Fusa at this point. It would light this party candle – which is going to happen anyways. There’s just way too many slugs living the high life on my stolen tax dollars. It would seem some have gotten too comfy living off the taxpayers back and want the gravy train to keep rollin down the track.

    Who wants to die a feeble old man anyways? Besides maybe ought six.

  2. I would not use the usual sexual directive/pejorative in conjunction with this miserable, hate filled mutant.

    So… just die, already.

  3. Disgusting waste of a skin suit. Rosie lives under a bridge ,captures and eats small rodents and children.I hear she smells like the shithouse door on a tuna boat.

  4. Reblogged this on The Defensive Training Group and commented:
    Kratman does have a way with words, doesn’t he? Heh.

  5. I’ll be watching all the liberals/progressive/commies today:

  6. The nice part about that is Leftists do not tend to follow rules very well. Why would anyone think they would follow the rules for safe gun handling? And since turds of a feather flock together, when they break those rules it is almost guaranteed that only other Leftists will be at risk

    What’s not to like???

  7. The truth mantra, “Liberalism is a mental illness”, repeat.


  8. Liberals prepping has to be one of the funniest mental images I have ever attempted to conjure up. Hard for me to focus on that w/ all the chaos. The apogee of conscious stupidity & dystopic dysfunctional reality. Let them bring on they’re own ‘fait accompli’. Cull the heard & let the creme rise to the top.

  9. behind enemy lines Ct.

    Rosie O , Michael Moore poster children for FEMA Camp inductees.

  10. Liberals prepping is hysterically funny, I’m reminded of all those youtube videos of dogs wearing doggy boots for the first time..

  11. Just think…..there’ll be a lot more tools of liberty with accessories to pick up off the ground besides the gubmint issue stuff…

    Some never fired and dropped only once…

  12. It’s not nice to insult shithouse doors on tuna boats. Tuna fisherman are likely to take exception to that aspersion. And it ain’t smart to get THEM angry, either.

  13. Given that attacks on the Snowflakes by the Right are mighty few and far between I don’t know why they are afraid or what they’re afraid of. If Middle Class White America ever decides to wig out they’re in some deep guano.


    Jeff Cooper described Rosie a long time ago: FAT, SHRILL, and STUPID. It fits.

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