DOUBLEPLUSGOODTHINK: The People’s Cube Purged from Wikipedia


Mocketh not the shibboleths and icons that we have set before you.

Lest we banish you to the non-digital zone.

It ain’t over.

It ain’t even begun yet.

6 responses to “DOUBLEPLUSGOODTHINK: The People’s Cube Purged from Wikipedia

  1. Not to worry, we are currently forging a new internet….

  2. Alfred E. Neuman

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  3. That’s how you know you struck a nerve! When they have to erase the mere mention of you because doing otherwise proves their fail.

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    Go to's_Cube
    It’s Wikipedia without the loony liberals. It’s the new Web we’re forging.

  5. Meh, either it’s new worthy or not. Hard to prove the allegations made about Wikipedia.

  6. “Infogalactic is designed around the idea that the user should be permitted to decide what information is relevant to him, not 500 ideologically-driven thought police.”
    Well, awlrighty then.