Improvised Self-Defense Tools


You have options.

Almost always.

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  1. What a coincidence you post this essay.

    One morning at 0400 in sweats, getting ready to go to the gym, I had an incident with some asshole almost running me over. Whacked him in the face with my ceramic coffee mug. It didn’t break ! Oh, and it stopped his attack.

  2. That coffee pot reminds me of an early scene in the film “A History Of Violence”.

    • God I love that movie, that and Law Abiding Citizen.

    • Sorry, it won’t work, I already checked it out long ago.
      If you try to swing a half full coffee pot with any authority the little bolts that hold the handle on will give loose prior to your hand reaching peak velocity spilling hot mud everywhere and most likely you getting kicked in the face by the perp.

      If you’re close to a coffee pot most likely a toaster is close so grab it instead as it has much more structural stability.

      The pot in that scene in History of Violence was obviously not stock and was reinforced so as to hold up under fire.

  3. All excellent ideas though a couple to be effective place you within the assault zone of the attacker. The hornet spray would be extremely effective.

  4. Growing up in Detroit, I’ve had the chance to beat people with just about every object known to man including a ’73 Ford Galaxy 500 -lol. My favorite was when I used a 10 speed bicycle to pummel some bastard who was picking on me. You should have seen the look in his eyes as I continued pounding him with it as if there was no tomorrow. Then there was the spade shovel vs. 6 men incident…

    murka! fuck yeah!

  5. Still looking for the list of 12 items. Haven’t found it yet???????

  6. Speech (neurolinguistics) as a weapon:
    Student officially changes his personal pronoun to ‘His Majesty’ on campus roster

  7. The “weapon” is between your fucking ears. The rest are all simply tools…

  8. Noticed this article title circulating on other sites as well as WRSA…

    However, finding the actual article has become a challenge. Has anyone else experienced same?

  9. Some Guy in WA

    There are less legal improvised weapons that are of far more use in a more chaotic situation that we might want to touch on… maybe not… I suppose that we all know what they are, though.

  10. A full/fresh can of hornet/wasp spray will shoot a sticky paste/foam 12 feet out or up; never be without one.. 🙂

    • That’s bulkier than a Glock. Never be without a Glock.


        Or, never be without a small, concealable handgun such as a Smith and Wesson Chief’s Special .38 caliber revolver. One is none, two is one.

  11. Fortunately I have very rarely encountered physical threat since my early twenties but on one of the few more recent occasions where I thought I was under threat the bluff of having a weapon worked. I inadvertently managed to offend someone in a car park who then made ready to punch me in the face, I was in my car, a convertible with the roof down and hence vulnerable. I had a small aerosol lubricant spray in the glove compartment. Merely picking it up, holding it so the label was masked, smiling at him and asking if he felt like some mace caused him to back off.

    Btw I live in the UK where even a self defence spray is illegal.

  12. Walking around with a 44 mag under the arm (best way to carry a hogleg IMO) keeps everyone smiling and polite. Legal up here concealed or open, no permit required.

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