Le Pen Moves Into Lead in French Race, Le Monde Poll Shows



C’est impossible!

11 responses to “Le Pen Moves Into Lead in French Race, Le Monde Poll Shows

  1. Id ” Hit” that!


  2. C’est Magnefique! C’est tres bon! C’est la bonne chose a’ faire.

  3. Will she suffice in representing the patriarchy? There needs to be a strong male in charge.

  4. first round poll is meaningless. 2nd round: Cucks + Left will get c. 65%, Nationalists (Le Pen) c. 35%. Britain, France, and the rest of western Europe will continue to be liquidated by the Judeo-globaists via Muslim/Black invasives. Perhaps the 35% will at some point go to the gun instead of the vote. But I doubt it.

    • “Meaningless” a little strong. You solid on the second round numbers?

    • lastmanstanding

      The great Bob Chapman “the international forecaster”, was HUGE on Marine Le Pen. He often mentioned that if France was to have a chance, she would be the one to save them. Bob was the tip of the spear.

      Hard to believe he has been gone nearly 5 years…rest in peace Bob, you are not forgotten.

  5. Alfred E. Neuman

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  6. I think LePen will win the election. Germany is in doubt because the opposition party to Merkel had a recent “dust up” so they are not as solid as before.

    Those are the two BIG elections in the EU this year. One or two wins against the globalists further ensure the death knell of the EU.

    Grey Ghost

  7. Let’s hope that Le Pen is truly mightier than the sword of the “allah, ” and the timidity of le Francais.

    Le sang de le Martel fonctionne toujours dans les coeurs Français!

  8. The French establishment is trying to stop her candidacy by having banks deny her campaign funding. Apparently, in France, you can only finance your campaign via banks or political parties (which is pretty much the same thing for the most part), so without banks providing funding, it is a hurdle. She needs to go all Trump on them and start using the media for free to stretch her dollars. If Le Pen gets elected, it may be a game changer for Europe by sending populist ripples throughout the continent. I’m not sure when the French election is vs. Germany, but Le Pen could potentially affect that as well, if she finishes strong. Who woulda thunk just a year ago?