This Is One Of The Ways The Enemy Is Already Fighting


Breitbart: California ‘Accidentally’ Releases Personal Info of 3,500 Firearms Instructors

Home addresses of legislators, bureaucrats, and police.



10 responses to “This Is One Of The Ways The Enemy Is Already Fighting

  1. See why lists are important.
    Would sure hate to see a list of top democrat and anti-gun contributors get out…

  2. Don’t forget the journalists and talking heads who called for it in the first place.

    Gawker pulled a similar stunt a few years ago, releasing the names and addresses of registered gun owners in New York. They didn’t think it was as funny when someone dox’ed the author of the article, right down to noting where his wife and kids are likely to be.

  3. Obama on a revengeful exit!!!

  4. Add this to leaked state CPL/CCW lists.

    Next thing you know there’ll be a huge dump of computerized 4473s or NICS check names lists.

  5. PERSEC is the highest form of OPSEC.
    Write this on your hands with a laundry marker.

  6. California, heh. Stupid hurts and living in CA is stupid. Don’t want to hear about $$, family, kids ect. it boils down to what’s important. You choose your environment and the fact there are even firearms instructors and people shipping anything firearm related into that state is beyond me. Don’t like hijabs? Don’t live in Saudi. Don’t like moonbats and their insanity? Move. Stop funding your enemy via tax dollars.

  7. Since they “accidentally” released the info, then it should be game on in CALI by the “firearm instructors” but I doubt anything will happen. Whoever “accidentally” leaked the info should have an accident.

    There is NOTHING good about CALI anymore and I lived there for 12 years many years ago.

    Grey Ghost