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He’s no Ash Carter.


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  1. Why would anyone think that teachers cultivate free thought and dissent?

    • It’s what real teachers do, and did in America, once upon a time, and hopefully soon again.

      • SemperFi, 0321

        understood your last letter. Thnx.
        A dear old friend of mine was B-24 flight engineer over Ploesti, shot down over Yugoslavia and then instructor at Gowen Field ID.
        We have a 1943 B-24 wreck about 12 miles from my place, up in the wilderness of the Wind River Mtns, I go there several times every summer. Nice to make a connection to those tough men.

    • Cambodia 1975 not USA 2017.

    • Not here… not anymore.


      With all due respect, I did it when I taught and substitute taught in Oregon and CA. I am still doing it, when I get the opportunity, here in Rawles Land as a Teachers Aide. YOU can do it for your children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, etc. Bluestocking Press sells a line of textbooks which tell the truth. Get a copy of WHATEVER HAPPENED TO JUSTICE? and WHATEVER HAPPENED TO PENNY CANDY? Find TEACHING THE TRIVIUM.
      Read these tomes and pass them on. As the old saying goes, “The truth is out there.” And, since we now(hopefully) have some truth-tellers in positions of power, the education of our younger generation will force those in power to continue to tell the truth and act in the best interest of those citizens who are law-abiding wealth producers and righteous believers in the two tenets of natural law: DO ALL YOU HAVE AGREED TO DO. DO NOT ENCROACH ON THE PERSON AND PROPERTY OF OTHERS.

  2. Hmmm. extinguish free thought and dissent?

    Mebbe that’s why the cancerous rot known as cops are allowed to rob, rape, and murder anyone they so choose?

    Here are the eight reports of police misconduct tracked for Tuesday, January 17, 2017:

    Concordia Parish, Louisiana: A deputy was charged with battery for a domestic incident involving a stun gun. He resigned after his arrest.
    Indianapolis, Indiana: An officer was arrested for shoplifting and resisting law enforcement.
    Montvale, New Jersey: An officer was charged with DWI after being found passed out in his own vomit in his car.
    Timmonsville, South Carolina: An officer was arrested for domestic violence.
    Update: Waterloo, Iowa (First reported 08-04-16): An officer was acquitted of assault in an alleged off-duty road rage incident.
    Update: Edison Township, New Jersey (First reported 11-08-16): Two now-former officers were fined and banned from public employment after each pled guilty to participating in a retaliation scheme against a superior officer.
    Update: Suffolk County, New York (First reported 10-05-16): An officer who was indicted for a fatal wrong-way crash has been fired.

    This one is truly pathetic.

    Update: Harris County, Texas (First reported 01-11-17)now-former deputy who had already been charged for sexually abusing a dog had child pornography possession added to his charges after the search of his home.

    Coproaches – Heroes one and all.

    • “Montvale, New Jersey: An officer was charged with DWI after being found passed out in his own vomit in his car.” Interesting law in Jersey then. One would assume that having been passed out in his own car indicates the vehicle was not moving. Damn near impossible otherwise. Would be interesting to hear the connection that makes it a moving violation.

  3. I was a young sergeant in 1974-75 and saw parts of Cambodia and Phnom Penh just before the Khmer Rouge rolled in and took over and did was SecDef Mattis is talking about. They not only rounded up teachers, but anyone who even looked educated, including people with glasses. If they’d caught me, I was gonna be deader ‘n shit, being a Murkan NCO with glasses (56th Spec Ops Wing, Nakhon Phanom Royal Thai AFB, Thailand).

    I’ll say one thing, though; I’m glad Mattis is in that job now and I hope to hell he kicks serious ass and takes names. Today, even though we know full well it’s probably just a tiny little window of opportunity, was a good fucking day.

    Pax vobiscum, fratres.

    • I was at the 7th Radio Research Field Station (7RRFS) (an NSA operated base at Udorn Thani Thailand) in that same time frame. I was a Cryptanalyst (codebreaker) and still have a vivid memory of the Cambodian coded message regarding their American POW’s. They would tie the American POW’s hands and feet and throw them into the river to feed the crocodiles. The Cambodians were brutal beyond belief. Just owning eyeglasses and knowing how to read was reason enough to be killed.

      • ” The Cambodians were brutal beyond belief. ”

        You ain’t seen nothing yet.

        Thanks to Hollyweird, shows like ‘the walking dead’. and the corrupt-to-the-core authoritahs….

        This country is going to be drenched in blood- in biblical proportions.

      • Welcome home, bro. We knew to save our last bullets for ourselves rather than be caught alive by the Khmer Rouge.

    • 84,

      “..kicks serious ass and takes names.”

      Whose ass ? More war in the ‘stan and Iraq ? More ass-kicking for AfriCom ? 25 years in the Middle East and counting. That long enough for you 84 ?

      Or do you hope, as I do, that he tells DJT….”Sir, I recommend we terminate all foreign interventions, bring troops and assets home and close the borders with those defense assets.”

      I won’t hold my breath.

  4. goddammit, “did WHAT SecDef is talking about, etc.” If we could EDIT these posts, we’d not see too many of our “typos.”

  5. As a young man in 1972 I did a… TOUR…. in the killing fields of Khmere, as an advisor to both troops of the RVN and the Republic of Khmere…….assigned to F. A. N. K. , 5th SFG ,.rarely called Cambodia. Then, and several years later I saw the lies , deception and cover ups about #1 the POW’s and then about the prosecution of the war itself .
    Most of those I served with including me got out filled with disgust having lived and served several tours in that shit hole .
    My Cambode body guard wrote to me several times in the next couple years and we attempted to find a way out for him before the collapse…..last commo was an EE to Laos then on from there, never heard from him again
    Members of the MIKE force were abandoned, interpreters and body guards denied visas too the US, others got a few Montagnards out to N.C. but that was all.
    Any officer or enlisted that stayed in the military and toed their line , marched to their drum and repeated their lies ……literally shit on their fellow soldiers , the POW’s left by Kissassenger, Mcnasty, nixon and the rest.

    Everyone knew the truth and only a few spoke out…this isn’t about me or I would bore you with the trials of The National League of Family’s ,and the disgusting and hateful comments thrown at me when I walked the streets with a petition to the Reagan Administration to recover them .You all know the truth about Kerry and McCain and the POW’s.

    Fuck this asshole and his concern for Cambode school teachers and freedom , where were his balls when it came to AMERICAN POW’s .

    When I spoke out here about the POW’s and got involved with a recovery effort funded by a NAVY family the feds made damn sure our dissent, free thought and questioning were extinguished…….along with our right to travel freely……among other things.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      m rapp,
      I worked S-2 shop (Scout sniper team) for BLT 1stBn 9th Marines in 73-74, laying out LZ’s (aerial photos and stereoscopes) in downtown Phnom Penh/Saigon for the upcoming evac, we were to cover any avenues of approach against RPG teams trying to take out our CH-53’s. Rotated home early 74 and wasn’t there for the real one. Two of my buddies were wounded on Koh Tang Island over a yr later. They wouldn’t say one word about what happened there.
      Yrs later read about the POW cover up by Kissinger, Casey, Bush and the rest, hard to finish the book without tears.(Kiss the Boys Goodbye)
      These are the fuckers still pulling the strings today, with younger followers, and I hope to hell Trump is serious about what he says, and Mattis stands with him. They stop at nothing to lie and murder our own, and CIA is all part of it. (Who bumped off Nick Rowe?)
      Bush seemed pissed today, not happy his cronies might be losing power soon.

    • M Rapp, thanks for speaking up. No report is more valuable than one from a person who was there, and whom the jew ess government subsequently tried to shut down.

      We would like to hear more of what you saw.

      Remember the USS Liberty!

    • Ron Unz has been writing about this. And I push this stuff onto anybody I can – even now I hear people talking about how McCain is an honorable person.

      Ron Unz – American Pravda – Sidney Schanberg wrote about what happened with the American POW’s:

    • M rapp, did you ever hear of, or know, Robert Howard?

  6. You got a good point there, m rapp; I’d like to know the Mattis record on our POWs; haven’t seen anything so far.

    • Start his record of responsibility right fucking now……the first line of his letter to the staff should have read…….Heh, where the fuck is the missing 9 trillion dollars and change ? and who the fuck was in charge of air defense on 9/11…….? that would show me that it won’t be “business as usual” but alas it is and it will be……..just saying

      • You’re probably right, but I wish it would turn out differently once he’s in place. If not, then yeah, biz as fucking usual.

      • Mattis is a uniformed apparatchik. Full of anti-Russian puss and venom, and indicated during his confirmation hearing that he has no problems with the ongoing feminization and queering out of the military. Trump should pardon Larkin, then make him Sec. of Def. Won’t happen though.

        • SemperFi, 0321

          Yeah, I’m a bit worried by his hatred of Russia. He doesn’t seem to want to work with them, but rather throw sand in their face. Not good.

  7. All officers are politicians. same for senior NCOs…

  8. YUON KR. Remnants of the Khmer empire.Ruthless.Cambodia has a very short history with peace.The history of peace in Cambodia, is the history of overwhelming military superiority…and the ability to utilize it effectively. .Angkar Leur/Cap Trem,Pol Pot/Saloth Sar. Murdering,raping sadistic motherfuckers. We are not that far removed from warlord behavior. Humans dealt with as a perishable commodity. Wake-up call. Soylent time.

  9. The red herring of Cambodia aside…

    When asked about faggots and trannys in the military Mattis said (paraphrasing), “I don’t care who sleeps with who.”

    So, SECDEF Mattis is indifferent about moral depravity. Which speaks volumes about his character.


    • lon a follower

      There is a common thread to be seen here, it involves “moral depravity.”
      a short list and incomplete. This common thread has to do with the marriage covenant. The “supreme court” crossed a line.
      1.Many of the physical churches and prayers are “all inclusive.”
      2. Rex Tillerson, Exxon, very instrumental in the acceptance of gays in the boy scouts.
      3. Amorosa Manigault, There is a lot to see here.
      4. Peter Thiel
      Look at who Trump has surrounded himself with. Stay informed, keep these things in mind, discern and dissiminate all info regardless of source.

    • Randall Flagg

      Yes, it does.

    • Here is the full exchange, as best as I can find it:

      “Do you believe that allowing LGBT Americans to serve in the military or women in combat is undermining our lethality?” Gillibrand asked.

      “Frankly, senator, I’ve never cared much about two consenting adults and who they go to bed with,” he replied.

      Gillibrand pressed, “So the answer is no?”

      “Senator, my concern is on the readiness of the force to fight and to make certain it’s at the top of its game,” Mattis said.

      “For the record, I’d like, in writing whether you believe gender or –”

      She tried to get Mattis to put it in writing that he is fine with LGBT in the military and women in combat, but was cut off and reprimanded by Sen. John McCain.

      “The senator’s time has expired. Please adhere to the rules of the Senate,” McCain said.

      “Thank you, mister chairman,” she replied.

      Secretary Mattis’ job is to make certain the force is ready to fight, and that it’s at the top of its game. His ability to do other than that is severely restricted by this country’s “Legal” system. Many faggoeaux and dykes have been added to the military over the years, starting with DADT under Slick and continuing unabated through Shrub II and the Faggoeaux in Chief. Any attempt to change that will bring lawsuits by the faggeaux and dykes and their enablers in the “Legal” system. To prevail with changes, the government will have to show that their presence or their actions reduce the force’s readiness to fight. I would hope that would be sufficient explanation to help understand why his response was absolutely appropriate.

    • It may well be that “SECDEF” knew how to obtain confirmation as “SECDEF” or that he has more important things firing the gray matter than whether or not each member of the various branches is either “faggots and trannys” or is sleeping with one, and/or it may well be that up to that point, he did not consider such, his business. What would speak volumes about his character is whether or not he has conducted, is, or will be conducting himself along those lines of behavior…or that he deliberately uttered a politically correct under oath response to a question designed to derail his confirmation. The former being a true determination of character, and the latter, less so, considering the potential for an equally offensive as the outgoing SECDEF choice, should Mattis fail to obtain confirmation. Certainly, homosexuals have been well represented among the ranks up to this point…and the only thing that has really changed is the Executive’s celebratory stance, and recruiting activities regarding same.

      I think I’ll withhold judgment for now.

    • Notarealperson

      And guess what would have happened if he spoke the truth about these perverts and deviants in the military or if he said Russia wasn’t our #1 enemy?

      He’d be finished.

      Look the senators grilling him are either Bushite neocons who never met a elective war they didn’t like or Democreeps.who can’t stop social engineering everything. He had to tell them what they wanted to hear. These people don’t want the truth they want a pretty lie that soothes their bloated egos.

      If he told they f**ked up the military they’d freak and send him home.

      Beyond this, we’ll have to wait and see what Mattis does.

    • Xavier Xelente

      The hell you care about which consenting adults screw which other consenting adults? Are you for liberty or not? BTW Marris said his concern was the readiness and lethality of the US armed services, and that he does not care who sleeps with who. Seems an appropriate response, or do you want the government setting up morality standards and tribunals?

      Some fucking “liberty minded” people, I swear.

    • NightWatcher

      I am actually shocked that you (or anyone else) would give any credence to what is said (from either side) in a “confirmation hearing”.

      I thought it was public knowledge that it was pure political theater. My bad…

      Acta non verba

  10. Chuck NoName

    Well, in summation of the above comments, you fellers would prefer Ass Carter stay on the job huh? Or, maybe put in one of these “fighting females” we see running around D.C.? Or, how about no civilian? In fact, why doesn’t “The Donald” check with all of us before naming anyone to his cabinet?! I personally would like to screen ALL quotes attributed to his nominees for Cabinet positions to see where they stand on every item of supreme importance to ME. You bitter jerkoffs sound no different than the pathetic leftist snowflakes ranting and raving about President Trump and his “facism”. Here’s some advice – stop being whining bitches trying to find everything wrong with ANYONE that steps up to serve. The last “perfect” person on this planet in human form was crucified on a cross over 2,000 years ago. So, go put some more Polident onto those dentures, use some of that Blue Emu on your knees, a medicated wipe for those flaming roids – and do it BEFORE you sit down to comment.

    • lon a follower

      Are you simply upset because we choose to be informed? Truth revealed will burst many bubbles of trust and idol worship.

    • I didn’t hear anyone say Ass Carter was preferable. In addition I’d prefer cold realist to bitter jerkoff but hey feel free to ad hom as much as you like. If we don’t observe Trumps candidates for cabinet with full scrutiny then we’re just as bad as the rest of ‘Murica aren’t we Chuck? Blind lemmings hoping for a savior in a red hat.

      Now I’ll admit, I really liked DT’s speech yesterday. I also liked his EO following the inaug. That said if you think any of the “bitter jerkoffs” here are gonna stop PT and unload their magazines because some motherfucker starts whispering sweet nothings, well you’d be wrong. We’re gonna watch every damn move. Re read the posts above, some of the “bitter jerkoff’s” here put thier lives up on the line. Many got fucked over and lived to see the light of day. Forgive them if they’re a little skeptical after seeing friends left behind to rot in a fucking POW camp and then see first class A$$holes like McStain ignore the pleas from families to follow up.

    • Hey you cocksucker.

    • Drooling rhetoric, ignorant stereotypes and name-calling…. How refreshingly original. My rebuttal? Eat the corn outta my shit.

  11. lon a follower

    Good to see there are many who have not taken the bait, hook line and sinker. Thanks for all those who Stand.

  12. thesouthwasrght

    Vietnam, another crime against the American people committed by their ruling class. 58k dead, Lord only knows how many wounded, missing and otherwise fucked for life, not to mention both the incurred and residual costs for not a damned thiing. And when the north Vietnamese tanks rolled through Saigon did the world come to an end? Hell no. Fast forward to this horseshit “war on terror” and it’s same chapter and verse. With middle class white America picking up the bulk of the check in both dead and wounded boys and wasted tax monies.

    But let’s keep sending our kids down to the local recruitment office because it’s for freedom. Yay.

    Honestly my heart is heavy with all the suffering inflicted on the good and honorable people that have been used up and spit out by this system.

    • To follow up on your thoughts (and yes, I spent close to three years in SVN with the first MC division ’67 – early ’70), I stand to day sometimes with a WTF look on my face when I see what is being manufactured in SVN. The horror, suffering and destruction I say over there at the time still haunts me today and it sure didn’t end there as witnessed by the continued ‘conflicts’ since. As others have said here in various forms, wake the fuck up and when you need to, speak up. You (that would be the collective ‘us’) may not make a difference in the end, but at least we (or at least I) go out with a (fairly) clean conscience.

  13. Leaving one’s child education solely at the hands of public education is Parental neglect, if not outright child abuse.Or as Mark Twain once said: ” I never let schooling get in the way of my education”

    The problem we have in America is not about the quality of public Education.The real problem is lack of education within the home. Most families don’t encourage reading. Most parents treat school as a babysitter, and could care less what is taught their children. Best way to counteract public education is NOT to pour more money into it, but for parents to spend time teaching their children to read, encouraging them to read good books that make them think. Evey good parent should have a freaking huge library of books at home, and include them as gifts to their kids on birthdays and holidays. More important, parents should engage in weekly, if not daily conversations with them to teach them correct history and values. Seize the teaching moment when something comes up on TV or the Internet. Then children of this nation will be able to shift the wheat form the chaff at school.

    • Education and especially moral education begins in the home.

      Why do you think that family and parental responsibility have been so relentlessly attacked, along with Christianity?

      It’s right there in the communist party agenda.

    • “Forget about the Senior Prom and go to the library and educate yourself if you’ve got any guts.” – Frank Zappa

    • I confess my inability to locate within the CONstitution that very article allowing for and requiring any form of public education.

      The only way to combat the government run childhood indoctrination centers is to demand their immediate defunding and destruction, any less is simply utterly ineffective; replacement to be provided by parents as they see appropriate.

      ps – the correct phrase is “could NOT care less”

    • Well said, we homeschool. These Marxist A-holes are not getting my babies.

  14. behind enemy lines Ct.

    A Bright Shining Lie – John Paul Vann & America in Vietnam.

  15. Matt Bracken

    Mattis had to weave a strange line to get past the DemonRats on the persecution team. (“Don’t care who sleeps with who” etc)
    Now that he’s surmounted that obstacle, we’ll see what he really intends.

  16. Always interesting to me that the commandos pop out in a post like this. Laughable really. All these friggen units and job titles and ‘I was there and saw it all’.

    Mattis shits turds better than you all. Stop with the fake news.

  17. Meanwhile back in the ranch:

    “We are seeing people claiming to demonstrate against the new president of the United States in America.
    What you are actually seeing here is the spirit of the Brown Shirts of the Nazi party who produced the Kristallnacht—meaning “crystal night” or “night of broken glass.” The Nazi party was the “democratic socialist” of Germany.
    Socialists by definition think that other people owe them a living. someone joked that all these people “rioting” there might only be three people that missed work.  
    I almost said people “protesting” but that is not what they are doing. They are throwing a fit because they did not get their way.
    They are also not “anarchists”. An anarchist does not want “rulers” nor do they want to rule. These people are ruling over other people’s windows and cars, etc.. They are “Fake anarchists” and some are undoubtedly getting paid to get the crowd of mindless socialist, some times called “useful idiots” worked up.”

  18. A little morality tale. This last Veterans’ Day my 7 YO grandson went with his 1st grade class to the ceremonies. His female 60 yr old teacher handed out little flags to each student. I went over and stood right behind the boy who was sitting on the curb. He finally got a little bored and was poking at he ground with the bottom of the flag’s stick. He was careful to not let the flag touch the ground as he well knew about respecting the flag–he learned that at home. He’s an ‘active’ boy, but he was behaving just fine for Grandpa. Next thing I knew the teacher reached over and yanked the flag out of his hand. I asked her what THAT was about–she refused to answer, locked her jaws, and just stared straight ahead. So I just reached over gently and took the flag back and returned it to the boy. At the end of the ceremonies I kept the flag and everyone left.

    Shortly afterwards I was cited for ‘disorderly conduct’. This being a small town the DA is the teacher’s nephew…the PD, like all small PDs, does what it is told. The principal and superintendent of schools are involved. So on first appearance I plead not guilty. I hired an attorney; we refused to plea bargain, and are head to a jury trial in the spring. Who knows–we might even beat the charges as the attorney states, it’s an “interesting case”. And even if I lose, they will have had to work to do it. There is also the possibility that they will actually wind up embarrassing themselves. Veteran Grandpa, little kid with a flag, Veteran’s Day, and petty tyranny may count for something. All I know is that I couldn’t just stand here and do nothing and live with myself. Much less have that little boy think that Grandpa didn’t stand up for him in public.

    As for public ‘education’, it’s just flat wrong to turn a kid over for sheer indoctrination in “whatever” when he should get a solid moral upbringing. Everyone rants about “choice” but when it comes to schooling choice is bad. If it was up to me the boy would be homeschooled, but that’s the parents’ call. It may happen yet as they are with me on this. I expect that whatever the outcome the school will be vengeful about it.

    Nietzsche once observed that “the state is a cold monster”. Well, state and local governments can be baby monsters as well, and just as nasty. Touchy thin-skinned bastards, too. They never change!

    It’s all about control.

  19. Has anyone here read “Called to Serve” by Bo Gritz? Would like to hear some opinions of his work. Always wondered why Ross Pero (spelling) stole his thunder when he (Bo) ran for Prez on a grass roots ticket.

  20. CA,

    “He’s no Ash Carter”.

    Yep. He doesn’t wear eyeglasses.

  21. I guess I’ll go contrarian. I’m giving Mattis the benefit of the doubt as there are damn few like him. I don’t think he is like any other USMC General in history and all those snowflakes who are in the .mil right now probably won’t be able to pass any new/improved PRT. They’ll be begging to get out because Trump is their CINC. I have no idea of his past record regarding POWs but I don’t think he left any of his Marines behind in any “war” he had the misfortune to be in.

    I generally am somewhat skeptical of wikipedia but this one is well footnoted.

    Grey Ghost