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  1. Bryon Randall

    Awesome, Ship of state firmly in hand, ready to weather any storm.
    Full speed ahead, Donald

    • More like lock the passengers in steerage before they abandon ship.

      While the disgraced and relieved former skipper boards the only lifeboat and departs.

      Not even God himself could save this scow from going under.

      Civil War II has already begun…

  2. Alfred E. Neuman

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  3. All is right again. Righteousness is restored. Praise righteous humans.

  4. Anyone else see Trump snub Bill Clinton when he stuck out his hand to shake after his speech?.. walked right past him..

  5. The Magic Negro is officially evicted….

    • Randall Flagg




      Free at last! Free at last! Thank G*d almighty, free at last!

    • When Donald Trump wins the presidential election it’ll be the first time in history that a billionaire moves into subsidized public housing vacated by a black family.

      — Unattributed

  6. Thank you, United States Law Enforcement, for thus far safely enabling the transition of power to a leader who actually believes in this country as an independent sovereign nation. Please continue to stand in readiness against the evil from across the world who wish to destroy him and our nation.

    Dear Lord, thank you for enabling President Trump to win the election last fall. Please protect him, his family, and his associates from those who would do them harm. Please guide him to help our people become what you want us to be, help this country become what you want it to become, and please help President Trump and his family become what you want them to be as well.

    Thank you for helping Great Britain decide to leave the European Union last year. Please help them find leaders that will wisely and fairly negotiate a departure from that vile institution. Please help the people of the UK become what you want them to be, and help their nation become what you want it to be as well.

    Especially please stand against those who would ignore the results of these two elections. Strike them down, whoever and wherever they may be. And wipe that evil in Europe from the face of the earth in a manner so thorough that none will ever consider such a thing again for MANY years to come.


    • Good prayer, sir.


    • Matis,
      Did we ever meet at a reform party rally in Brevard County?
      Your prayer sounds familiar 🙂

      Eyes & Ears Open

      “Every man to his family and his belongings”

      • Paolo:

        I avoid meetings IRL. I am reasonably confident that the powers that be know who I am, and I do not wish to contaminate others by my presence at such activities. I specifically avoided the “show your arms” that WRSA had set up in Ratlanta a number of years ago because I am not likely to act civilly when TPTB do their thing.

        I will hold my tongue for the future as long as this country’s “Law Enforcement” protect our new President from those who would do him harm. And I intend to stand down on my will towards them for the duration. I still want to see justice for Jerry Waller and Andrew Lee Scott and Jose Gurena and Corey Jones and Eurie Stamps and Jeremy Mardis and Erik Scott and the rest. And I fully understand that justice will not come at the hands of this country’s “Legal” system nor its “Law Enforcement”. But I firmly believe that uprooting of the One World Government cabal which runs all Western nations is more important. And I understand that Law Enforcement help will be needed to accomplish that without massive deaths worldwide. I would prefer that no more people die in that campaign than absolutely necessary, so for the foreseeable future I shall keep quiet regarding what I see as criminal failures by this country’s Blue Wall.

        • Well Matis, that reform party rally was back when many
          where already saying what Trump was/is saying now,
          and even many many before me, starting many years
          ago. Still remember going in the web and saying to myself
          in amazement – “Heck, I am not alone!”
          Then as time passed, I figured that it all has to do with
          the perfect law of liberty, you know – The Golden Rule.
          The thing is, that as the periscopes are up and watching
          alertly, one looks back and asks oneself – “Why has it taken
          so long?” Then, one analyses some more and comes to grip
          with that maxim that “That which is crooked cannot be made
          straight.” In the meantime – Baby Steps, and stay off trails.
          I have heard that rabbit dogs, once the rabbit/s go into their
          hole, the rabbit dog stays right where the rabbit went in,
          instead of looking around for other rabbit holes.

          So… “Seek ye His Kingdom and His Righteousness” is
          what I have come to under-stand, since it has been proven
          time and time again as a viable republic in the heart of
          “Dictatorships” throughout history. Good Strong “meatspace.”

          semper vivium

        • Well Brother don’t hold your tongue on the atrocities of the blue brothers someone needs to keep their feet to the fire…Its the killing of their wives rhetoric that I find beneath us… Thanks though Brother for responding as you did…

    • Damn Mattis can we have a bit more of that and a little less of kill the whores…

  7. Where’s Pepe!!??

  8. Time is of the essence.

    Eyes & Ears Open
    IT is not over…

    “Every man to his family and his belongings”

  9. I saw the Clinton snub, too. Great stuff!


    • I am commenting for the first time just to say that I, too, saw the Bill Clinton snub.

      But I also wanted to add that the inviting look on Bill’s face actually looked like Bill loved Trump’s speech and that he genuinely wanted to shake Trump’s hand and offer his sincere support. Honestly, his face did read that way, and I was quite taken with it, and I thought it potentially a lost opportunity for reconciliation in that it appeared that Trump simply didn’t see Clinton standing behind some other person. Or perhaps Trump snubbed on purpose.

      And if anyone is interested in my contribution:

      • bill clinton is a fucking lowlife scumbag. who gives a shit about what he thinks besides YOU?

        He and his leaky bitch sold out the USA and now it’s Fusa…

        Let the war begin.

        • Haha. Yah. It was surprising to see him acting what appeared to be that way. Must’ve been angling to see if he could get anything out of it, hence the snub.

  10. The last time I trusted a POTUS I was sent to war while his cronies profited handsomely. I’ll need to see positive deeds not just hear the words this time around.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      So true!
      Every successful politician learns to tell his constituents what they want to hear, and in a few months they’ve already forgotten they’re being lied to.
      I’m hoping for the best from Trump, but until he starts dismantling this behemoth of a gov’t we have, straightening out the judicial system, and putting the alphabet agencies on the cutting block, he’s still just another loud talking politician.
      I’m personally waiting to see FedRes/IRS abolished, for the good of the world, and not just our paychecks.

    • check. Trump made another nice populist speech. His only deeds so far are the cabinet selections, 3/4 of which could have made by Mrs. Clinton or any other demoncrat/republiscam. Their and his recent remarks re Russia, Israel, and Iran suggest Trump is accommodating the Zionist Deep State and the wars that will go with it. We’ll soon know.

      • European American

        We need to be patient. It may take 8 years in office for his “plan” to be realized, and, I suspect he’d like to be around to see it come to fruition. If he would have played strictly by his own rules, he’d probably be 6 feet under by now. I don’t care if he has to accommodate the Z Deep State for the time being, but he knows economics and that the huge slice of the financial American pie that goes to war can not sustain this country any longer. So, he’s got to get the corporate fighting machine brought home. That will take time because WAR and all that that entails is the biggest moneymaker of all, for “them”. It’s their cash cow and they don’t want to part with it.

        In 8 years, with Trump at the helm, this country will be totally different. It may not be the America of the golden ’50’s, but it will be great again, in so many incredible ways.

        Hail to the Chief!

        • how much $ do you feel comfy with handing over to CA on a bet?

          let’s say $10,000.?

          I bet Fusa doesn’t even make it to next year.

          • DITTO……………………….in spades !……..can I say spades ?

          • MichiganderJim

            “I bet Fusa doesn’t even make it to next year.”

            Square bet. It would be much tougher to figure the odds for summer this year.

  11. I already went to the White House website and left feedback for POTUS Trump. I asked him to allow the importation of surplus military rifles/pistols/parts from various countries like South Korea and the Philippines. I also asked him to reform/abolish the BATFE and repeal the laws restricting/prohibiting the importation of rifles and pistols that the American people would otherwise wish to own. Remember, both of his sons hunt and own numerous firearms, this is a window of opportunity and we should take advantage of it.

    • CONSIDER: One of the items for President Trump’s first 5DAYS is to issue a full pardon for Lt Col Terry Lakin, US Army. If shithead Manning gets one, Lt Col Lakin should get a pardon, service record cleared, back pay and allowances restored, and his job back with any promotions he may have been entitled to, along with a personal apology from JCS chairman.

      Also, Justice for Jack Yantis, LaVoy Finicum, the Hammonds and the Bundys.

    • I am unfortunate enough to live in America’s Anus, Manhattan NYC. DT has a NYC ccw, impossible to get for a mundane like myself. Do you think he will change this? I don’t.

      (Please don’t misunderstand me, to free men a ccw is meaningless… I only point out the symbolism.)

      • Jimmy the Saint

        Given that Trump is President of the US, not Mayor of New York, it’s unlikely that he’d be able to change any local laws. Fuhrerprinzip hasn’t been enacted yet.

      • SemperFi, 0321

        So are you in a jail cell?
        I’ve moved a lot in my life………around the world even, and there’s such a thing called U-Haul. ( See Sam Kinnison on Ethiopia! )
        Places out west where you can carry a gun 24/7 and no one even asks why. So if you live in a place where you can’t do something, you must obviously like the conditions. But then again, slavery can be very addictive too……..

      • MichiganderJim

        IMO if you’re worrying about what DT or any of ’em are going to do, you’re way behind the curve. That hopefully most of the commenters here aren’t, is the only saving grace for all the slobbering. If they’re being sincere, my guess is they’ll be picked off one by one like the other daisies.

        In my estimation Trump is a brilliant and decent man, a very capable CEO and a master at image. Why anyone thinks any of that matters with regard to their own lives, is well beyond me. Governments have ONE TOOL AND ONE TOOL ONLY at their avail and the decency of any single person can’t possibly change that. I always thought this was one place where this was well understood.

  12. That was a good speech and I read that he wrote it himself.

    Obama ran on “hope and change” , but I never heard hope in his speech with all of the references to “I” and “me”. Every time Trump gives a speech, I get a sense of hope.

  13. Lightninbolt

    Thank God! I’m disturbed about this parade route though…there are people on top of some of the buildings…”No Go!” Who approved of people being on top of the buildings looking down on the parade route? I’d like to know…surely not President Trump’s people!

  14. Thank you Father, in Jesus Christ’s Name, for the forgiveness of our sins, the rejection of our arrogance, and for eternal life in heaven. I pray that Donald Trump, all his ministers, all in govt. and the people of the United States, do those things which are right in Your Eyes, and doing them thereby, make America Great Again. In the Name of Jesus Christ, I pray, amen.

  15. After watching and listening the official parts of today.
    This “Angry Man”, turned it down a half click.

    God Bless America.

  16. Debug Politics(hackathon). Pedal to the medal invasive,hostile intent,fake news coming at you 24/7. The progs take is Trump stole the election utilizing technology. Software programming bullshit. Be prepared to defend yourself. It helps to have faith in something. Waders may be required equipment.

  17. trump better have his raingear on, Obama didn’t make one dam thing better in 8 years. debt, job opportunities, Russia, middle east, terrorists and racial division all increased on his watch.
    if trump gets thru 4 years and avoids a war, a serious recession,a serious terrorist attack, creates jobs with naturally increasing wages and replaces obamacare with a market driven medical system; he beats out ike for me as the best president in the modern era.

  18. If Trump is able to turn around the economy (with or without the FedRes) before it tanks, build the wall and stop the invasion, reduce taxes, crush the collectivist politicians for 40+ years, and pass the hearing protection act. I’ll be happy. But I’m thinking he will do a lot more at dismantling leviathan and crushing the globalists worldwide. Only time will tell.

    Grey Ghost

  19. European American

    Hail to the Chief! Proud to be an American, again.

  20. Alleged text of first executive order, if true a good start…..

  21. Happy Nobama Day!


  22. We have a saying up here; never go fishing with a skipper who knows how to swim.

    Trump at the helm, and he doesn’t know how to swim…I trust him completely.

  23. Today’s inaugural events were just amazing and a pleasure to watch. The only thing missing was McCain bringing up the rear of the parade in a clown car! God Bless DJT!

  24. Stealth Spaniel

    The inaugaration made me very, very happy. If you check out the WhiteHouse official website, the BS on climate change is gone. We can only pray that the EPA is next.
    God used Nehemiah, an imperfect man, and a builder, so I can trust God with Trump. A little reference: Nehemiah returned to Jerusalem in 445 B.C. as the provincial governor of Judah/Yehud. He immediately surveyed the damage to the entire city on his well-known night journey around the walls (Nehemiah 2:12–15). He enlisted the help of the people to quickly repair the breaches in the wall. He also urged them to set up guards to defend against the constant threat of those who opposed their efforts, including the armies of Samaria, the Ammonites and the Ashdodites.
    As governor, Nehemiah says that he didn’t take advantage of food and land allotments that were allowed him due to his office, because there was already such a great burden on the people of his province (Nehemiah 5:14–19). He also made the other nobles and officials forgive all outstanding debts and ordered them to return all land and money that had been taken as taxes so the people would be able to feed themselves and their families.
    If God can get Trump that far, I will consider the next 4 years a blessing indeed.
    Trump didn’t shake Clinton’s hand because Mr. Pussykins was staring and salivating at Melania, during the swearing in. Hildabeast even caught Pussykins at it.
    And the final blessing from God: we now have a First Lady who knows how to dress, how to act, and will never bring embarrassment upon us. I am beyond grateful.

  25. fucking bread n circus

    all i know is, there’s a whole lot of folks who should be really worried about their past abuses of power and authority. I sure as hell NEVER FORGET.
    and I’m not a helpless weak old man..,