Sic Transit Gloria Mundi


Via Twitter.

Equal time for your fellow Americans:



16 responses to “Sic Transit Gloria Mundi

  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. That DPRK tweet….
    “How yu rike that O Bama?”

  3. He dont have any more newcrear weapons.

  4. As long as he gets his black ass gone, and keeps going.

  5. ,We want the white”half” gone also.

  6. Like herpes, he’ll be back. Over and over again.

  7. He’s still got the Mad Cow – Angus breed. Do you REALLY think her farts aren’t “newcrear”??? She puts Jim Carrey to shame!

  8. She clearly not an “ass”. She’s either a Mad Cow, or a Sheboon.

    Or weren’t you talking about Moochelle???

  9. I mean, if she was an “ass”, her ears would have to be as long as those of the Faggeaux in Chief. And that butt is WAY too wide as well…

  10. We’re not rid of the rotten son of a bitch yet. He has promised to continue his efforts to destroy America and to undermine the new president whenever he can.

  11. Nah, that nigger fag SOB ain’t gone by a long shot. Friggin’ NBC anchor was sobbing this morning as he described the chopper landing for his ‘last” (oh, god, I wish!) interview.

    (And I sure hope this is the very last time I ever have to use the term ‘nigger’ in any context. Can hardly believe how much that queer affected my life, or how much relief I felt as I watched Trump [no, he didn’t get my vote, but I’m glad he got in] take the oath. His speech didn’t quite send a tingle up my leg, but it was close enough to say I wish and pray he accomplishes what he attested. America should be so lucky.)

  12. My ass, that’s as fine an example of a living bigfoot as I’ve ever seen, “goony googoo”…..

  13. Special Rainbow thanks to Mike.