Sic Transit Gloria Mundi


Via Twitter.

Equal time for your fellow Americans:



16 responses to “Sic Transit Gloria Mundi

  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. That DPRK tweet….
    “How yu rike that O Bama?”

  3. As long as he gets his black ass gone, and keeps going.

    • ,We want the white”half” gone also.

    • She clearly not an “ass”. She’s either a Mad Cow, or a Sheboon.

      Or weren’t you talking about Moochelle???

      • I mean, if she was an “ass”, her ears would have to be as long as those of the Faggeaux in Chief. And that butt is WAY too wide as well…

      • My ass, that’s as fine an example of a living bigfoot as I’ve ever seen, “goony googoo”…..

  4. Like herpes, he’ll be back. Over and over again.

  5. We’re not rid of the rotten son of a bitch yet. He has promised to continue his efforts to destroy America and to undermine the new president whenever he can.

  6. Nah, that nigger fag SOB ain’t gone by a long shot. Friggin’ NBC anchor was sobbing this morning as he described the chopper landing for his ‘last” (oh, god, I wish!) interview.

    (And I sure hope this is the very last time I ever have to use the term ‘nigger’ in any context. Can hardly believe how much that queer affected my life, or how much relief I felt as I watched Trump [no, he didn’t get my vote, but I’m glad he got in] take the oath. His speech didn’t quite send a tingle up my leg, but it was close enough to say I wish and pray he accomplishes what he attested. America should be so lucky.)

  7. Special Rainbow thanks to Mike.