And Many More….



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  1. Being relevant. It has always been about timing. As the pundits and actors create a persona/brand, they get passed around like a prison blow-up doll. George Will became irrelevant. Street whores have more integrity. Starve those monkeys.

    • knuck,

      Well, being as Will is in the eighth decade of his life he may decide it’s time to retire to that left-wing paradise of Hawaii. If not, don’t be surprised if you see him spinning Marxist trash over at one of the alt-networks, along with other, numerous, former FAUX News on-air whores.

  2. Alfred E. Neuman

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  3. Well, that didn’t take long…..

    Whose next? It’s a very long list……..

  4. He’ll be missed, but only because you can no longer see him to aim.

  5. ALCON,

    Aaaahhhh….FAUX News finally getting into step with the Deplorables.

    Remember how George Will trashed DJT during his campaign ? Then there is the eye-candy talking head Megyn Kelly…..she TOO did not get a FAUX News contract extension. Remember how she picked up the mantra of the left and used her media platform to attack DJT during a debate ? Shortly thereafter she is gone. Coincidence ? You decide.

    Next….get rid of the FAUX News on-air porn stars/lawyers masquerading as journalists. Will and Kelly are just the tip of the iceberg. Then again, maybe folks should just turn off the boob tube altogether.

  6. Breitbart News bought into the media spin surrounding Megyn Kelly’s departure. That talking head got the heave-ho herself when HER contract was not going to be renewed. Will WAS NOT the first losing pundit in 17 months. Kelly preceded him. The difference was the spin surrounding HER heave-ho.

    Can’t pick on sweet little “sex sells”, non-practicing attorney, glamorous on-air, multi-millionaire, talking tramp Megyn Kelly, eh Breitbart ?

  7. I pay a lot of attention to a lot of pundits and a lot of media outlets, ranging from the alternative media (the ones who got it right) all the way down to fake news (the ones who got it all wrong)… And I don’t know why anyone thought George Will was relevant at any time as a pundit. Boring and unoriginal, and frequently found himself on the wrong side of everything.

  8. Another one bites the dust..

    May there be many, many more.

    Time to RINO Hunt.

  9. Centurion_Cornelius

    Yup. How’s the old saying go, when our ship docked in port and the armies of whores started jockeying for best spot near the gangplank, the speak was:

    “You gots money, sailor boy? NO MONEY, NO FUNNY!”

    Without the gelt and the public loudspeaker, these shitbags evaporate. Starve the monkey indeed!

    Sayonara, King Georgie!

  10. Fox wasn’t an engine for Trump’s rise to power and something very small like this is just trying to “make nice” given the “new” political reality. This is just Murdoch understanding survival in the business [one and same with the political] world and making some symbolic appeasement (especially given his Arab share-owners of Fox).

    The Fox news commentators were gushing with praise throughout the entire Inauguration Day parade. The way they were talking you’d think they were expecting Trump to walk across the Potomac or rise into the Heavens for his next feat. Quite a flip from a year ago and very similar to the black messiah stuff I just got done hearing for 8 years.

    Also, in the spirit of “making nice”, within 24 hours of taking office Trump visited the CIA:

    “Trump’s trip across the Potomac River to the agency’s headquarters in northern Virginia…”

    “Nobody feels stronger about the intelligence community than Donald Trump,” the president said Saturday. “I love you. I respect you. There’s nobody whom I respect more. We are going to start winning again.”

    He didn’t walk across the Potomac to get there.

  11. Twenty years too late, but it’s sweet nonetheless. Fox dumps this arrogant, bow-tie windbag and hires Nigel Farage. That’s a heckuva trade.

  12. Couldn’t happen to a nicer traitor.

    “A mere plurality of voters” indeed.

  13. Glad to see this one get the boot…I’m sure MSLSD will snatch this boob up, thinking the got themselves a winner…

    Hopefully, this is the beginning of many more. I’ve noticed the feisty blonde from the Blaze has been appearing on Faux as of late….

  14. thesouthwasrght

    I loathe that over educated haughty yankee sumbitch. Always have.
    William crystal as well. Now they are irrelevant. As Mr Burns would say: Excellent!

  15. They still don’t get it or they are still trying to drive the false narrative.

  16. Deplorable B Woodman

    Couldn’t have happened to a nicer #NeverTrumper. Hopefully many more to follow, with National Review going bankrupt.

  17. Steel T Post

    I don’t care what you say
    I never did believe you much anyway
    -Phil Collins

  18. Dear Lord, let George Stephen-lollipops be next. (H/T Joseph Wambaugh)


  19. And, just to stick the shiv even deeper into his ear they hired Nigel Farage!

    Way to go!

    Now if they would only deep-six J. Goldberg and Steven What’s-his-name from the always wrong Weekly Standard (oh, and dump the disabled psych while you’re at it).

  20. Fox people have the sense to see they are in dire need of repairing their credibility. The rest are still in la-la land.

  21. Shepard Smith needs to go. Jerk of the first water, and couldn’t find his ass with both hands. But George Will being let go is a good start. Will never met a man he didn’t like, trying to tear down the man with the drip, drip, drip, of stupid ass mewling over tiny flaws. Will has been a giant of mediocrity, and casts a long shadow of irrelevance, blandness, stupidity, and a brand of politics that actually died in some ones half darkened parlor, over weak tea, around 1951. Think of an abandoned library, full of really boring books. If Fox wants to stay on top, cleaning the likes of Kelly, (ugh, don’t they have Midol in New York?) and Will is a good start. That new guy who replaces Kelly, forgot the name, won’t do either. No sand, and no savior faire. Are there no intelligent, well spoken people, who know life a little, near the microphone?


      True that. He needs to go to CNN where he will fit right in with his Butt-Pirate buddy, Anderson Cooper.

  22. george who?

    megyn who?

    who watches that crap?

    who even has a teevee plugged in?

    anyone want to buy a couple of never used flat screens and dvd players?

    they’re taking up valuable space in my closets.

  23. MichiganderJim

    Nobody’s perfect, neither good nor bad. He was okay on baseball.

  24. Will was never anything but a globalist. An anti-American.

  25. Bye Georgie.


  26. POd American

    Whoever said that the White RINO was an endangered species never set foot in the animal preserve known as Washington DC! This is one sub-human species that should be extinct.

  27. behind enemy lines Ct.

    Greta Van Sustern is gone to MSNBC also .Good fucken riddance. The gun grabbing POS stated there are enough guns in the hands of Americans to last 200 yrs. Her solution ban the production of ammo .Claiming that in 5 yrs all our ammo would be expended. ROTFLMFAO ! Smoking some serious shit Greta.