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  1. Dianne Feinstein: “All vets are mentally ill in some way and government should prevent them from owning firearms.”

    Yep, – she really said it on Thursday in a meeting in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee. . . . And the quote below from the LA Times is priceless. Sometimes even the L.A. Times gets it right.

    Kurt Nimmo: “Senator Feinstein insults all U.S. Veterans as she flails about in a vain attempt to save her anti-firearms bill.”

    • I agree with the jew cunt on one thing. Veterans who still believe they were doing the right thing AFTER they had time to really think about it – ARE mentally ill.

      • Cassandra (of Troy)

        Smedley tfA-t/21Jan17@09:57,

        In that case, you agree w/ the Left that those who’ve opposed “America’s Fascist military” & refused to participate in “its Imperialist wars” (including the 1st & 2d Civil ones) are the True Patriots & those who did the opposite are nothing more than “simpleminded/morally bankrupt/sadistic psychopaths who get a thrill from killing people”?

    • Link please? I need to pass it along.

    • IIRC she has said something similar in the past, probably more than once. I do know that she has been on her ‘turn them all in’ soapbox for better than 25 years……………….

    • ((((((Feinstein))))))))

      Research what (((Purim)))) celebrates.

      In the future Jews may not vote or hold public office. If they don’t like that rule as guests in our country, they can return to the desert from which they came.

  2. You’re a vacuous moron if you think the Left is the source of the problem. Or the Right, for that matter.

    Trump won’t fix a damned thing. The cancer is far too deep and he doesn’t even know the surgical tool necessary to reach it; he’s just another lump that shouldn’t be in the body, either.

    • European American

      Trump is absolutely an essential ingredient in how this cosmic production plays out. In the very long run, he will be seen as instrumental; a valuable cog in how America became great again, many, many years from now.

  3. Should DiFi now be known as DIE-Fi. Can’t wait to see that Oxygen Waster gone forever. She looks like death walking as it is right now.

  4. Lightninbolt

    Question: have we really gotten rid of “banana republic ideology?” No! Much work still to be done! Chuck Shumer, “the party crasher”, was not even supposed to be at Mr. Trump’s inauguration. What’s up with that?!

  5. Centurion_Cornelius

    F is for Feinstein–I say: “F U Feinstein!”

    Melikes the top variety, Matt. Forged frame, please. Plenty ‘o mags, of course–and damn good ones that work! Never pinch pennies on mags. Had me some polymer .45ACPs Glocksters, but for me, they just didn’t “feel” right. They sleep in da safe until needed.

    But–in a pinch, either will handle problem solving with the near-fatal disease of “Leftie Mania.” Administration of a 230 grain HP pill will calm down violent “Leftie-itis.” Guaranteed!

    • Cassandra (of Troy)


      It’d also be nice to see Uzi folders, AR-15s/M-4geries, solid SS receiver fixed & side/under folder AK-47s, & fixed/folding SS receiver FALs w/ that inscription & Donaldus Magnus Rex’s signature. Just imagine the reaction of the Left & more than a few on the Right!

  6. Here’s a little something I whipped up last night:

  7. Confederate miner

    Just a little thought experiment so let’s try to keep it intellectual and civil.First I am a hardcore proponent of free markets and capitalism. Of course that is debatable whether that is what our current system functions under. It is not debatable our current political system is economic systems are not dependent on having a certain political system. For example a monarchy economy might operate on free market principles. So here’s the just. If it was known that given vast more totalitarian powers he would end the federal reserve, go back to constitutional money ( gold and silver), abolish the Irs , do away with wefare,end affirmative action and get rid of many of the alphabet agencies. Would you be willing to sacrifice some of our so called democracy. If so how much? I’ve more to add but that’s enough for now.

    • Confederate miner

      Damn autocorrect makes mincemeat of my post!

    • If you are willing to grant vast more totalitarian powers, you are not a proponent of free markets and capitalism. Doesn’t matter what you think will be done with these powers; freedom means none of those powers for anybody, ever, not even for five minutes. You already have the power to stop paying taxes, which will end all of those programs. Instead, you wish for a Roman tyrant to act out your comic book fantasy.

  8. CA, this is fucking *great*!$sitewide%20p$14

    Plus there is a report out there that he signed an EO today defunding those baby butchers at Planned Parenthood.

    And he put Churchill’s bust back in the oval office and the MLK bust is nowhere to be found. Heh.

  9. Dont forget all the Obamunists left behind to stal and interfere with restoration. They infest everything everywhere, like a social cancer.

  10. Love it! But a Trump gun would be more BBQish with lots of gold fill/plate and engraving.

  11. I’m stunned that the L.A. Times actually printed something that sounds like common sense!

  12. William Munny

    Appropo, and I’m sure many millions of Deplorables have made the same connection.
    Let’s take time to savor the sweet moments of January 10th, as long as one realizes it’s highly possible that it’s nothing more than the serene sun-illuminated calm portrayed in the first 30
    seconds of this clip

    I see today, an army of hundreds of thousands of Starbucks sipping 2-legged ballistic gel blocks – a demographic which single-handed keeps box wine and cat litter industries afloat – marches in DC, to protest the fact that 45 speaks in private – oh, quelle horreur! – like a real man!

    They didn’t march when chocolate Jesus and his Secretary of State – oh… what’s her name? My minds blanking…it’ll come to me I’m sure – decided to reduce the Middle East to ashes and pile of skulls, did they? I must have missed that.
    They didn’t march in support of all those people who’s businesses were reduced to ashes by Soros cash-fueled, “kill YT”, pavement apes, did they? I must have missed that too.
    They didn’t raise a peep when… Oh WTF, I could go on. And on.
    Me? I’m taking delivery of a case of Tula 8m3 Monday, and off to an outdoor range next weekend.
    It ain’t over. It AIN’T over.

    • William Munny

      January 20th, pardon the typo

    • Munny,

      That TULA .223 is underpowered. Shoot 5 rounds of TULA. Then shoot 5 rounds of domestic 5.56/223. You’ll be amazed.

      “It ain’t over.” Correct. Not by a long shot.

  13. (((Dianne Feinstein)))

  14. Sorry…wrong on the MLK bust.

    Too bad it wasn’t true.

  15. That powered crazed cunt best bring guns when she decides we’re not worthy of our own.

  16. 45 Trumps low cal libs.


  17. Annoyed At Home

    Both of your “quotes” appear sourced from 2013, and the claimed quotation from Feinstein appears to be false as audio recordings allegedly from committee meetings are not directed at “all vets”. Care to back up your claims and provide sources?

  18. How many women marching today are pro-weaponry? Again,I feel like Lloyd Bridges in the movie,Airplane.What in blue-blazes fuck do these women want? Please articulate it. I see a group of pink people. Someone help me out.Trump married an accomplished,beautiful woman plus raised a few more.Where is the fucking problem? “I picked a bad day to quit sniffing glue.”

  19. Stealth Spaniel

    I hold the honor of NEVER having voted for the aging, insane bitch. I pray she meets her maker soon.

    Not SHTF school stuff, but interesting, and relevant to some here.

  21. Instead of trying to steal more of my money on 15 Apr 2017 they can just send me 2 of each, and 10,000 rds.

    Consider it payback interest on what’s already been stolen from me.

  22. Alfred E. Neuman

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  23. Heh Ed, no the name is not familiar…………hblowmeman1966 says we are all fake commando’s anyway so what would I know , sorry I couldn’t help.

  24. Cassandra (of Troy)

    More pro-2A/MAGA news.:
    (And now, the follow-up.: How could something like this happen given the Cunsrrrvativ rep of WY folk? Gotta be the pernicious influence of the MILLIONS of Demonic California Commies® who moved there & FORCED said CWYF to do such a disgusting thing)–prayer-are-necessary-n2272210
    (That was the call, here’s the increasingly popular response: See anything odd about the revolver in the pic?)
    (Is it just me, or does anyone else detect in the above an aroma of fear?)

    My my, looks like 2017 may just be a banner year for the 2A & if Donaldus Magnus Rex’s admin does the things He’s promised/inferred about defending/promoting/expanding the 2A (Cruz &/or Napolitano nominated/confirmed for the SupCt which is guaranteed to make the Leftist cult generally & its anti-2A contingent in particular go absolutely {& hopefully violently} APES***) it’ll be YUUUUGE!


  25. rapp,

    Where you were, what you and I did, is in the past. Learn from it. Bowman is pretty much spot on. However, “former” commandos would be more accurate.