Bracken Sends

Folks, don’t miss the video by Trevor Loudon I sent earlier and I’ll resend now. I consider my you my patriot brothers, and I consider this a very serious and possibly rapidly escalating situation.

Seriously, please study this video closely.

If you want to pass along any of this missive, fine by me.

I see January 2017 as a 1969 repeat in many ways. After 1968 and RFK/MLK, LBJ failed to hand off to HHH, and when RMN was elected, Mr. Ayers went from SDS to WU. Now with DJT instead of HRC, the same shift is happening, I have no doubt. This video is a rogues gallery, all kudos to O’Keefe, Loudon, Vadum and others in the production. This is the yardstick for an effective documentary. Perhaps after 1-20 the feds will start to do this work, instead of only private concerned citizens.

What you will see in this video convinces me that this stage can only lead to social media phoenix programs (virtual and kinetic) breaking out in every direction, left, right and even many false-flag misdirections. I am reminded of Baader Meinhoff or Red Brigades or Montoneros/ERP in Argentina into the 70s. A similar social upheaval to dirty war progression happened in Ulster 60s to 70s.

In ALL of these cases, there were also many examples of govt sponsored/sheep-dipped false flag discrediting ops (Kitson’s “gangs and counter-gangs” in Ulster), but in almost every case this was not known at the time. All “wilderness of mirrors” rules apply going forward.

This is a classic progression, and the early stages are laid bare to the bone in this Trevor Loudon video. This could be called the prequel to CW2. The current clarion signal is so loud and clear a blind man can’t miss it. I wish that Trump, Flynn, etc. would see this video and some others, from GOV and Vlad also. This film is a crystal ball for what happens next, count on it. I hope that Trump has at least this level of true actionable intel on our domestic traitor enemies, but I don’t know, coming off of Obama/Brennan et al who helped to conceal the treason.

The difference between now and 68-70s is social media and new media. The fact that communist terrorists are meeting in places like the church hall of a major Episcopal church near DC could have been kept secret in the old days, but not now. O’Keefe and this videographer prove that they can’t keep this type of meeting a secret, but can the “old media” ignore, embargo and shut out these connections? Will Fox cover it? Hannity? Rush? Breitbart? ABCNNBCBS, NYT, WaPo?

The new media are the difference this time between now and the various old dirty wars. In those days the commie clergy hosting the commie J20 meeting would not be exposed as such after he was offed by a freelance phoenix operator. He would have been a martyr instead, with a state funeral. But now, we can expose these traitors root and branch, and make everybody connected with any of them a pariah. Note that Bob Creamer continued to accompany HRC and DNC functions even after his “on paper” dismissal, so we are not being effective yet. BC should be notorious, along with the commie clergy traitor and all the rest of these folks. (Interestingly, note the yellow-black posters behind Creamer, and the same yellow black posters seen at all WWP events.)

If we don’t get ahead of this using our new/social media tools, history will repeat in an ugly way, and we will be nominated as the bad guys when a social media PHX program breaks out. (It will, I regretfully predict.) It’s all up to us on new/social media to get this and other documentaries out, and get ahead of the kinetic phase. Once it goes kinetic, it’s hard to say if we will be able to stay ahead of the curve on true media reportage.

The Argentine military didn’t just decide one day to hate sweet lefty profs. There was a terror campaign from the Left, targetted assassinations mostly, by bullet and bomb. The Dirty War was a counterattack that might have gone crazy or not, depending on whose history you read. Ditto Chile/Pinochet, but they elected a communist so the dirty war turned the opposite corner to the same place.

Anyway, I put probabiltity of Weather Underground actions as extremely high, as this generation’s Bill Ayers wannabes go underground and kinetic. As they shy away from large meetings that are exposed by hidden camera, (or the FBI in cointelpro/HUAC days) they will break into secret sub-units of only old known comrades, turn super paranoid in semi-hiding, and plot kinetic actions. This is how it works, folks, it’s a new syndrome as clearly understandable today as Stockholm Syndrome, which did not have a name in 1968. Maybe we can name this new syndrome.

And we see already that Lefty American-hating radicals will gladly collaborate with the Muslim Brotherhood America-hating radicals via MB front groups on campus, CAIR, etc.. “Communist/Islamist intersectionality” or whatever they term it – all united in their hate of America and eagerness to destroy it.

Today we saw Madonna and other celebs “virtue signalling” to unhappy snowflakes that it’s time to start making bombs. She said it, others will do it. My point is, stay frosty, take names, and remember, they might will have their own lists.

And remember, a new twist: the FLEAs have been hiring only SJWs committed to subverting the Constitution for the last 8 or more years. So don’t trust anyone under maybe 35 with a fed credential. They might be co-reporting to the folks in the communist church basement, or to Bob Creamer, who is still working for the same team even post DNC/HRC. Think Sinn Fein and PIRA, with visible and invisible elements. All FLEAs will be rife with secret leakers in all directions.

Wilderness of mirrors territory again. My policy is to put it out in the open to all comers, including to the boys and girls down in the fusion centers.


(WRSA editor: See also this related comment.)



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  1. Yes.

    There will be a civil war and much misery, death, and destruction.
    If you have not moved off the X(cities) then, now would be a good time,
    You should count on ammo and any military type equipment being taken off the market by your new President. He will take any and all measures to remain in power. You do not have much time left.

    • The city is where the action will be. Come on down and join the fun. Behind enemy lines.

      • Been there

        DONE THAT.

        No thanks.

        I’ll watch the show from across the water. With any luck they’ll all kill themselves off within a year. I have enough cached to make it that long anyways… I just wish it would happen more faster, the suspense is agonizing.

        • You didn’t do shit.

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            • The east side of Detroit? So, Grosse Pointe – or Windsor, Ontario? I grew up in Bloomfield Hills in the 60s. Interesting to an extent, kind of like your weird sexual proclivities; that emerge whenever you’re questioned or challenged – which seem to involve everyone else’s balls, and your ass.
              You are one funny bitch, tfat. I’d stop baiting you, but it is so funny to read as you lose your shit. Almost as enjoyable as meeting you in person, and pounding you into the ground like a tent peg.
              “Warlord of your island.” Only in your dreams, princess.

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                  Have you ever thought about the puddle of piss you’ll be kneeling in, when you encounter a real man? I admit some of what you post is almost relevant, but the rest is a waste of bandwidth. Since no one here is fooled by your bloviating bullshit, try staying on topic – and realize no one here believes your b.s.

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                      Sleep lightly, princess…
                      For those things that go bump
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                    • good idea to have your affairs in order.

    • William Munny

      If you have not moved off the X(cities) then, now would be a good time,

      Fuck that! And miss out on all the fun?!
      That’s where all the partying will be.
      It will be glorious.

      • Yes.

        A FEMA coffin or a deep roadside ditch is a very moving experience.

        As far is President Trump is concerned, take heed of Brackens “wilderness of mirrors”

  2. Too many abbreviations. My fault probably, but I recognize maybe half of them. If the idea is to communicate clearly, this ain’t it.

    • To be fair to Matt, this was not a planned essay but an email he agreed to let WRSA publish.

      • 10-4. I iz a dum truck driber…. 😉

        • No you ain’t.


          I just know the care Matt puts into his published work.

        • If you are a truck driver you possess a vehicle an equal to an MRAP. Jack knife and you can block nearly anything coming. If you sit down within days the distribution points in this country come to a halt. Its all in how you apply it.

          • I’m a big rig driver and we have yet to get a “white strike” by truck drivers. Too diverse and many liberal leaning and non acculturated younger people in the industry. “Jackknife” on a freeway? Too dangerous for the driver, better to just position across all lanes. Disconnect and lock the kingpin or glad hands and run like hell.

            Guaranteed to have a thousand motorists chasing on one’s heels!

            White Strike may be better, shut down, hunker down in a well stocked rig and full fuel tanks. Good times, hoo’ah.

        • I’d be honored to ride shotgun for you.

    • Matt Bracken

      It was an email to a few buds, then agreed to post. But I still would not in-abbreviate the LBJs and so on. If kids have to look them up, so be it. Maybe they’ll learn something. Anyway, it was just an email, not meant to “published” in some exalted mainstream cuck website as an “essay.” Those who get it, will get it. Those who don’t, won’t. This is for the already pretty aware. That’s why I didn’t explain things like wilderness of mirrors. Like the advisor school patch under the Prairie Fire. Anybody who doesn’t understand them already is going to be blindsided by Dirty Civil War 2. The rest of us might get an extra step diving to cover.

      • good stuff, Bracken. II think you may understate the degree to which the .gov at all levels – including Trump’s regime, for as long as it lasts – will come down on the side of the Reds…otherwise solid, spontaneous and real.

      • I remember well the subversions and infiltrations by the 5th column in the 60’s. They where able to move in and out of various movements, kind of like being no one and everyone. The advent of the information highway has greatly changed the advantages of that ability.
        I was young but saw first hand the riots in Cambridge and Boston. It was really such a small number who caused the damage, I believe they where able to create the level of mayhem because of the ability to remain individually anonymous.
        Yet one thing always stuck out in my mind, there was never a populous movement behind it, it had it’s adherents and useful dupes, it’s leadership, but never a grass roots preference cascade. Not to say all this comintern activity isn’t dangerous, but that it never gain lift off thrust, it was always the venue of the extreme, the sociopathic disaffected and the just plain psychotic. It’s core cadre were diehards and believers, but it was in relative terms only a small core of operatives. In some ways the physical size of the real-estate of the USofA is in itself will take considerably more numbers than in the 60’s to be successful.
        We will see, history is certainly circular. As well as it is to be prepared, somehow I have this gut sense this time around they get their asses handed to them, not that it won’t get ugly, it is a pretty worn out ideology and agenda, And it’s not like they came out of the fifties into a target rich environment, we’ve had decades of their bullshit agenda and narrative, and I think there are a lot more peoples who are aware at some level what marxist/statist false flag ops and crisis as a means looks like.
        I truly hope it backfires on them like it is possible to happen. Not a few of us born in that previous time of Alynski and Ayer’s have matured and smell a commie rat when we see one. And the blessings like you say of the Alt-Media may well tip the scales in our favor.

      • You are on the cutting edge. 20 yrs ago I was trying to tell IRA supporters in the Big Apple about Frank Kitson . Mostly blank stares, some rejections and a tiny few knowing glances.

        • Matt Bracken

          Frank Kitson and “gangs-counter-gangs” (discrediting ops, false flag terror) as tested and proven in the Kenya Mau-Mau wars context. When tried in Ulster, it blew up spectacularly in the British face, and led to 30 years of terrible Troubles. I recommend Martin Dillon’s “The Dirty War” to anyone who wants to study a classic progression from “civil rights struggle” to low intensity war of terrorism and false flag terror ops.

      • Probably got an “A-” on acronyms. Me, MACV Team “XX”, ’68. USAID post in Cao Lahn, Kien Phong Prov; IV Corp. MACV Team “XX” 1/2 klick east of it, SF “B Team” 1/2 klick the other direction, Phoenix op per the little birdy; Even hitched a ride on an Air America Porter once – very fine bird (literally a fixed wing hovercraft)! If Phoenix arises here, God save the children – aint no right way to do a wrong thing. Great job Matt – way too scary for mental homeostasis, but essential. thank you!

      • Good stuff, keep naming these tools.

        Thank you Matt.

    • WZ, here are what the abbreviations stand for. You said you get about half of them, but I don’t know which half, so I was thorough.
      RFK Robert F Kennedy
      MLK Martin L King
      LBJ Lyndon B Johnson
      HHH Hubert H Humphrey (Democrat presidential candidate in 1968)
      RMN Richard M Nixon (victor over HHH)
      SDS Students for a Democratic Society
      WU Weather Underground
      CW2 Civil War #2
      GOV Gates of Vienna, a blog reporting on the Islamization of Europe
      Vlad Vlad Tepes, a contributor to GOV, now writing his own blog
      PHX airline designation for Phoenix, Arizona, used here by Bracken as shorthand for a “Phoenix” program initiated by Nixon to spy on and disrupt the Left
      HUAC House Un-American activities Committee
      MB Muslim Brotherhood
      CAIR Council on American-Islamic Relations
      FLEAs ??
      SJWs social justice warriors
      PIRA Provisional Irish Republican Army


    Good video. At the risk of contradicting Mark Twain, history DOES repeat itself. A very good reference to what Mr Bracken had posted is the book: NIXONLAND by (((Rick Perlstein))). While his leftist tribal bias is obvious, he faithfully documents what was going on. I know, as i lived through it.
    That being said, we can always fall back on Billy Beck’s observation that all politics is just a run-up to the next civil war. But I doubt that we will see that until there is a very large economic correction. The rent-a-mobs may protest, destroy property and rant and rave, but they go home. At some point, they run out of steam and have to collect their government checks or report back to work at the local school district or NGO.
    The economic correction will come when the National and International Banksters and (((The Fed))) feel threatened enough by The Donald that they manipulate the money supply a’la 1928-1929, President Trump, if he does not get out in front of the crash, will get the Herbert Hoover Memorial Award, and 2020 will usher in President Pochahontas(sp?) Warren or some other Cosmic White Marxist to take up the standard of the Red Queen. I hope I am dead wrong. Bleib ubrig.

    • Matt Bracken

      Dweezil, many valid observations, I’d like to add the likelihood that none of this will happen by itself, there will be a comorbidity of concurrent disasters. My worst fear is total social breakdown with no food coming into the cities. Lay this political anger across starvation, add racial angles, no news you can trust or maybe just no news at all. That’s why I wrote Alas, Brave New Babylon. Things might even disintegrate so fast that we don’t even truly understand what hit us. It might just start with ATMs out of order and go from there to looted supermarkets to God-knows-where it all ends.

    • Mr. Weasel,

      May I suggest you terminate the parenthesis around names and organizations you want others to identify as being Jewish ? Is this what you are, one who follows rather than leads ? Most certainly I subscribe your recent decision to partake in the hate courtesy the influence of your apparent messiah, the taqiyya-practicing moslem, Haxo/Stuka Pilot/(Not So) Wise Cave Owl/Mohammad/Et al.

      Based on your remarks here over the years I considered you the last of a dying breed. A Peace Officer rather than one of today’s bounty of worthless, badged thugs who impose tyranny on citizens, courtesy the piece of tin they wear on their chests. It appears I was wrong. It also appears that leadership is not one of your traits.

      Your decision to join the cabal of scum who appear here in ever increasing numbers at WRSA, with your sudden expressions of parenthesized anti-Semite hatred, appears to confirm for me that those wearing the badge 30 years ago, were no better and no different than the badged thugs of today. You can sleep soundly tonight knowing your leader Haxo Angmark, is very proud of you.

      Six million souls perished in Europe during WW2. Defenseless women, children and men, primarily Jewish but innocents of all faiths and backgrounds, murdered at the hateful and NAZI ideology-driven hands of Himmler’s and Heydrich’s Einsatzgrupppen. Is that what you advocate ? Apparently so.

      I once thought you were honorable. It appears I was wrong.

      • Fuck off, Jew.

        • No one in their right mind believes this bullshit. The holohoax is the greatest lie ever told, but with control over 96% of global media, Jews have been able to exploit this myth with constant holohoax propaganda. George S Patton said, “We defeated the wrong enemy”. Jewish Communism flourished after the war. We see the total destruction of Germany under Jewish Communist Angela Merkel and her benefactors. More people are waking up every day and we will call you Jews out every time until you have nowhere to hide.

        • X (Haxo),

          How mighty moslem of you. I’ll gladly travel to your locale and you can express your insult to my face. First, you need to provide postings here at WRSA of the below list to insure my ability to visit:

          1. Your state D/L or .gov issued photo ID.
          2. Your Social Security card.
          3. A copy of your latest utility bill. Sewer (you’re familiar with that), water, gas, electric whatever.

          Now, I won’t hold my breath waiting for you to comply with the above conditions. You’re simply a keyboard warrior who has zero credibility.

          Now grab yourself by your mangina, pull out the above docs, scan them up and post them here. Simple:





      • (((Cohencidence)))

        Yeah you’re right, because of the Six Gorillion no White Gentile anywhere on Planet Earth can be allowed to have a nation that preserves his own culture, his own history, and his own progeny. Totally justified.

        Embrace your transformation into a brown cesspool, goy. Because lampshades.

        • There suffering is more important than anyone else’s. The hoax has given them great cover, but the curtain has been torn back.
          Whatch them gnash their teeth and scurry like rats as the population slowly wakes from their (((media)) induced stupor and we take our country back.

        • (((Cohen….))) aka Haxo/ETC/ETC/ETC….

          Do you have anything of value to contribute here other than your attempt to read as being intellectual ?

          Now run along. I know you have dozens of other websites/blogs to visit.


      • I’d stand with Dweezil any day.
        He always has great comments and is NO boot licker.
        You – not so much.

        • tfA-t,

          You can “stand” with Mr. Weasel all you want. That’s quite a stretch from Kanuckistan, EH ?

          You’re in Kanada where your newly found Marxist pal, Trudeau 2, welcomes more an more ragheads to your paradise. Hell, Toronto has become nothing more than a moslem shithole. Shouldn’t you be concerned with that ?

          Now, if you really have the gonads that Allah gave you….post a YouTube video link of you burning your Amerikan passport….from your new home in Kanada. Just do it tfA-t. Put some of that alleged money you claim to have where your over-sized dick beaters are, and….




          You won’t. Simply because you’re as dishonest as the day is long. You aren’t in Trudeau land and you don’t have a pot to piss in. You just play fantasy games wishing you are what you’re not.



        Dan III: I do not advocate the murder of anyone, no matter what their racial or ethnic backround. I never have. If you have read my previous posts going back for some time, I have just provided my perspective, based on my life experience.
        Since I was a young boy in the 1950’s I watched that particular ethnic group sue their way onto the LA Unified School District School Board, eliminate the references to Christmas in school pageants, back political candidates who advocated forced busing of white kids to the ‘hoods and barrios, and use their real estate acumen to initiate block-busting by moving a black family into a white neighborhood.
        When I was a student at San Fernando Valley State College(now Cal-State Northridge) in the ’60’s, the Jewish membership of the SDS was advocating donating blood to the Viet Cong, participating in acts of vandalism and arson at the Van Nuys Air National Guard Base, and publicly burning their draft cards. Go on You Tube and look up THE VALLEY STATE 17. Nothing there but Black Radicals, Marxist Jews, and a few useful white idiots.
        Now that being said, in my years as a college student and a worker bee, I have met and worked with several Jewish men and women who I considered my friends. The same can be said for the Black cops and prosecutors whom I worked with. Taking people as individuals, is the probably the best way to get through life with your sanity and sense of humor intact.
        But that does not alter what has happened both to me and to my community and country. Res Ipsa Loquitur-The Thing Speaks For Itself. When a member of the “Hollywood Community” like Bill Mahr(sp) spits venom and obscene language about my Christian beliefs or firearm ownership, I just look at that ferret-faced Jewish slimeball and consider the source. When that butt-ugly, hatchet-faced Jewess who passes for an “actress”, Kathy Griffin received her Emmy and then shouted out: “…suck it, Jesus!” to the audience, I considered the source. And, look what the Jewish hierarchy in the film industry did to Mel Gibson, after his drunken rant about Jews and his blockbuster: THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST.
        Dan III, I do not know how old you are and what your life experience is, but I am 69 years old and have seen a lot. It has not been pleasant to watch my country destroy itself from within. And the leaders of this destructive action have been the ACLU, the SPLC, Goldman-Sachs, Chuck Schumer, his niece Amy, Madelyn Murray, and other Jews and Jewish-controlled organizations too numerous to mention.
        If I have offended you, I apologize. Truth is its own defense. I learned that one a long time ago. When it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it must be a duck. I do not know what else to tell you. I still consider you a friend a fellow patriot regardless of what you might think of me. Bleib ubrig.

        • Mr. Weasel,

          I do not accept your excuses to justify your decision to join the cabal of Neo-Nazis, anti-Semites, white nationalists and most importantly, taqiyya-practicing moslems. It appears you have decided to come “out-of-closet” and join the sociopath Haxo on his crusade to identify, harass and target those who practice Judaism.

          After all these years of reading your often expressed, intelligent opinions, you recently decide you can now express your your sudden found hatred for, and engage in identifying, Jews for harassment and threats with the (((echoes))) bullshit. Garbage that has become prevalent here at WRSA, courtesy the free speech platform provided by Pete.

          The contributions to society by followers of Judaism is staggering. Here are a few. And you, your loved ones, your friends and neighbors have been life-long benefactors of these contributions:

          Albert Einstein – Physicist

          Jonas Salk – He created the first Polio vaccine. Virtually eradicating polio in fUSA and the western world.

          Albert Sabin – He developed the oral vaccine for polio. I bet your kids sure appeciated that.

          Galileo – Discovered the speed of light.

          Christopher Columbus – Discovered the New World….the Americas ! ! !

          Isaac Singer – He invented the sewing machine. So, in essence, everything you and your anti-Semite pal Haxo wears can be attributed to a Jew. You may want to consider discarding your clothing. Pick up a needle and thread and start making your clothing. I bet your pal Haxo and his multitude of alter egos will be glad to join you. Hell, you could start a sewing club !

          Here’s one more that EVERYONE can relate to:

          Levi Strauss – He invented BLUE JEANS ! Even the raghead moslem terrorists that you must be so fond of, wear them.

          Odd, how you and your “echoing” pals here at WRSA minimize, omit and disregard the murderous moslems, who BTW we have been in constant conflict with since 1991.

          How many of the 19 attackers on 11 SEP 01 were Jews ?

          How many Jews have murdered innocent Amerikans in fUSA ?

          I can go on and on. There is no use. Waste of bandwidth.

          In closing to you Mr. Weasel….I’ve long considered you a friend, at least a friend as close to a friend one can be, over an Internet blog. Perhaps that is why I addressed you on this hateful (((echoes))) topic.

          I expect you to lead, not follow.

          Simply put….I expect better of you.


            Dan III: I acknowledge their contributions as educated humanitarians and thank God for them and people like them. The individuals you have mentioned NEVER encroached upon my liberty or sought to deny me and mine God-given freedoms enumerated by Natural Law or the Bill Of Rights. The others whom I have referenced above have done so. They continue to do so or fund useful idiots from behind the scenes to do their dirty work. That is a fact. It is an unpleasant fact but is still a fact. Now, let’s say one of those “celebrities” I mentioned above was trapped in their rolled-over car on the side of the road. Do not think for one minute that i would not do everything in my power to rescue them. I have been hard-wired for that even before I pinned a badge on my chest. It goes back to the: “Love the sinner, hate the sin” argument.
            I guess I have not been clear enough. I would not harm ANY individual based on who they are. I WILL defend my person against ANY individual or group of individuals who encroaches on my liberty or tries to physically, financially, or spiritually harm me and mine. Jonas Salk saved my life. Goldman-Sachs and its minions tried to destroy it. I do not know what else to tell you.

        • Both of you boomers can fuck off

      • Yes, because we all know that antisemitism has nothing to do with Jewish behavior and all the accusations about them creating Communsim, controlling the media and promoting the destruction of American society through social Marxism are just “kanards”.
        Rather than debating anything he says, it’s better to call him names. The masses are programmed to respond to these signals.

  4. “May you live in interesting times”…

    Despite the various attributions of this phrase, it seems that we’re here. The SJW’s are working themselves up for a fight and as MB points out, are accustomed to operating under the protection of the Feds, many of whom are fellow travelers.

    The potential for this to turn into a “war to the knife” is high. If Trump and his incoming cabinet realize (if they already don’t know) what they’re sitting on, they’ll have to initiate systemic purges of the Fed.Gov, which in itself will be a triggering event for the Progs.

    History shows us the turns that conflicts like this take. They’re ugly, dark and erase concepts such as due process and the rule of law. Many of us believe that the Fed.Gov in particular is riddled with SJW’s and Progs of various degree and have little trust in their intent or ability to see to and follow the law. Will we see a rise in a latter day Freikorps? Groups formed from veterans and LEO’s who band together and act as an unofficial extension of the counter-revolution and if you dig deep enough, the actual government. Is Madonna and her ilk ready for this? Do they really understand where this can go? How will they react when one of the glitterati who’s run their mouth is found in a dumpster with a severe case of lead poisoning? Maybe their spouse or one of their children? Because that’s where this can go.

    I think that we know know that we are living in interesting times.

    • Matt Bracken

      “Many of us believe that the Fed.Gov in particular is riddled with SJW’s and Progs of various degree and have little trust in their intent or ability to see to and follow the law. Will we see a rise in a latter day Freikorps? Groups formed from veterans and LEO’s who band together and act as an unofficial extension of the counter-revolution and if you dig deep enough, the actual government.”

      I put likelihood at nearly 100%. And it might only be a virtual social media civil war, with random kinetics sponsored by lone actors. Not even a secret cell structure, but no cell structure. I always got a chuckle from the old Army jingle about “an Army of one.” They know not what they meant.

      • I believe you, and frankly I suspect that lots of those mask wearing putz in inauguration day were likely fed employees taking the day off to destroy.

    • Well, there goes my idea of military men & women of all ranks,
      enlisted and officer, requesting mast all the way up to the CIC,
      Tricky Dicky outcomes 😉

      “Every man to his family and his belongings”

  5. What if the Useful Idiots found themselves on the receiving end of butyric acid and Wrist Rockets? An iron rain of nuts, bolts, and rocks accompanied by unholy stench would be their own tactics turned against them. What it some of the “comrades” suddenly began squirting the enemy with aerosol oven spray and dropping the can when it’s empty? It would also be great if the noted luminaries became the victims of freak accidents and street crime.

  6. Interesting video,while not a “fan” of the communist workers movement do see to a degree the idea against globalization/nwo not a bad idea,why they believe the US behind it,well,guess that is players/masters we do not see/tis bullshit,perhaps some of both.

    All we can do it seems is work on local levels to keep a eye on govt.,get involved in local govt. and perhaps work towards shrinking local govt.

    Well,that and being as ready as reasonable for breakdowns/veneer of civility dropping ect.The one thing that I always try and keep in mind no matter what happens is try not to become the monster you hate/rightfully despise.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      What I’m seeing here is a 3 faced front, it’s not just conservatives vs the anti-Trumpers, but the inclusion of the Putin Russians backing the anti-Trumpers. And my biggest question here on the tapes from Russia, how do we know this isn’t more fake news to get us worked up against the wrong enemy?
      I’m all in favor of being against the NWO/US imperialism, but this tape makes it look like they’re the good guys, or WTF am I missing here?
      I’m already easily confused.

      Agree with the comment below on “lawfare”, they’ve had control of the schools and courts forever, we dirt people always end up on the short end of the stick because we played by “their” rules, and lost every time. Comes from being too stupid, too complacent, and too nice. Time to change the rules, or better yet, ignore them.

    • the communists stopped demonstrating against globalization as soon as they got Obama into the WH. The Cucks&ethnoReds are now allied against the White Nationalists, here and in Europe.

      • I predict Ohomo will conveniently die…

        He has out lived his usefulness and knows too much.

        • If so, it will be made to appear as if one of “us” did it.

        • tfA-t,

          You’re such a visionary. Can you provide some insight to the future health and well-being of your leader Trudeau 2 ?

          ” O KANADA ”

          BTW….your new found countrymen and faggots in Parliament over there in Ottawa are getting ready to emasculate your new country’s national anthem. They want to make it gender neutral. You can appreciate that, EH ?

          O KANADA….

          PS: I’m waiting for that burning Amerikan passport of yours. Don’t forget.

  7. Time for men to be men and stop taking this shit.

    The ‘queer dance party’ in front of Pence’s temporary home should have been cleaned out with fire hoses and wooden shampoos.

    There are no protesters where I live. Lots of facebook keyboard warriors. Stay of facebook, fine with me. Get in my face or disrupt my day, time to realize that real men won’t take your shit.

    • This. Should be open season at this point.

      Democracy is evil.

      Might by the right white men makes right.

  8. I watched it start to finish. Totally agree with everything except the last 45 seconds.

    These socialist, community agitators, infiltrators, paid rioters, and those who would gladly take down our republic, will NEVER be reasoned with. There is NO common ground in which they wish to involve themselves in.

    Therefore, they will reap what they sow.

    4GW. As they leave their homes and apartments. As they get a double mocha latte from a coffe shop, as they make their way to the next meeting of comrades, things, very bad things can and will happen by those that have simply had enough. One here, one or two there. Who knows.

    Jus sayin.

    • Generally, we are too nice.
      You would be going alone.
      The price is too high if you get caught.
      This is why they are winning.

    • Matt Bracken

      Often dark documentaries end with “this is how we can avoid bloodshed” as sort of a disclaimer.

  9. Except their playbook has been public domain for 40 years.

    If they go rogue, the Left, having been anything but shy about self-identifying since 1968, starts to get dropped like flies, in wholesale quantities.

    Starting, helpfully, with former WU professors like Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn. With extreme prejudice.

    Tire necklacing, and bullets in the back of the head in dark alleys are no respectors of persons, as the Left and their useful accomplices would find out by Tuesday of the week they kick things off.

    Everyone has learned from watching this stuff for 50 years, that TPTB can’t crack a cell composed of a single “lone wolf”. If that described 1/10 of 1% of this (or any) site’s weekly visits, and they each decided their AO was anything within a tank of gas from their front door, there wouldn’t be a single inhabited acre in this country beyond their reach.

    And the people radicalized enough to start doing things would also be shifty enough to conduct 10 false flag operations, with the worst possible optics for the other side, to every one legitimate act they conducted, and kept their mouths shut about afterwards.

    At that point, 80% of the country would welcome the random disappearances and whackings of the Lefty leadership, and any handy minions. If not join in.

    And TPTB, unable even now to clear even 30% of the homicides they have to deal with, would be utterly overwhelmed, and not particularly hot and bothered about certain people and locii of leftist agitation going all ‘splodey or bloody.

    The Great Winnowing would mainly have the effect of making the Democrat Party the Whigs of 2017, and what followed afterwards for its members would make the tender velvet-gloved handling of Hoover’s FBI a fond memory for those they scooped up. By 2018, the new mascot of the Left would be the snorkel, due to the amount of time their membership would spend head down on a waterboard teeter-totter.

    The only hope of the Left since 1968 has been lawfare, for exactly the reason that reactionary backlash would end them, and not just rhetorically. They’re pretty tough against parked limos and store windows, but once the range goes hot, they’ll mainly be referred to as Kent State Irregulars, suitable for framing – in pine boxes. And lawfare ebbed for them about 10 weeks ago, and going forward about twenty years. Hence the desperation and foolishness.

    The first bunch of jackasses to trigger the kickoff will signal the opening bell on hunting them to extinction, in something between a year and a fortnight, leaning towards the latter span of time.

    And once the “cleansing” ball gets rolling, there’s no telling how far it will roll before it runs out of steam, or victims.

    That’s really something no one with even half a wit would unleash, unless they had terminal cancer, and nothing else to lose.

    They may yet be stupid enough to try to tempt fate, but it will be about as effective as the Tet Offensive was for the VC, and they don’t have Walter Cronkite to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat anymore, because everyone knows the media is F.O.S., and no one is listening to them now.

    Thank Shrillary for that, and stock up on ammo.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “Except their playbook has been public domain for 40 years.”

      That’s part of the problem facing all who aren’t in agreement with the hard Left. Because their playbook has never been challenged much – if at all – it has gained a surprising degree of legitimacy in the public mind. So much so that any attempt to even speak in a contrary matter is deemed illegitimate.

      Hopefully, that is starting to change, but it will be a long row to hoe.

    • Matt Bracken

      Great contribution, I concur on all, and wish reads of my piece would read yours as an addendum. The mechanics of how we would arrive at this condition differ in my short story “What I saw at the coup,” but how the dirty civil war would play out I think holds up.

    • Aesop,

      “….and stock up on ammo.”

      Just an additional thought or two:

      Stock up all you want and can afford. But for the Love of the Lord….get out there and take some of those thousands of rounds you’ve stockpiled and practice. Know your reticle if using such an optic. Know your red dot if beyond 200 meters. Using an ARmalite or Kalashnikov ? Make certain you have good mags. If using old GI 5.56mm mags replace the crappy followers with MapPul non-tilts. They’re cheap now and available.

      Practice. Use that ammo you buy to maintain or get proficiency. Just practice, practice, practice as best you can.

      BTW….get an IFAK and do your best to learn how to use the contents.

    • I wouldn’t count too heavily on the woefully unready and de-moralized murkin military, most, if not all combat effective units aren’t even here. They’re busy protecting our free dumb overseas in stupid land. The ones left are controlled and filled with dumb’d down idiots or outright traitors, including the scumbag slimeball po LICE. Don’t forget those FEMA Camps, the illegal Dept of Homeland Security, or, that the UN has a vested interest in murka also… China, Russia, and the rest of the world has had enough of this countries shit, so I have every reason to believe they will take advantage of the situation.

      For those who poo poo a Chinese and Russian military invasion aided by murkas security apparatchiks – do so at your own peril.

    • Yet again, I thank Aesop for saying so much better and more thoroughly that which I would have written myself, had I the time and the wit.

      Trump has given us the one thing we’ve been lacking for decades… the feeling that we’re right and that we can now say what we’ve been thinking and act upon it. The paradigm of the “discussion” has taken a 180 and the big megaphone is now ours.

      That is a game changer of the most essential and powerful kind. Many will come out of the shadows of fear and silence and the ground swell is only just beginning.

      Our domestic useful idiots and running dogs can throw all the tantrums they want but, unless they destroy the grid or something else substantial, having no msm cover, they will fail and look foolish doing it. It will only awaken more folks and bring them to our side.

  10. Why is anyone drawn to Communism? Is it because young people always think they are the first to realize a problem that needs fixing and Communism promises to fix the world?

    I wonder if they see themselves in the upper echelon of command of this new society instead of the lower or middle class they are in now.

  11. I am reminded of Ukraine or Lithuania in WW II. No where to turn, Nazis on one side Communists on the other, some choice!
    I can see clearly that the USSA has been a pawn or leader of the NWO Bankster Oligarchs fighting (and preemptively) losing wars world wide, since Vietnam, while bankrupting and deindustrializing our country. The DC Pols in the guise of a “two party” system have enabled and sponsored our demise.
    I think Trump is an American first and foremost, I oppose another World War, I do think Soros and his thugs are fomenting another Civil War and Ukrainian type Coup here and sooner than most realize. Secession is a NWO ploy to divide the USA and fragment it into more manageable 3 or 4 nation states, but to survive with some decency from the satanic evil insanity a separation may be necessary. The “Isms” are just interchangeable cloaks of deceit and confusion welded by the Soros NWO Oligarchs.
    I only know to prepare and pray. The whirlwind approaches, friends and enemies will be decided up close and personal and often quickly. May God help us, because this is so much bigger than mortals can decipher.

  12. The Left today is on the edge. They even admit it in their mantras about trigger words, et. al. That trip point can be used against them at all times. Just be ready for things to get sporty when they go over the edge.

    Be this guy whenever possible —

    • Wow, when she said that gravity was just a theory, that about
      explains it. Wonder where she got her education, and who
      paid for it? And she wanted to fly in the air?

      “Every man to his family and her belongings”

    • Never, in the many moons I have come to this site, have I ever seen anything to top that link!!! Thank you, drdog. Everyone at WRSA needs to make that one viral!
      PS: Don’t miss “justice served” in the video below the main incident…

  13. Can someone recommend a book on 20th century Argentine history from an anti-communist perspective?

  14. Er, wait a minute. To be against globalism, is to be a commie dupe? Or a Russian dupe?

    This video seems to be an example of the pot calling the kettle black. “Conspiracies everywhere”, the conspirators charge!

    The way I look at it, there are power-mad people all over, trying to get ahead of the parade by marketing this or that bullshit meme. I have no doubt commies like Soros and other scum are out there promoting demonstrations and riots. But every other power broker is in exactly the same game, just using different means. The majority of the people go this way and that, wondering (with good reason) who the hell out there can be believed. We are all useful idiots are far as the people stirring the pot are concerned.

    Sorry, I don’t find the video very believable, beyond the obvious notion that there are agitators trying to steer things. No matter what, when the economy crashes the average Joe in a mob is going to blame it on someone other than himself. Get ready.

  15. Karl Marx’s “10 Planks” to seize power and destroy freedom:

    Abolition of Property in Land and Application of all Rents of Land to Public Purpose.

    A Heavy Progressive or Graduated Income Tax.

    Abolition of All Rights of Inheritance.

    Confiscation of the Property of All Emigrants and Rebels.

    Centralization of Credit in the Hands of the State, by Means of a National Bank with State Capital and an Exclusive Monopoly.

    Centralization of the Means of Communication and Transport in the Hands of the State.

    Extension of Factories and Instruments of Production Owned by the State, the Bringing Into Cultivation of Waste Lands, and the Improvement of the Soil Generally in Accordance with a Common Plan.

    Equal Liability of All to Labor. Establishment of Industrial Armies, Especially for Agriculture.

    Combination of Agriculture with Manufacturing Industries; Gradual Abolition of the Distinction Between Town and Country by a More Equable Distribution of the Population over the Country.

    Free Education for All Children in Public Schools. Abolition of Children’s Factory Labor in it’s Present Form. Combination of Education with Industrial Production.

    Excerpts from Rules for Radicals:

    “Seek ye His Kingdom and His Righteousness”

    • > Gradual Abolition of the Distinction Between Town and Country by a More Equable Distribution of the Population over the Country.

      I’m thinking the collectivists have reversed on this one. With “factory” farms a large amount of food can be produced by a smaller number of less thoughtful and easily controlled people. And the flip side of concentrating people in the cities (environmental movement, Agenda 21, Obama’s efforts to move suburbs to inner cities, emphasizing mass transit). But I could be wrong.

      Either way control of communication is key.

    • Steel T Post

      (((His))) Kingdom includes a big dose of Bolshevism, e.g. Acts 4:32. As Ludwig von Mises noted, “Christianity is Bolshevism.” (Socialism, p. 413)

      • This. (((This)))).

        Come here (((Jesus))). Let’s battle, Jew.

      • Not the Kingdom which I understand STP.

      • Cross purposes, STP. von Mises and most of the (((((((Austrian School)))))!!!1!1!11!! were Jews. So make up your mind, if you have one.

        You have zero understanding of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and you’re immune to fact and logic.

        As for your buddy X, below, asking for battle against Jesus betrays monumental arrogance, hubris, blasphemy and a death wish.

        You are both tools of the Enemy whether you know it or not.

        • Try reading the Bible instead of just listening to the 3 paragraphs your faggot pastor tells you every week, robot.

  16. Names – Locations – Pictures – Affiliations
    What more is needed.

  17. As a resident of DC and Baltimore I can assure you that tension is very, very high.
    The red recruiting and sedition is also only half the story.
    The reds know that our peers(my peers) ages 12-30, are braindead from years of excessive marijuana use, big pharma, and 6 hours of MTV a day.
    You might think that 12 is outside my peer group(Yuppie), but you should meet my little cousins. They wanna grow up to be Eminem, and as sure as the sun rises tomorrow they will only morph into full blown or pseudo MTVillains. Pronounced “Empty Villains”
    The “LameStream Misledia” and “AcaDeemihia” is our only real obstacle.
    If we can stop their message, or change it, we will win long term.
    Assuming of course the Trump admin begins hiring ONLY right wingers as professors and teachers, and only gives them grants, and only gives them tenure for the next 20 years.
    That ignores states rights…
    Which wo’tt happen.
    Also, it should be noted that the white, brown, yellow, and black prisoners( heroin and pill junkies) are beginning to convert to Islam in prison. Specifically the ones from nicer neighborhoods, with access to fresh populations of young, impressionable women.
    My neighbors formerly catholic little brother has nearly completed a full conversion. He loves dope, rap, women, and Islam now.
    Also, my sisters and mother have repeated voiced intents to report me as a white supremacist and call the Sheriff to have my weapons and ammo taken.
    I am a 7 year Airborne Infantry OIF Vet with no criminal record.
    The Civil War is real.
    So real, my own family wont even smile anymore, unless its at cat photos during dinner.
    I’m all in, but with all do respect, this mission is BOHICA.
    Within 6 months, I think they will force us into another massive Islamic war to codify Islam as the victim and us as the enemy.
    Politically, It’ll be 2002 to 2007, all over again IMHO, minus the allies in Europe for obvious Islamic reasons.
    Remember, Jihad Watch videos get 1,000 views worldwide.
    Meanwhile, your white teenage daughters friends have posters of DJ Talib Kwali on their wall. He gets 100 million in a month.

    • Thanks. Helpful info.

      Related stories on the youth and islam issues from the commentariat?

      • TheycallmeRockStar22

        I see you around alot.
        Care to contribute anyless?
        This is my life.
        Our neighborhoods and familes are radically different than they were in the 1960’s.
        In the 1960’s, (((whites))) and whites had a hard time bombing and killing because they dont believe in God, or anything really, and they were mentally ill Beta losers.
        Enter now, the Alpha Islamic who can’t find a white snowbunny GF, his buddies won’t let him deal cocaine in the high class bars in DC, and he believes that his victims and himself go to paradise after ANY attack.
        I know you are the smartest guy in the room, but you are also probably in your 60’s and live in the middle of Idaho.
        Hopefully you are one of these older “I used to work in North VA” guys I see running laps around the Potomac every morning.
        Regardless, You and your AR-15 in Ohio, or NOVA, does not help the fact that my professors force us to read Islamic literature in college, and make fun of European Values constantly.
        The age of Shakespeare is over bro, and has been for some time.
        If your intel, or opinion, is based on the gatherings of others on sites like this, then I suggest you register for some classes and bring some of your vast and extensive knowledge with you, because I’m living this, right now, in DC.
        Nothing has changed, and now the left has an entirely motivated Army. The 1960’s was 80-90% white and of a high intelligence with roots and honorable families.
        In 2017, we have at least 40 million people that are decidedly not beholden to this country, its culture, its laws, or its history and definantly our future.
        In class they even tell me so. Out loudly and proudly. Then people clap. I get spoken to by the heads of departments with no avail on either side.
        We are at a stalemate IMHO

        • Dial back the hostility.


          My question was sincere for other people to input what they see, not in contradiction.

          As was my thanks for your original comment.

          “Smartest guy in the room”?

          That’s apparently you, young man.

          • TheycallmeRockStar22

            My apologies.
            After two years of Meme War, I’m quick to misread tone lately, and sometimes the grammar of other accents comes through in script and I miss read that also.
            I’m concerned because we dont have kids. At all.
            My cousins are from families of 3-7 but they only have one or two.
            Half my class hates itself, and the other half is literally foreign, or second generation, which is the same thing IMO.
            How can we stop our own people from converting against us when it is their right and it is celebrated by their peers.
            Remembering of course, men want conflict, they want the excitment and the glory.
            We are pushing them towards extreme conflict to counter our own extreme. They will nlt repeat the mistakes of the 1960’s.
            I watched the demostrations from a second floor window in DC.
            Half the women’s march was waving hammer and sickles and the march ended in Chinatown… A block from the Clinton Cartel Fortress.
            Makes you think. Does it not?

            • De nada, amigo.

              I’m concerned because we dont have kids. At all.


              WRSA ran 8 million plus views last year.

              If 10% of those views went to the under-30 crowd (let alone under-20), I’ll eat my hat.

              The only thing I can come up with – especially for Barrens – is an adjunct teaching job for the courses no one wants to teach (English, arithmetic).

              90% of this place’s readership I estimate will be over 65 in ten years or less.

              And while there’s always work for Grandpas on up-close stuff (and truck driving, etc.), age and its debilities are a stone cold bitch on one’s ability to contribute towards victory.

              • TheycallmeRockStar22

                Forgive me if I missed your intent.

                Are you saying that we dont have the troop strenght to hold out against another vote or fight?

                That’s exactly what I’m saying.

                Maybe we can go to El Salvador and recruit some Privates just like MIC did.

                We can promote them, instead of Americans again too.

                Nothing says freedom like being called a retard by an Illegal Immigrant E-5 covered in gangland tats.

                • If the Reds slow their roll (optempo), the whole thing drops into their hands in 10 years max.

                  Their strategic impatience in insisting upon the worst possible candidate in 2016 got us some light for some short period of time.


                  Shorter: We’re fucked without at least a million kids under 30 asap.

                • SemperFi, 0321

                  How about posting some DC sitreps here.
                  I am that 60+ old guy from Wyoming, who hasn’t a clue what’s going on in the cities anymore.
                  Haven’t been to DC/Baltimore since ’81 when I attended Small arms school at Aberdeen PG.

                • I’ve said all along, Do NOT count on murkas military or it’s po-LICE..

              • This can be applied broadly:

                “Every man to his family and his belongings”

              • Too many layers of comments. Can’t read on phone. Fix settings.

          • he ain’t that smart. look where he lives…

            i bet he believes muslime terrorists brought down skyscrapers and penetrated the pentagrams airspace with their incredible flying skills, so he enlisted to avenge murka!.

            • TheycallmeRockStar22

              I did.
              But have not cared about these wars since I gave out bags of US cash to Imams in Iraq.
              For a total of 13.7 million personally. And I was only 1, of who knows how many, 6 man Key Leader teams
              Our leaders, especially Westpoint and others, are real weirdos whom I have little respect for after seven years of service.
              Most of them just wanted the paycheck and no student debt.

          • TheycallmeRockStar22

            Also, I predict Hollywood is going to excellerate the race mixing, degeneracy, and general confusing un-american BS that they do.
            In college, amoung the women, it is celebrated if a “classy” aka “Basic” white woman has a worthless ghetto black Boyfriend.
            Its like having the latest Kate Spade purse.
            Resulting in her becoming a throwaway to everyone, including herself.
            And, they dont even date long term, it’s just a social mind game for one reason or another. With alot of drugs that white males purposefully have no access to.
            I predict they will give all the starlets( Taylor Swift, Katie Perry, Demi Lovato) ghetto black BFs by the end of this summer. (By summer to disrupt any relationships formed during regular semester)
            I listen to the white males talk about how they have been vilified and demonized, and believe me, they don’t sit around and play video games because they want too, they do it because they have no choice.
            Our women will literally not commit to a relationship, just like their heroes Katy Perry and Taylor Swift.
            What the hell are we going to do with all these lingering millennial males?
            The white Islamic conversion pill heads and the wannabe good old boys?
            Both groups are very angry men.
            The left is not kidding when they talk about angry white males.
            Believe me.

            • It’s going to be a blood bath young man. Get out of DC.

              No one has ever seen what’s coming here to Fusa. Not even in the killing fields of Cambodia.

              100-200 million murkin assholes are going to take a long long dirt nap.

              Anyone care to bet?

        • It would be impossible to fisk the thesis that “you’ve seen a representative sample of America, because you’re in DC” without resupply of several lumberyards full of paper, and a supertanker full of ink, or the electronic equivalent of one or two metric fucktons of electrons.

          Suffice it to say, you ought to
          a) get out more, and specifically
          b) GTFO of DC, at length, and go and visit actual America, preferably anywhere west of the Alleghenies.

          DC is only representative of the most festering carbuncle on a dead goat’s ass. There are 50 actual states to visit, and you could visit any random one of at least 43 of them and gain a better actual perspective somewhat more in tune with reality.

          And probably get a college diploma worthy of the name, let alone the price tag.

          Just saying.

          • TheycallmeRockStar22

            I travel when I have the money. And I spent 9 months in Wyoming fighting the BigHorn fires of 06.
            I am aware of DC and its short comings.
            Diversity is our strenght amirite?

        • 22,

          The blog author is a fine individual. I don’t agree with everything he does or why he does it. But after many years of frequenting his blog here, I believe the holds and cherishes personal beliefs that parallel yours, mine and many others here.

          Also, it is good to read input here by yourself an individual much younger than the geezers (term of endearment) posting here.

          Myself, I believe we are rapidly approaching an internal conflict within fUSA. Your insight(s) and perspective are invaluable.

          Good luck there behind enemy lines (Are there actually lines anymore ?).

    • 22, these mass mind viruses are implanted. By who? “They” is jewry and their white minions and dupes. There is no invisible empire here. There is no mystery. Media induces and cultivates these movements.

  18. The first problem with the video, at least the one I noticed first, was its repeated use of the Lincoln Memorial as some sort of talisman. Lincoln was a bloodthirsty tyrant that not only murdered over 500,000 of my people, the Southern people, but an additional 450,000 people of the northern, non-seceded states. I should have realized that there would be other problems coming. There were.

    It became an anti-Putin rant, adding other countries as necessary to frame their attacks. It’s glaringly obvious that every country mentioned is an “enemy” of Israel. This destroys the documentary’s validity.

    It did present many really nasty types in the US, but labeling them as “anti-globalists” is a dead giveaway that it’s Jew sponsors are lurking in the background. I had already noticed that the credits featured a lot of Jews, one can see what that led to in the final product.

    Watch it with adequate filtration in your mind, but don’t take the whole as a serious documentary, it’s another pro-Israel load.

  19. POd American

    Pretty Good Read….
    Does all of this sound like the crap you continue to hear from your employer and your government (social engineers)? Buzzwords (codewords): groupspeak, diversity, affinity groups, synergy, synthesis, consensus, recommitment, etc.

  20. I appreciate Bracken’s missives. His novels are great. But this documentary is a jew production. Communism is judaism. It is monopoly control of resources and enslavement from the left flank. Brother Nathaniel said it.

  21. What we have here is judaism from the right flank. Either way, we’re dead. They work together until the spoils get thin—then they start bumping each other off. The hapless, naive goy is their protein.

    Let’s break this cycle.

    • Hinde,

      “Let’s break this cycle.”

      How ?

      “Let’s” is a contraction for Let US. Nope badass….no US about it. How about YOU break “this cycle” ? A cycle which in your cowardice you refuse to define.

      You want to break something ? You go first Adolf, Heinrich, Reinard or whatever your name is.

      Sieg Heil !

  22. The first paragraph with all of the “HHH” and “SDS” and “WU” and the other fifteen abbreviations pissed me off. I know what they mean (except for the three I named above), but there excessive acronyms slow down the reading and sometimes requires verification to make sure I’m getting the correct meaning from the writing. I don’t have a lot of time to break out the Google and translate right now.

    I know Matt didn’t write that, but that’s my verdict. Excessive acronyms and jargon don’t help anyone.

    • As noted before, that was email released by MB for general viewing.

      • I blew right by those because I knew what they meant, Hubert Horatio Humphrey (who I met in Minnesota before he was VP, I was 16), Students for a Democratic Society (communists), and Weather Underground (criminal communists aka Bill Ayers). I guess most over age 50 knew what they were.

  23. now that I’ve watched Loudon’s vid…’s a hall of mirrors, dripping with anti-Putin venom ’cause he supports “anti-globalists”. Oddly, Putin and Trump are supposedly sympatico, while these “anti-globalists” supported Obama…and Clinton. The explanation: these fake “anti-globalists” aren’t really run by Putin at all…they’re run by (((Soros))) and his ilk, enemies of the White Nations.

    • Cassandra (of Troy)

      Haxo Angmark/22Jan17@18:15,

      It’s been fun watching RT lately, seeing such as Red Schultz/similar Lefties slapping around their kindred over said kindred’s hatred of someone they also vehemently hate is genuinely hilarious. And if the nascent bromance between Donaldus Magnus Rex & VladdyBuck strengthens that might just goad one/more Progressive Defenders Of The People’s Will® into a Brave Revolutionary Act® like attacking RT offices/personnel.

      Envision the media’s consternation over how to portray such ‘cannibalism’ as DMR’s/the Right’s fault w/o their efforts backfiring catastrophically like their anti-Trump antics continue to do.

  24. Reblogged this on The Virginia Freeman's Society and commented:
    Read.This. Understand.This. The final exam will be brutal.

  25. Not. Going to happen. I respect Matt, but his predictions of late haven’t been on target.

    He predicted Tet II for 2016 and it didn’t happen.

    Trump will scoop the commies up and he has bought us many years of peace.

    Once again, the Doom and Gloom bet is thr losing one.

    • hummus abedin

      Damn, dude!
      So Trump has an offical
      taint swabber.
      How does it taste?

      • abedin,

        Another Marxist and Hillary taint-tonguer emerges at WRSA. Nobody knows taint better than you left-wing Hillary fanatics.

    • Matt Bracken

      I’m always thrilled when my dark predictions are wrong. You think I want a dirty civil war here? As far as Tet, I’m glad I was off on 2016, but do you think Europe turned some magic corner and is now out of the woods? I don’t. Demography and birthrates will seal the deal in Eurabia, short of a major civil war and Europeans fighting back in time.

  26. Yes, a very small percentage of liberals is willing to pull triggers. Those liberals are a distraction and a sideshow because they are numerically rare. Your primary enemies are liberal LEOs who ruin your life if you prepare to shoot those other liberals in the act of pulling triggers.

    If you currently fear to carry a pistol in public everywhere, you’ve identified the real problem.

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  28. “The young are the easiest to fool, for they have the most to learn ”


  29. Lolzozozoz @ Matt. 1:28 in and two for two: Jews telling us what to think. (((((Of course))). Tell us what to think , Jews!!!!! No need to continue watching.

    Is this a joke? You’re not honest on the JQ?

  30. Alfred E. Neuman

    Reblogged this on FOR GOD AND COUNTRY.

  31. Cassandra (of Troy)

    More on the opposition’s mindset,:
    (Yo Pot, da Kettle say Wattup Cuz!)
    (Okay Sweetness, from now on you & Sistuh Fonda will be passing out all that stuff you got from exercising YOUR ‘white privilege’ & henceforth refuse to trade on same, right?)

    & intentions.:

    And for those who may desire/need a bit of politico-linguistic assitance, the following.:

    • Thanks, Cass.

      Glad you’re back.

      • Cassandra (of Troy)

        Concerned American/22Jan17@21:03,

        Vielen dank, Patron, been sittin’ out here laughing my tuchis off at the rest of the country’s reaction to Donaldus Magnus Rex’s ascension while awaiting a visit from the P.D.R.C.’s CalCHEKA for my crimes against public safety & sedition. The bright side of that situation’s that it may just allow me to fill my tag before shuffling off to Buffalo unless The Big Guy decides to be puckish & drop an appropriately embarrassing lottery payday on me.

  32. I take great pleasure in knowing many of the assholes here at WRSA today, won’t make it thru the shit storm that’s about to roll thru tomorrow.
    Must suck real bad to be so poor that you’re not able to vacate your rats nests. But you’ve all made your choices in life….

    • It will be a storm of gnat shit.
      Best dealt with in most cases with a wet handkerchief and a couple of dabs at the specks.

      The Left of 1968 was vastly more radical and more committed than what passes for it now, and all they could manage to do was make a couple of wet stains on their own underpants before disappearing entirely and morphing into the “Me” generation.

      I have dirty skivvie shorts that are harder than most of the Pillsbury Doughboys up for attempting public mayhem today. You can take flannel pajama boy out of the living room, but you can’t take the pussified self-loathing little twerp out of the boy.

      The Deplorables who learned actual throat-slitting in the real world, under big boy rules, will solve the problem as easy as jiggling the handle to make a troublesome turd go away. If anything happens, it’d be like pitting the characters in Mad Men against the nerds in Big Bang Theory, or turning Captain Kirk loose against Captain Picard (or Captain Janeway).

      When they do this in Canada every year, it’s called Baby Harp Seal Season, and in this case, the part of the Left will be played by the baby harp seals. Which will be the only seals they’ll ever muster.

      And if BLM or Hadji decide to ante in, it’ll be like watching all the cowboys at a rodeo against all the Brahma bulls – for a beef barbeque.
      Your little 200M dead soiree will have to wait for something with a bit more substance, like a global financial meltdown, or somesuch.

      • sounds as good as your ebullshit drivel.

        and you believe the financial meltdown is in the future?

        are you that dumb?

        oh wait…

        • No, clearly not, because there are no consequences to printing fiat currency forever.

          Tomorrow they can outlaw gravity too. Should work about as well.

      • MichiganderJim

        You’re a great writer alright, but you know what that comment explained for me? Now I understand why we never won a war in any of these two-bit shitholes in my lifetime. Okay, except Grenada. At least I finally have the explanation—all of the assholes running the show thought just like that.

        • Jim.

          That’s the truth.

          These fools under 50 couldn’t find their assholes with two hands and a flashlight. “gotta get my legs blown off because, well, shit I don’t know.”

          fuck it. Murka!

      • Cassandra (of Troy)


        “The Left of 1968……the “Me” generation.”

        The ones I encountered in the East Bay in 70 didn’t impress me all that much, 5 of the People’s Revolutionary Vanguard®/Berkeley Oblast (5’9-6′ males) decided I wasn’t appropriately fervent in my devotion to The Cause® (No $, no happyness) & attempted to ‘re-educate’ me physically. Picture their dismay when they discovered what they’d considered an easy Victory For People’s Economic Justice (a.k.a. strongarm robbery) in a cowardly display of Capitalist aggression reacted a typically bourgeois manner,: I introduced said Young Marxist Stalwarts to my German friend Franz who happened to be a VERY well crafted authentic Solingen 5″ stilletto w/ stag scales.

        Upon hearing the SNAP & beholding his ‘tongue’ they were momentarily taken aback but deemed him (& my gleefully anticipatory expression) as mere desperate bravado, made their move, & received a rather uncomfortable sequential mid-torso ‘kiss’ from Franz after a quite swift 180. Them fellas got very nonplussed at such uncalled for violence they did & rather than dignifying it w/ a no doubt devastating riposte worthy of Cyrano himself they (after squalling like the stuck piggies they were) demonstrated their moral superiority & departed. It was their distinct fortune that my Belgian friend from Liege wasn’t w/ me that day as they’d’ve departed in another (decidedly undignified & thoroughly permanent) manner, Hercule vehemently frowned on such behavior & typically manifested his displeasure loudly & repeatedly until the object/s understood him. That histrionic French influence no doubt.

        Mad Men/Kirk vs BBT nerds/Picard

        Consider also The Warriors vs Beverly Hills 90210, or perhaps Sonny & The Boyz vs some dips*** Berserkeley ‘peace’ marchers back in 65 would be more apropos. Either way, the prospect of such an encounter would doubtless gladden the heart of Temujin & bring out a joyous guffaw from Kahless. OH to be 20-25 again!

    • tfA-t,




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  34. MichiganderJim

    “If the Reds slow their roll (optempo), the whole thing drops into their hands in 10 years max.”

    IMO you’re gonna get blindsided and it won’t take 10 years. Oligarchs don’t care about left or right or the country or peace on Earth or liberty or global warming or any ideology you care to name. Those are all just tools for them, means to an end. Oligarchs care about oligarchs and they will do whatever it takes to stay on top.

    I concede that if there were a single person on Earth who could stop them himself, it would be Donald Trump. But there isn’t even the tiniest bit of evidence that this is his goal. If it is, then great and everyone can press forward. But if it’s not–far more likely IMO, but I don’t pretend to know–then we’re in a heap of trouble and I find it remarkable that self-declared Warriors would fall for something–anything–that would cause them to let their guard down. Don’t they cover that in basic?

    In any event, I suspect the broadest, most far-ranging questions on these matters will be answered within a week. The attacking left flank has been idled for the moment. That still leaves another flank, not to mention what’s right in front of our eyes, let alone sneaking up from behind.

    What, did someone think this war would be the first in history to be won with words? Nice fantasy alright, but I’m stickin’ with reality.

  35. When did Louden drop his fanboy adulation of Cruz, and drop his hatred for Trump?

    The video presentation seems terribly confused – claiming Putin is behind anti-globalism, presenting that as a commie front? Yet no mention found of soros, et al.

    Much chaff, little grain.

  36. Anyone who does not include Bracken’s assessments in their S2 briefings are just plain retarded fucksticks. Dead men waiting to happen.

    His material is required reading in our circles. Last weekend’s muster focused on gathering/tasking SigInt, OSInt and HumInt on ALL local opfor including home addresses, names, jobs etc.

    We also had 3 teams working counterintel, (planting fake reports, news, incorrect info as far away as Illinois via SM and HAM) Of course we had to throw in classes on TC3, Logistics, and squad level comms also. We like to be “diverse” in our skillset training.

    Anyone who is not ACTIVELY continuing or accelerating their training/preps are not on my worry list. When it kicks off the Left are not the only ones with lists and ditches to fill. Stay in touch Peter. And now, back to our regularly scheduled frog dissections…

    • dude.

      after that release of sensitive information “when it kicks off” you and your group will be the first to rolled up.

  37. Stealth Spaniel

    I found it all very interesting. Keep exercising-it’s best if we can all move quickly. I think that once CW2 kicks off, we will be out of targets in 48 hours. The Left just likes things too soft, too easy, and while their words are hard-they want someone else to do their fighting. Madonna did all her threatening of bombing the White House, but she’d pee her breakaway panties if she actually was in a street fight. Ashley Judd needs serious psychiatric help. If this was 1956, she’d be locked up already. Jane Fonda has been a commie since 1960. She accomplishes this by serial marriages to rich men.
    Matt was correct-no FLEA is to be trusted. Obama, Jarrett, and others had way too much time to load the cannons. I think the most dangerous twist will be so called “Hate Crimes” laws. You can literally be locked up for anything over any behavior. I think that all of us need to practice being The Gray Man way more often.

  38. hummus abedin

    Keep on piously congratulating,
    back slapping and high-fiving yourself,
    as unconditional defeat runs you down.
    The sanctimonious purity of conservatives, the right, and the patriot community, with
    their face saving excuse to explain away
    doing nothing is beyond tiresome.
    Moreover, it has reached the level of
    criminal defeatism and betrayal to
    our Constitution and Republic.
    To argue that we are better than our
    enemies, the communists, the treasonous,
    the “elected” traitors ruling in DC, the SJW’s, and their foot soldiers of snowflakes and multigays, because they fight and are rude
    is a textbook lesson of how to lose.
    A strategy and tactics developed on the
    basis of how to be respectful, and be
    perceived and seen as respectful, by
    our enemies is a guaranteed defeat.
    The treasonous, the traitorous, the seditious
    and communist shitbags have been on
    the attack for decades, always gaining ground, always winning.
    Their strategy and tactics gives less than
    a fuck if our side views it as silly, ridiculous, antisocial, rude, crude, violent or disgusting.
    Have you been paying attention?
    Well, I have.
    Protest marches and gatherings
    are worthless, unless done by our enemies.
    Petitions are worthless, unless submitted
    by our enemies.
    The rule of law exists only for our enemies,
    which they pervert to escape punishment
    for their crimes.
    There is no equality of justice except
    that which we make.
    Trump is not a Messiah, but our side of
    the fence has remade him in that image.
    Without question, its just another excuse
    that is intentionally tailored as an escape
    hatch, an ejection seat, to safely scurry back
    from keyboard bravado.
    Whatever, keep up with your (non) winning plan
    and taste testing your taints, battle tracking, while praying at the altar of Trump and the
    treasonus dictatorship of DC.
    You know them, the free walking pedophile Weiner’s, the sharia law muslim terrorist Huma,
    the treasonous commie shitbag rodham.
    Battletrack, battletrack, battletrack in real time.

  39. hummus abedin

    Question: Why was the force of ” Bikers for Trump” in DC and prepared to fight and win?

    Answer: It was organized completely independent of the patriot blogsphere, and
    those who have anointed themselves the
    all knowing leadership of it all.

    • a very sad day in murka when scroungy filth such as bikers are employed to protect POTUS. says volumes on the state of affairs in murka.