Geert Wilders, Koblenz, Germany, 21 January 2017

Via Gab.

Take the 23 minutes to watch it.


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  1. Good stuff; may it continue to self-ignite.

    One minor point on an early sub-title where the translator made Frauke Petry into Wilders’ “girlfriend” – she is married to someone else and the word used is simply the feminine noun for friend, adjusted as to gender of the friend. It ain’t Berkeley… just the difference between a translator & an interpreter.

  2. I’ll believe the uplifting speeches about politicians who serve the people, when they stop preventing those people from arming themselves. And for that matter, when they stop handing out free shit, which is what attracts the immigrants in the first place. Just a couple of nits to pick…

  3. I don’t know much German, but isn’t Wilders speaking it, yet using the grammatical-structure of English? I recall the verb was always at the end of a sentence. Just curious.

  4. Wilders, Le Pen, Petry, Trump are little stormbirds. The Storm will come after the Judeo-globalist, Red-Cuck alliance has – one way or another – disposed of them. TINVOWOOT.

  5. Badger, Thanks for straightening that out. There is just one issue:
    “just the difference between a translator & an interpreter”
    A translator handles written materials in different languages, and an interpreter listens to a conversation, repeating what each person said in his own language to the other(s) in their language.
    For some reason, it is common in English for people to misuse the word “translator” to mean “interpreter”, but they are not the same. I’m a translator and always have to explain what I do and what I don’t do when people ask what I do for a living.

  6. POd American

    Not just for the NL, but from the Baltic to the Balkens, this man is the perfect foil to the EU globalists. Additionally, best wishes to Le Pen of France….let’s get this ball rolling. Just in case some of you didn’t already know, Geert and DJT have the same barber!

  7. Gert Wilders is Dutch, not German.

    Yours In Liberty!
    NorthGunner III

  8. Steel T Post

    Western Europe’s—but especially defeated Nazi Germany’s—modern “progressive” ideals have been handed-down from on high by the (((Rosenfeld’s))) conquering Antifa Allies who during the “Good War” made the world safe for Bolshevism.

    Reagan brought down the Berlin Wall; perhaps Trump can bring down the establishment’s Antifa narrative that has existed since 1941. Merkel and the Pope fear that from Trump’s Literally Hitler™ inaugural address.

  9. I caught the “Freundin” word as well and thought maybe Wilders was making an inside joke or something.

    Maybe English can become a gendered language too, once we incorporate xe/xir/zin and whatever else the lunatics come up with.

  10. SemperFi, 0321

    Und es kommt immer wieder zurück zum ‘Ein Volk’!

  11. SemperFi, 0321

    Geert is speaking German with his Dutch accent, and it as with Swiss, they rely on lots of throaty sounds. He catches himself numerous times, having to repeat words a little clearer the second time, but most of the speech is laid out along German grammar rules. And as you may have noticed, all the European languages are infused with English words/slang today.

  12. the pope is a faggot
    merkel is a commie
    and President Trump is a ZOG fascist.

    This world is sooooo fucked.

  13. Alfred E. Neuman

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  14. Ah, you’re right of course. Sorry ’bout that. Was thinking more along the lines of “not what is said literally but what is meant.” I get that it can be quite the distinction to someone in the profession; no harm intended 🙂

  15. God I hope not; it’s already less efficient than many languages. Adding a bunch of variations of articles to describe gender variations would, ahem, an unpleasant thing. Perhaps we can not muck it up any more than it already is.

    Speaking of efficiency & more to the core issue am reminded of something a gent at another site mentioned. Perhaps we could judge an outcome down the road if, the next time there is a “transfer of power”, there is noticeably less of it to transfer. That I could get behind.

  16. This guy has been fighting the good fight for a long long time. He is targeted by his own government in the Netherlands, the progressive multiculturists and the Islamists. I pray that the bulk of European people who have been brainwashed by the post WWII mulicultural progressive horseshit that we see here in the US wake the F up and vote for these parties. Western culture truly does hang on that happening. There and here.