It’s Like Getting Two-For-One


So 1992.

7 responses to “It’s Like Getting Two-For-One

  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. The fat lady has sung.

  3. Steel T Post

    One must understand the feminists’ shit test as begging for men to give them Margret Atwood’s bodice-ripper fantasy world. Remember, it hasn’t been out of print since it was first published.


      They can write and rant and rave all they want. To quote Uncle Joe: “…and how many divisions does the(sic) Pope have?” They have not yet demonstrated that they are ready to die for their cause of infanticide. Let them continue to bloviate on TV. Let them continue to raze property and pillage in their Blue Hives. I will be boresighting, working out, watching, listening, and planning.

  4. Heh…

  5. James Woods is up… There’s the pitch… The swing… HOME RUN !

  6. The ugly underbelly revealed.