Reeking Of Box Wine, Cat Piss, & Despair


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  1. Steel T Post

    This schoolmarm harpy got kicked off a plane for verbally bullying a Trump supporter as they were departing D.C. She asked a fellow seated next to her if he was in D.C. to celebrate or protest, he answered to celebrate, and she flipped on her crazy switch, demanding a different seat. And henpecked husband lets her do it. The passengers clapping and saying USA, USA at the end is great!

    • I think the icing on the cake with this dish rag was when she demanded respect because her husband just lost his mother…

      Never realizing how disrespectful SHE actually was throughout her juvenile diatribe. And, not to mention her delaying their arrival to be with dear departed mom, because she had to put her c#$t face on.

      Any real man would’ve grabbed her face with thumb and middle finger forging her mouth agape while through grit teeth demanding she shut the fuck up!

  2. Alfred E. Neuman

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  3. William Munny

    Oh yes. And here’s one hag that found out the hard way that it’s a post 1/20/2017 world. And the applause at the end is just delicious. Enjoy.

  4. Another George Soros et al of his ilk funded / sponsored & inspired ‘Color Revolution’ type event. Special Interest groups used to create constant cycle of ‘ tension’ by fomenting societal unrest – divide & conquer creating societal rifts, fractures, chasms, schisms. All of it part of 4GW/5GW Machiavellian asymmetrical dispersed nonlinear warfare tactics. Neo-feudalism is the objective by the pathocratic-technocrat Oligarchy 1%.
    The solution is simple. Shutdown – eliminate Soros & his ACTORS of support nework of companies – countries (usual suspects Qatar, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, IsRAHell, Turkey). Identify, Target, Infiltrate, Exploit, Eliminate (ITIEE). The fact that it is being used against American people CONUS would be a clue that the Shadow Government Deep State is still operating against US ‘CON-stitution’ & tacitly allowed by CON-gress & Senate tells you foreign interests are still imbedded running the show sub rosa. Foreign Multi National & US treasonous Usual suspects again doing they’re ‘Ordo ab Chao’ S.P. E.C.T.R.E. style Full Spectrum of Terrorism mantra w/o anybody stopping they’re reign on Socio-Economic Terrorism class
    warfare repetitive cycle. The ignorant, consciously unaware & consciously aware Eunuchs are the biggest hurdle. If Trump is for real he needs really savvy talent to address the asymmetrical warfare issues to end or reduce the tension of nonsense & chaos.

  5. Oh I’m LMAO! Seems these Harpies are everywhere. I just see more Special Snowflakes melting down. They all need to put on their Big Girl Pants and STFU!

  6. Sooner or later, these people will realize that the world doesn’t want to be saved. The world wants to be left alone. And like a long-suffering sibling at the hands of a brat, sooner or later the brat gets what’s coming to him.

  7. Here is some domestic violence:

    what a fusterfluck…
    Through trial and error, I learned that people not right in
    their heads, take out their aggressions on those that love
    them the most; Therefore, remember, “Those that plan evil
    in their hearts, go blind and make mistakes,” so chose wisely
    how to detach (to unfasten and separate; disengage; disunite).

    “Every man to his family and his belongings”

    • The left (and right to an extent) constantly project their own desires and behaviors onto the lives of others. Thats why the left is so terrified of people being personally armed and responsible.
      They know that THEY will use every means available to inflict their will on everyone else. They cant have someone competing with that.

      • G1, good point, which brings up another observation I think about,
        and been through.
        When not falling into temptation, many a times not only is wise to
        stay away from them, but in the long run, it is good for them to stay
        away too; the problem is sometimes they do not know any better, due
        to the blindness they are afflicted with.
        There is a certain spirit which prevails during harsh encounters, and
        manifests contrary to the tormented one.
        The goal, with hope, is to help one be stronger, not weaker, but
        if that help is not welcomed, or incomprehensible, then it is tough love, but still hope for their betterment, with or without.

  8. teri dismont

    Madonna is an under belly libretard that needs petitioned. Then most of them are probibly illegal with others completely stupid and not educated on purpose or politics in general. They should all be humiliated by their vulgar public display. Whats their faces for sitting in the middle os a vagina hat? I can only speculate. Total rediculousness.

  9. Got a butt load of these crones here down in Texas, it’s kind of fun to watch the trembling chins of outrage, and the wild-eyed look of the frantic. Beating the fuck out of them with our fists is out of line, I know, I know, but one becomes giddy thinking of it.

  10. That title….. It seems…. familiar….