Schlichter: And Now The Left’s War On Normal Americans Truly Begins


It won’t stop at pussy hats.

Hammer back.

skull hammer

25 responses to “Schlichter: And Now The Left’s War On Normal Americans Truly Begins

  1. Stealth Spaniel

    I stopped watching the self congratulatory award shows a long time ago. The boot licking mags like People can’t wait to show me who wore what. Nothing that any of the cat ears wearing “womyn” said, mean anything to me. What year did Madonna actually sell a record? Ashley Judd is simply a pathetic has-been trying to get a job. Michael Moore belongs on skid row. The MSM news is simply another failed script that some fool thought would make them a lot of cash.

  2. Yeah, thanks for that, Sclichter.

    He who took every chance he had in print and on Salem to crucify Trump at every turn. Now he’s a great admirer. Uh huh. He was just dying to have that Canadian Cruz or that traitor Rubio face off against the cunt. 

    Same with that prick Ace. And everyone at PJM. And Hot Air. And that bitch Malkin.  And too many more to count. I can’t remember how many bookmarks I’ve deleted in the past 17 months.

    Fair-weather “friends”.

    Fuck you Kurt.  You’re not worth a warm bucket of spit, you prick.

    Oh, and you’re also a shitty writer.

  3. On the one hand they seem to try to make it as fun as possible and a bonding together to fight evil experience. On the other hand their battle plans seem to be to make a royal pain of themselves and deny our side any sense of accomplishment or peace. I think they will try to impart upon young impressionable minds how bad a threat Trump and those who support him are with lots of comparisons to Nazi Germany. They will make it so anyone who is a Trump supporter is seen as the enemy and is confronted and accused of being in favor of sexual assault against women, or being a racist, or whatever. They will be hypersensitive to any perceived “micro-agression” and quick to report anyone to school authorities or to company HR / LR for supposed threats or inappropiate behavior. They will show up at local town halls in numbers organized via social media and confront politicians. I think those are some of the plans and there are probably many others. Perhaps other people can share some ideas of what to expect and how to counter them? Seems having friends along as support and witnesses with phones to record anything as soon as somethings looks like a situation that may develop is a good idea. I noticed one video where a pro-Trump supporter putting out a garbage can fire was jumped by three guys in black wearing masks (real brave guys, they waited until it was 3 againt 1), the first one coming from behind, and when one of the anarchist guys was tackled by a bystander a woman came over and started yelling stuff like “Let him go, stop hitting him.” So apparently when they do an action they have the girls ready to play the part of the helpless damsels / lying false witnesses. i also can’t help thinking that those on our side could do with a bit more knowledge and practice in something like Krav Maga or similar close in fighting. I know not everyone can be an Aikido master but I would hope that at least one of my attackers even if they got away would be able to be later identified by having to be treated for getting a finger poked in their eye, having a broken finger or two, or hobbling around with a torn knee ACL, etc. Same things that work as defense against rapists should work against street thugs getting up close and physical. Just my thoughts.

  4. Less you want nearly 20 trackers following you best to avoid Townhall.

    • POd American

      If you disable their tracking you are unable to read more than a few sentences before the entire page does a total reset. I won’t bother with a BS site that uses those tactics.

  5. Can you say; “no grant money?” See how long libs lasts.
    Hard to protest when you got to go to work the next day. What did they tell us loggers? Sorry, your just going to have to find something else to make a living at.
    Cheer up libs, if all else fails, theirs always, “vagina”

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “What did they tell us loggers? Sorry, your just going to have to find something else to make a living at.”

      They did that with the Cuban lobstermen in South Florida a few decades back. Turns out coke and weed paid better than lobster.

  6. Alfred E. Neuman

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  7. I hate to bust anyone’s bubble over at townhall but the left has been in a war against “normal” in the USA for DECADES and with their control of .edu that war will continue. I agree with townhalls assessment of the 2018 and 2020 elections which will really put the Democommies in the hurt locker, assuming no economic meltdown and no “civil war”.

    I’ll say one thing for Trump, he has blown up in spectacular fashion the idea of political correctness/cultural marxism. Seems to me that Trump (the great fuck you) has given the middle finger of resistance to the socialists and communists. To the leftists: FOAD in large numbers. There is NO bargaining or deal making with these marxists assholes. I say screw the rubber bullets and flash bangs, and go straight to copper jacketed lead.

    I like the idea of tactical resistance using pickup trucks and snipers to put the fear of death into the leftists riots, at least in the beginning before the power, food and water is cut to the blue hives. These fuckers can shout no peace all day long but we must hoist the black flag, accept no surrender and TAKE NO PRISONERS!

    Grey Ghost

    • “I say screw the rubber bullets and flash bangs, and go straight to copper jacketed lead.”

      that should De-escalate things in short order.

      200 million… 🙂

  8. At a certain point in time, wagging your finger at the puppy isn’t enough, and you’ve got to roll up a newspaper and deliver some news he can use…

    If TPTB don’t step up and do it, the vacuum will be filled on an ad hoc basis, and the Left won’t like what their noses feel like afterwards.

  9. I stopped listening to Glen Beck a couple of years ago. He’s just a whiny shillster pushing products on which he gets a cut….

  10. What worth does a man have when you cannot trust his word? A mans word has weight and power. It is his bond. Do not allow anyone into your confidence that you do not vet. Trust your gut.
    Lies are too hard to keep straight. The truth is so much easier. Make your life complicated, unpredictable and painful. Surround yourself with untrustworthy,backstabbing sociopaths. Become a liar. You can achieve similar results by stabbing yourself in the face with an ice pick.

  11. There are no demonstrations in red counties, only in the blue counties. In another week most of the demonstrations will wind down and out. So far Trump has been brilliant at negotiating with companies to either keep, or bring back jobs to America. As America gets back to the business of business, the Trump bump in the economy will become a bigger part of the daily news cycle. The demonstrators will have to go back to their collage classes.
    The unwashed masses of Americans are already yawning. So am I.

  12. The whole ‘Cult of Celebrity’ – Cult of Personality’ Ziowood being exploited by MSM. MSM – Special Interest Groups Weaponized to create constant cycle & atmosphere of tension. Classic Machiavellian Warfare waged on our own people by the Multi Nationals – Trotsky / Alinsky / Marxist Commies – (including US) Shadow Deep State. Until the leadership & (looks like it will eventually so far) & ‘will of the people’ stomp this out, the beatings will continue.


    Talking, debating, arguing, etc. will not work with these mentally ill “Progressives”. Savage was right a long time ago when he stated Liberalism is a mental disorder. How many here remember Dick Tuck? He was a Nixon-hater from the get-go and would show up at rallies and venues and prank him without mercy. It is time to channel George Hayduke. I will leave the rest to all of your imaginations.

  14. What it all comes down to in my opinion is what some commentator (some time ago) labeled as the ‘cultural war’. And isn’t this how all ‘hot conflicts’ be it an actual war or an internal revolution begins. Two (or more) sides fighting to create the narrative and when they (whom ever it may be) feel that the weight of society is behind them take it to the next level. Never doubt that we have been and continue to be (all the while ramping up) in that ‘war’ – a question of time barring any huge reversal of just when it becomes in our country a real, manifested truly out and out conflict in the streets brawl: at that point, ‘game on’. We can sit around, watch from afar and pound our chests stating, “…bring it on…” but when it comes it will be like nothing most here have ever seen or experienced – neither side appears to be backing of, quite the opposite – both continue to be (by all appearances) to be ramping up …… once it begins ….. well ……hold on because it will be a rough ride.

  15. We need to be smart about this. If I’m one guy, the last thing in the world I’m going to do is go to a riot wearing a MAGA hat.

    Nope, find out who’s running the local chapters of the national antifa. Use what Sam Culper teaches to find out the best way to approach them. Bring along a few choirboys, and have a quiet word of prayer with them. In private.

  16. Bitches get stitches. And that’s all I have to say about that.