SLL: Being Ignored Can Be A Blessing


Robert looks at the New Empire.

And the burdens of empire.

26 responses to “SLL: Being Ignored Can Be A Blessing

  1. OT @ CA, re Occ Dissent issue. I see it’s back up. The screen that set me off was the same one I saw when WP zapped one of my sites a couple years ago, and it stayed zapped until I restored it via webhost….where Matt Mullenweg and his fellow cosmics can’t get at it. Based on current events, I suspect that there will be a sudden, mass extinction of FreeFor sites in the not-too- distant future…at least all those on non-free speech servers like WP, blogspot, and the like.

  2. “I don’t know what American First means” – Senator Lindsey Graham, R-South Carolina

  3. (((they))) connect the dots alright: the entire purpose of the GWOT is to blow the Islamists out of sandyland and into Europe/America so as to extirpate the Whites. And I hope Gore is right about Trump-as-Nationalist. I do. I really do. But the evidence so far – via his VP pick and the Cabinet – is largely negative. What I can’t figure is why the Deep State ZOGsters, MSM, etc. continue to rag on Trump….he’s a NY lib-democrat and a rabid Zionist. Is it just the fool-the-rubes rhetoric they object to? Or something more profound….like maybe they realize Trump, for all his populist Performance Art, has aroused something that neither he nor (((they))) can control?

    • It is more profound. He was reading Birch society stuff in his formative years. He has a hard – on for traitors, grifters, big-pharma , vaccines etc. He may not be as hard core as we want but he is now behind enemy lines.He is socially liberal but so am I . I don,t hate fags , jews or.. pick your group. I hate fags . jews , muslims ,christians or anyone else who tries to get in my shit ,tell me black is white and tell me how to live. Jerome Corsi describes him as a patriot sleeper agent . The enemy histrionics are for real.

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    • you forgot bankrupt murka, destroy her fighting age men, and demoralize the population…

      can’t forget while enriching the Military, Security, Medical Industrial Complex.

  4. I suspect the age of the all intruding massive omnipotent nation state is coming to a close no matter what happens. It’s a wore out unmitigated disaster.
    Isolationism is one thing, but pulling in and attending to ones nation properly without the tyrantnationalists and globalists sticking their noses in everyones business is most proper and of such legitimacy it can not be assailed by the rationalists.

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  6. “America first” includes Britain as 51st state.

    How y’all liking your cool aid so far?

    • A trade deal with Great Britain improves their odds for a successful Brexit. Nothing quite as much fun as shoving it up Merkel’s ass sideways, and thence into Juncker’s mouth. Destroying the EU really does put America First.

    • Trump’s agenda this week:

      Hard to tell if we’ll have a 51st state or become a colony again. Won’t know until our reps sign something they never seem to read.

      With such a busy week ahead he might not have time to get to those Executive Orders ending gun control. You remember the ones he promised for day one back when he was on the campaign trail?

      Remember “the first hour I’m in office” speech?

      Day one he was at CIA.

      We’ll see what he gets done for week one.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        “Day one he was at CIA.”

        And? Would you feel better if he was at DHHS?

        • Seems like the first week of putting America first went straight to the business of foreign policy (CIA) and meeting with foreign leaders (cutting a NAFTA type deal with Britain to make sure they survive Brexit).

          If he was putting America first, you’d see him meeting with DOJ (ATF), EPA, Interior, Labor, etc. this week.

          The brits and all our other allies can wait a couple weeks and sweat out their stupid decisions while we get our own house in order first.

  7. The world economy is like riding in a 747. There are some countries flying in first class, everyone else riding coach. But what the globalists miss is when the engines quit it won’t matter where you are sitting on impact.

    SLL has an interesting observation about the Silk Road. But like that 747 it only pays for itself if there is trade occurring along the route. In a crash down world economy the debt load on China for much of the construction might very well bury them.