ZH: German Press – “That Was No Presidential Speech; That Was A Declaration Of War”



Compare and contrast with Little Miss Accomplice’s take, especially these problem grafs:

“…Normally a new president has someone backing him up, someone publicly behind him. Mr. Obama had the mainstream media — the big broadcast networks, big newspapers, activists and intellectuals, pundits and columnists of the left — the whole shebang. He had a unified, passionate party. Mr. Trump in comparison has almost nothing. The mainstream legacy media oppose him, even hate him, and will not let up. The columnists, thinkers and magazines of the right were mostly NeverTrump; some came reluctantly to support him. His party is split or splitting. The new president has gradations of sympathy, respect or support from exactly one cable news channel, and some websites.

He really has no one but those who voted for him.

Do they understand what a lift daily governance is going to be, and how long the odds are, with so much arrayed against him, and them?”

Actually, Pegs, you and your crowd are the ones who don’t understand.

The Big Fuck You is actually pretty easy to grok.

If you are part of what and who got us here, then “Fuck You”.



And we’ve only just begun.

Think about what the President could do via Twitter with just The Deplorables.

You won’t be the only ones thinking about that possibility.

Both the kids in the fusion centers and their bosses have read their Bracken.


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  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. That’s some funny shit right there. I distinctly remember keeping the God damned Soviets out of the FRG – SVC Btry 3/35th FA, 72nd Arty Brigade. And look what “they” did with it. I love Germany and most of its people, they are my people, my ancestry is N. German. But, they really need to unfuck themselves.

    • behind enemy lines Ct.

      Germans wonderful people & country.75-80 FROG ,Baumholder aka The Rock.1/39th, Infantry,Mech, AAA/O. To bad I was never deprogramed to not hate, want to kill Communists.

  3. President Trump has his voters, he has the country behind him. We the People can put tremendous pressure on all the Reps and Senators, they will shake with tremulous agony if they do not not work and abide by him, our President and do not forget that!

  4. Declaration of War?

    No, a Declaration of Restoration.

    It’s the opposition to that who have declared war.

    So. Be. It.

    Taste the fruits of your treason, you ignorant, emotional, dependent, immature, weak, needy, narcissist g-d damned tools.

    Of, and especially your demon possessed bankster/globalist puppet masters too.

    “He really has no one but those who voted for him.”

    We’ll be entirely sufficient, and relish every moment.

    • Yes definitely a Declaration of Restoration, but it is both also, because from that greasy East German Vag’s cultural marxists perspective, it is a declaration of war on her agenda. Fuck her commie matriarchy.
      And remember too, Soros is a German died in the wool Fascist.

      Here are two pieces on funding of these 5th column groups which define and portend a lot of things. The first an ex WSJ reporter digs into the the Soros rabbit hole and discovers 50 connections. The second is another take on monetary backing of the astro-turf, our tax money funneled to fund these actors.
      But the last link is something interesting indeed. MAGA is not only for making America Great Again, it is a beautiful hedge against the US Treasury bod market collapse. This is how Trump the business man is going to start making America again the valued economic force. By that I’m saying instead of the trillions in treasuries everyone holding being dumped pretty soon to rid themselves of their toxic value, Trumps gets America back to work, and against all odds, makes US Treasuries the most valuable solid investment possible. And I’m saying too, Trump will use gold in some way to back that full faith and credit in the dollar. It is the only way out of what the 12 banking family cartel has done with their private money laundering scheme aka The federal Reserve.
      The icing on the cake here is property in America, dirt people prosperity, is the most powerful weapon that you can wield against these scum out to destroy our great Republic.
      Withdrawing from the transnationalists and globalists agenda trade scams is a fantastic place to begin.
      Bull doze the UN into the East River too.




  5. As a reminder to all who would condemn the Deplorable’s for their lack of “virtue”, Robespierre, the author of the post French Revolution “terror”, and a hero to many on the Left, did not die in bed.
    His own intemperance cost him his head.

  6. Right on CA!
    They despise us dirt people so much it behooves them to acknowledge the millions of The Great Fuck You, that not only was Trump possible because The Great Fuck You, but the Vag in a pantsuit was not possible exactly because of The Great Fuck You, but what is sweeter, is there truly was no voting their way out of ignoring The Great Fuck You, and now they will commit any act including pillage and violence to avoid the big truth.
    The big truth is much better than the big lie, and it’s killing them.
    It has made them irrelevant.
    The Big Fuck You was the dirt peoples act of political assassination, also known as impeachment, of the entire political class. No need to wave our rifles in their faces, they understand, all this rioting and other marxist astroturf is Overton window dressing. But you have to ask yourself, are they crazy enough to try us to find out how deep The Great Fuck You runs? Their proxies trying to foment violent civil discord aren’t gaining any traction, they don’t scare us dirt people, they don’t intimidate us, we just ain’t impressed, and if anything it is pretty boring and very cheesy.
    So as the usual marxist shit stirring tactics fail, they are in a pickle. All this grandstanding and the hissyfit temper tantrums, nobody of consequence is buying it. In fact in a word most of us just don’t give a flying fuck. They are gonna have to pull a rabbit out their arses, something really stupid, because they just don’t have anything else, in fact they don’t have anything to offer us dirt people.
    Kind of sucks I reckon after all their long march and shit to find it all evaporated like a fart in a mitten in a hurricane.

    • But you have to ask yourself, are they crazy enough to try us to find out how deep The Great Fuck You runs?


      The crazy don’t think they are deranged.

      They think their opponents are crazy.

      The powers-that-be will not understand just how bad it is and how bad it will continue to be until the Deputy Assistant Under-Secretary For Being A Total Wanker is found hanging from an overpass on the Acela Amtrak line.

      Followed by Mrs. Crobopple’s untimely demise in the Whole Foods produce section from a two-round RFK .22LR pop for her role as local Coordinator For Refugee Relocation.

      Et cetera.

      It ain’t over.

      It ain’t even started.

      The smart ones get that.

      And they are terrified.

      • Right.
        Crazy don’t mean you can be successful at it.

      • MichiganderJim

        “And they are terrified.”

        That’s the most remarkable part of the whole thing to me. Donald Trump is president because real political power rests in the hands of people who, to this moment, don’t even realize they have that power.

        But it sure hasn’t escaped the notice of the commie-libs, eh? Hugely ironic IMO. It’s WHY there’s a chance all the collectivists will kill each other off…commies through intent, fascists through default.

        • That’s right . The mighty never feel their power since they don’t seek to have power over others. ‘The tyranny of the weak over the strong is the worst kind, it’s the only kind that lasts’ – Oscar Wilde.

    • “…are they crazy enough to try us to find out how deep The Great Fuck You runs?”

      Yes they are. This is a religious war to them. Marxism is their religion. Government is their God. The presidency is their High Priesthood and a heretic has just been elected. If you were a psychotic religious zealot, who’s religion was self destructive nonsense, what would you do?

      • It in no way implies or a guarantee of success. Crazy like that is a guarantee you piss off enough dirt people you be taking a dirt nap.

    • Bruce (Exring)

      I could not agree more. I have said and will continue to remind anyone that will listen. We “The People” (Great Fuck You) of the USA are now just at the beginning of the fight. We need to support the Leader and vanguard of the Constitution of the United States by reigning in the Rinos and other “inveterate Liars” that have been elected to Reign over us at the ballot box. If that does not work then the tone of the disagreement will dictate a next move. Like “Semper Fi” said, now we need to go toward the aggressors. Those who wish to be free seem to want to believe that an act like the election of Our President is the end game but it is ONLY the beginning.

    • MichiganderJim

      Yeah well, for the vast majority of Trump supporters, the theory remains the same—“I’ll have the world I want by sweeping everyone else’s porch.”

      You can tell me I’m wrong mtn, and I would be wrong for you…that’s not how you think. I’m still right. I’d suggest more focus on the snipers behind the trees, rather than the ones in open view. But that’s just how I do security.

      There’s a great possibility here, but it’s not the one most expect. At least there’s a tiny chance that the socialist collectivists and fascist collectivists will kill each other off.

      • It’s not a question of being wrong Jim, it is question does it all begin with each of us or not. That’s neither right or wrong. If you begin with yourself and you have a winning heart, you win, because freedom begins there.
        If you think it is useless and resistance is futile, well do I have to explain that? Really?

        It’s not a question of who just won is right and that makes might, it’s a question of looking down the road, you know like loosing the forest for the trees.
        Seriously, I see all these guys on here the end is nigh! The Marxists are rioting! Oh heavens be it’s clutch my cuck pearls time.
        What the fuck?
        Been what, since the 1930’s the communist party and it’s offshoots been running around the Ol’ FUSA, and obama, the pantsuit Vag, all their associates had this country in it’s greasy meathooks, and all they can come up with is paid astro-turf, bitchez wearing pink vulva toboggan’s, a wholly bought and subsumed 5th column media that has had it’s collective lyon’ ass handed to it? A political class that was too busy lining it’s pockets instead of running a serious blodd letting revolution to pogrom us Kulaks? There’s far more, but it adds up to a big fail motherfuckers, sorry to hurt any feelings here, but I don’t fucking buy it. The deep state or whatever it’s called just got it’s collective political ass whooped when it had everything going for them buy a bunch of us knuckledragging mouth-breathing cousin fucking dirt people.
        Wake the fuck up Jim and stop the bellyaching because your having some kind of chicken little pity party. Because all of you’s bitching, you are like a bunch of old hens at a gossip convention. The ink hasn’t even dried on The Great Fuck You’s inauguration, the God-Emperor declared war on the entire status quo like no president in our history, you will never be happy because you don’t have the balls to believe in something bigger and larger than just yourselves, and until you all grab your ball sacks and start acting like warrior men worthy of the title, you all will never be happy or satisfied. And that goes for you in particular Jim.
        You all need a wake up call.
        We constitute the heaviest armed group of men human history has ever witnessed. We gat firepower up the yingyang to spare, but of course a whole lot of you are gonna start crying but nobody will ever get together WaaaaH! Got news for you retards, you certainly ain’t. The rest of us can almost bet on that.
        WTF is wrong with all you whiny shits on here? Oh resistance is futile, oh my diapers are full, I can’t play.

        Start acting like Men and stop making excuses.

        • Right the Hell On!

          Thank you Mountaineer for calling ’em out and setting them straight.

          Men may wake up one at a time but they don’t win liberty or a decent country in their own image alone.

          If theirs no we, there’s no future we might aspire to.

        • MichiganderJim

          I wasn’t complaining, let alone whining. I was identifying, that’s all. I’m no pessimist, but neither am I an evader.

          I think you’re projecting. For you (and me), it’s axiomatic that it begins with each of us. That’s because we understand what volition is. All I’m trying to point out to you, and apparently you don’t want to see, is that this is NOT driving “the vast majority of Trump supporters.” They don’t believe it starts with themselves. They’re utterly convinced it starts with Trump…or Pence or Mattis or whoever. “Anyone but me,” is the cry and it hasn’t changed a drop.

          I don’t “bellyache” about what other people do; I identify it and if I choose, judge it. I’m not judging here; I’m just opening my eyes. I’ve got nothing at all against Trump but let’s face it…Trump all along hasn’t been about him, but about his supporters. I know you know this, because you’ve written about it incessantly. So take a look then…how much yapping do you hear about individual liberty? Or is that a trivial glitch that doesn’t mean anything?

          Formally, you’re rationalizing…offering a series of “arguments” to demonstrate that what is, isn’t. Problem is, it is anyway.

        • MichiganderJim

          “If you think it is useless and resistance is futile, well do I have to explain that? Really?”

          Now I’m curious. From where did you infer that I believe resistance is futile? Here or anywhere, a single cite would be great. TIA.

  7. “The conservative German leader, Merkel” is how Germans see her. Europe is toast.

  8. I’m pleased with “thinkers against Trump”. Just kidding, what the hell are they _thinking_ about 😀

  9. SemperFi, 0321

    You either go in as the alpha male in the room, or just stand around like a lost pajama boy, he knew which role he wanted.
    And I have to hand it to him, I think he is going to take the bull by the horns and the whole time never point out the thieves and liars, just punish them and never make a scene out of it. He’s just like us, cusses and laughs with the boys, but in public he is going to show some decorum and remain very classy, just like his wife.
    Unlike the last stuttering crybaby.

  10. Interesting times ahead. I hope the German people stick it in Merkel’s ass and break it off.

  11. Ahhh yes, that ancient sage of NeoConservatism, Peggy Fucking Noonan.
    Every time I see her name mentioned I imagine the scent of six different wrinkle creams and the reek of gin and tonic desperately trying to cover up that distinctive stink of old woman.
    Fuck her and fuck that other weasel David Fucking Brooks too.
    Neither one of them would know an honest days work if it walked up and grabbed them by the pussy.

  12. Let’s hand it to the gamers for spotting this one among Trump’s bodyguards:


  13. Bruce (Exring)

    Oorah! Our President has THE PEOPLE to support him, how quaint. Now, We the People, need to do our part and get the other 534 “practiced” liars to do their part.

  14. lon a follower

    Like the song repeatedly stated, Ya get what ya need.
    Yahuah willing, this will take on new meaning for many on both sides. A humbling is coming.

  15. (((Angela))): Your skin is your uniform.

    (Jews are not white.)

    (But our German and Russian brothers are white.)

    Also white: our Hungarian, Austrian, French, Polish, Italian, Swedish, British, Scottish, and Irish brothers.

    Kisses, (((losers.)))

  16. lon a follower

    “Do they understand what a lift daily governance is going to be,…?
    Daily forced physical governance. a lift? Yes, i believe many of us see exactly what slavery cloaked as freedom is, has been and will be.
    We have always had the oppurtunity to have and follow daily governance from above.(not local,state or federal) Choosing to do so has been the hurdle.

    • lon a follower,

      You could always emigrate out of fUSA.

      BTW….your subservient screen name fits your screeds well.

  17. The President’s words are soothing…but actions will speak louder…

    He said what he said, now we await the walk matching the talk…

    Then we shall see if he really is our champion to dethrone the establishment…

    “He really has no one but those who voted for him.”

    That could be quite sufficient should the Trumpsters be motivated by President Trump to recall and remove Congressional Republican traitors (McCain, Graham, Ryan and the like) standing in the way of reform, as we just may not have the luxury of waiting for the mid-term elections.

    Trump may be the cure to the citizen-stupidity of painting the Congress as shitters while repeatedly re-electing the particular political crud that brings the pork to -my- district.

    Just as critical is restoration of Rule of Law…which has been corrupted largely by the War on *some* drugs. This idiotic war is absolutely incompatible with true Rule of Law. Unfortunately, President Trump has hinted that the perpetually spinning hamster wheel of this war may receive lubricant rather than being dismantled and sold as scrap…

    Disturbingly, Trump has placed the law enforcement community on the pedestal of unblemished/unquestioned heroics, rather than insist on a return to peace officers keeping the peace. Law enforcement acts like an army of occupation because of their drug war addiction to the adrenalin-jacked excitement of pre-dawn SWAT raids in which people and dogs are routinely blasted, as well as the treasure trove of asset forfeiture that allows police agencies to self-fund sans oversight. The police status quo is not compatible with the President’s stated intent of restoring Rule of Law. Time will tell.

    Another major disappointment Is Trump’s contradictory treatment of the criminally and politically corrupt Clintons-who were rightfully vilified throughout the campaign, only to see them re-anointed by President Trump at the post-inauguration Congressional luncheon…so, is accountability for blatant criminal behavior something the Clintons will continue to enjoy immunity from?

    These issues-and others unmentioned-sure give me pause…Is Trump for real?

    I expect we may have lots of clues from which to determine legitimacy…in a mere week or weeks…

    Interesting times barely describes this period of critical history…

    • Excellent comment. I’m also taking a “wait and see” and “prove it to me” approach given the openly traitorous Democrats and RINOs who have been POTUS so far over the last few decades.

      I’m done drinking red or blue cool aid.

    • He will need Law Enforcement to clean out the sewer. Do you think they are more likely to help him do so if he places them on a pedestal? Or if he speaks of them as I do???

      And the Trumpsters do not need to remove the McCains, Grahams, Ryans, et al if the DoJ investigates, finds massive fraud and corruption, and prosecutes. Mere Citizens vote for who they are ALLOWED to vote for. The only reason we have President Trump is because he was able and willing to finance his own campaign. Let me assure you that the Republican fat cats did NOT donate to his run, either in the primary nor in the general.

    • These are the heroes your new President admires so much…


      NOT SO MUCH.

    • MichiganderJim

      “Disturbingly, Trump has placed the law enforcement community on the pedestal of unblemished/unquestioned heroics, rather than insist on a return to peace officers keeping the peace.”

      That doesn’t mean anything any more here…it’s “whining” or “bellyaching.” For 8 years the “point of the spear” was everything and only well-trained Warriors had a chance to stop it. Now it’s no problem at all, apparently because the spear changed hands.

      Some change. What, did 3 million people turn in their uniforms?

  18. Actually, taken on its own (as written by someone who seems to make a living simply by observing turds in a toilet bowl) I think Noonan’s piece was a pretty accurate statement & assessment of the difficulty of what happens in a “watch what you ask for” kind of outcome. The EU Merkelons are the ones sitting on their planet with the “holy shit” expression on their faces.

    It IS going to be difficult, on a daily basis. And it’s true that who he has is the constitutency that voted for him. Outwardly, he indicates that’s enough reason for him.

    • Agree.

      But she misses, I think, the essential difference between the guy who gave that speech and the recent crop of miscreants (both R and D):

      He doesn’t care.

      That Place runs on people who will do anything for the accolades of the Uniparty Lifers.

      Trump’s gauges don’t read in that metric.

      I hope.

      • LOL, yup; therein lies the rub. “He doesn’t care.” 🙂

        And frankly, for the moment, that’s what I care about. Targets of observation for me will be those on whom he will rely for their savvy & to gauge their acumen in support of, ultimately, the boss’ strategic goals, understanding that he doesn’t care. Like the jihadi, it is hard to defend against.

        Inside that cesspool they have been so busy for so long regulating a power supply to not put more than 400V on the precious tube — he has come along with a tube that easily tolerates 650V. Game-changer.

  19. “They’re something new, waiting for a name.” Really quite old in fact — Nationalists.

  20. Deplorable B Woodman

    I detest Twatter, but I may get an account just to keep up with The Donald.

    • If you REALLY want to stick in their craw, get “Moochelle Osama” as your user name…

  21. “Mr. Obama had the mainstream media — the big broadcast networks, big newspapers, activists and intellectuals, pundits and columnists of the left — the whole shebang. He had a unified, passionate party. …”

    All that going for him and more and he was still the worst POTUS to walk the land. He achieved nothing and damaged much, including his own party.

    • MichiganderJim

      Right. Maybe it would pay to ask, “Why?” The guy had everything he could have in this context and yet he still got nowhere and nearly tore apart the most stable nation on the planet. Why? What didn’t he have?

      Too simple—he didn’t have the truth. He was working with false premises. The point isn’t that being right is the be-all and end-all. The point is that you can’t fool Mother Nature no matter what you have in your toolbox.

      Newsflash…Good Guys can’t either. This FACT seems to have escaped most conservatives while they get high on the emotionalism.

      • There, see?

        You can write a good, accurate and helpful comment if you put your mind to it!

        • MichiganderJim

          The tougher question is whether or not you can read a comment of mine without bringing in foolish distractions. I keep telling you that I’m flattered by the obsession, but I don’t value flattery at all.

        • MichiganderJim

          Well, almost not at all!

    • “He achieved nothing and damaged much…”

      I believe that was his goal: To leave the US weaker economically, weaker politically, weaker militarily, and domestically severely divided. He accomplished all that with the greatest of ease merely using The Bully Pulpit to polarize and to foment hatred. He was the most successful President ever, by that metric.

  22. Steel T Post

    Women have been given political power without the responsibility (nor the ability) for performing the violence of which actual political power consists; but they do understand violence, and are expert at starting fights between males. Our political constructs are going to have to come back in balance with biological reality.

    Yesterday, I remember seeing one of the fem protesters holding a sign that said simply: Science > Ideology. And I reacted with Yes! (Just another example of Agreeing with Liberals for All the Wrong Reasons.)

  23. Was it 5th columns or foam Greek columns. Maybe it was both. The god-emperor of the dirt people isn’t fucking around in either case:

    “A fifth column is any group of people who undermine a larger group—such as a nation or a besieged city—from within, usually in favor of an enemy group or nation. The activities of a fifth column can be overt or clandestine. Forces gathered in secret can mobilize openly to assist an external attack. This term is also extended to organized actions by military personnel. Clandestine fifth column activities can involve acts of sabotage, disinformation, or espionage executed within defense lines by secret sympathizers with an external force.”


    And more columns taken out…


    …take enough columns out and the edifice of the deep state collapses.

    (MAGA means more than jobs. The matter of LeVoy Finnicum and everything surrounding what those tin pot traitors and leeches in the National Park Service have been up to needs to be put paid to with extreme prejudice, all of them, and that is just a good place to start)

    • I came here to post the Trump CIA columns item. Great minds think alike! 🙂 Make sure to note the audience reaction to Trump’s words.

      From what I saw, the audience seemed pretty pro-Trump. There may just be a significant amount of actual patriots in Langley who’ve been waiting for someone to come rescue them from their management.

      Wouldn’t it be nice to have a functional and effective intelligence agency?

  24. 217 from the DC riots where arrested and charged with felony rioting. That should put a damper on a number of the astroturf rioters on George Soros’ payroll. It’s going to be hard as hell trying to find a job with your Wimmens Study’s diploma, add a felony rap to your employment history in this day and age, your toast. (MAGA Bitchez!)


    • Will they be charged and prosecuted in Federal court? Or in the local DC court system? If the prosecution is in Federal courts with the DoJ under Sessions, there may indeed be a real attempt to convict them. If it’s in the local courts, however… Well, let’s just say that DC is on their side.

      • 10 years, $25,000 fine, and a felony rap. If the MAGA DOJ refuses plea bargains, and goes for the max, there’s 217 marxist shit stirrers out of circulation.
        And things like that have many far reaching consequences and repercussions. Like elections have consequences?
        This isn’t Barry and Jarret’s world now. The political protections are gone. The 5th column media has zero traction.
        Pepe’s revenge is looking like a dish best served cold.
        Soros’s proxies are expendable cannon fodder, they always where. Sucks to be them. When you become a useful idiot, win or loose, your marked as a dead man walking by both sides of the equation, ultimately you pay the price. That is the perfect reward for being existentially stupid enough to be a member of the human extinction movement.
        This is just a tiny start of what is going to happen. You watch.
        My hearts bleeds, not.

    • Carolina Mike

      I wonder what the 217’s social media accounts look like, and what their emails reveal. Seems like a week ago or so, raw intel data comm streams were opened up to domestic law enforcement agencies.

      Discovery’s a bitch. The potential for an epic petard-hoisting extravaganza is there if this is done right.

  25. “…Normally a new president has someone backing him up, someone publicly behind him…”

    Behind him? Maybe in this sense:

    “A professional politician is a professionally dishonorable man. In order to get anywhere near high office he has to make so many compromises and submit to so many humiliations that he becomes indistinguishable from a streetwalker.”
    — H. L. Mencken

    Or behind him in this sense:

    “I’ve got his pecker in my pocket.” — LBJ

    It’s refreshing to have a prez (if one has to have one, which is doubtful) whose ass has not been peddled to every interest group entrenched in Washington DC.

  26. Not to say anything amiss about President Trump, I remember a little corporal who did not have the press, the aristocrats, or even half the nation behind him, when he took office. In two years, he was undisputed total master of his nation, and everybody respected him, or else. His end was less than honorable, but it had been plainly shown he was a maniac, with no professional experience to guide him in delegating authority. He insisted on holding all the reins, all the time, and relying on luck. The man in the WH is professionally trained, extremely seasoned in business dealings on a massive scale, and gets enormous projects completed by finding the best people and putting them in charge. He still remains in control, but he knows the people with expertise in technical and engineering and other professions are the best ones to get er’ done. When he runs into an obstacle, he finds a way around it, or through it, and I don’t think defeat is in the playbook. I believe that like the little corporal, Trumps supporters will prove the decisive factor, and multiply, both in numbers and real strength. Both appealed directly to the people, and both got a visceral response. I think the Deep State has underestimated the power of “The Force”. Trump is here to stay, and the Force is with him.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      And that is the difference between someone who delegates authority to those he trusts to get the job done properly, and those who surround themselves with ass kissing nobodies, kinda like Hitler and our last golf playing monkey.
      As much as folks like to put him down, I don’t think Trump is a narcissist like Obama was. Trump may be an extroverted showman, but he also has the brains to back it up. He’s like a chess player, always 2 moves ahead.
      I’m not completely sure in my head what he’s up to as far as the big picture, but I will admit he’s sly and crafty, which is a good sign when dealing with the opposition. We may have a political genius on our hands, or another NWO stooge.

  27. Dick Summers

    “He really has no one but those who voted for him.” The irony is strong in this one, or the stupid.

  28. he does have small hands…


    you cannot enter a grocery store without a $100. bill to purchase 3-4 tiny plastic bags worth of items. how anyone making less than $1000. a week can make ends meet I will never understand.

    focus people.


  29. The media will NEVER get it. Not even at the moment they’re staring down into their very own ditch…..

  30. MichiganderJim

    “We need to support the Leader and vanguard of the Constitution of the United States…”

    Curious…what do you propose to do about those who don’t?

    Also, you might want to look into the Constitution a bit more, beyond the children’s books I mean. In fact, it was a deliberate usurpation of both the document and principles that founded this country. That’s why those Pennsylvania farmers were crushed within two years of its adoption.

    Or maybe that was a random coincidence, or maybe history doesn’t rhyme, or maybe things aren’t what they are.

    • And just maybe, Jim, you are The Final Arbiter of nothing more than your own limited information and your hide bound assumptions as to your own omniscience.

      Your relentless insistence upon your own infallibility with respect to knowing what ‘reality’ is and “what things are,” is beyond insufferable… it is deeply flawed by your own limitations. Just as it is for every other individual.

      No. One. can possibly “know” to the extent you pretend to do.

      • MichiganderJim

        Hey, I remember you. You’re the guy who says, “Love your neighbor as yourself,” and then proceeds to explain why you shouldn’t love yourself. Here’s a suggestion—don’t share that theory with your neighbors!

        Maybe find lineman and the two of you can obsess about my irrelevancy. Careful though…dissonance kills and obsession about irrelevancies isn’t healthy either.

        • As usual, putting words in the other guy’s mouth and utter failure to even make a feint at answering, or even acknowledging, the criticism.

          “Infallible” to a fault! Are there no mirrors in your house?

          Oh, that’s right… on every wall so that you can revel in the beatitude that is Your Glorious Self.