More Mockery


From #ShariaForAmerica at Twitter, starting above with the organizer of the Pussyhat/Women’s March last Saturday.



















33 responses to “More Mockery

  1. Love them all. Who I got to steal them from?

  2. Just a few more good reasons to NUKE that part of the world. Being nuked might bring them out of their STONE AGE way of thinking.

  3. hocuspocus13

    You went the exact mile for this one…😎…#nuketheburka

  4. We can’t have enough of this psyops ammo.

    It might be awkward of someone was to obtain a number of hardcopies of these images and distribute them in… different… places.

    The best part is, I bet some of the OPFOR wouldn’t even recognize them as satire.

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  6. The cognitive dissonance is strong on this. Despite the fact that under Sharia Law, everyone must subject themselves to… Sharia Law, these dumb-asses actually believe that Sharia Law… will be… democratized, for ONLY those… who want Sharia Law. Because… the “vagina”, also known as… “the sisterhood of the pussy”.

    Stoo-pids, are too stoo-pid, to realize, they are being had, and acclimatized, to Sharia Law, getting a solid foothold in America.

    Because… they are to busy with pussy on their minds to even un-cognitive dissonance themselves.

    In common law, a hue and cry is a process by which bystanders are summoned to assist in the apprehension of a criminal who has been witnessed in the act of committing a crime.

    a loud outcry formerly used in the pursuit of one who is suspected of a crimethe pursuit of a suspect or a written proclamation for the capture of a suspecta clamor of alarm or protest

    When the Hue & Cry is heard no more in the land no one will be safe and there will be no salvation for the living or the dead

  8. Is this what they want or subconsciously need?

    Times may not have changed that much deep in the female psyche.

    From way back

  9. Cashing Rabbits,
    The rude awakening for these snowflake women will come the first time their husbands (who were chosen for them) beat the living shit out of them for the slightest infraction of sharia. Their vaginas won’t matter because they’ll be taking it in the ass as their husbands try to decide whether to concentrate on butt sexing them or fantasize about a tender young boy.

    Funny to think that only sharia law will put these women in their place and make them STFU.

  10. Iran in the 1970s one makes me sad.

    Poor white Persians.

    Victims of Jewmerica.

    Does one boomer get it yet? Just one?

  11. The first one is the best one. Now ask yourself how did Jesus handle that situation?

    The West threw out Christianity and now it will face the consequences.

  12. Why are the governments of white countries importing muslims? They know race war will result.

    And who is Concerned American? I notice he proffers adolescent level images and themes. Are you a jew ess government contractor, CA?

  13. I say we leave it to the Glorias.. the Allreds and the steinems and rest of the bra burning bitches. Sharia is their fight….. it’s their vaginas, this has been made perfectible clear to the Men of the world. Let em fight their own fucking battles.

    • you know what pisses wymin off more than anything else?

      shun them.

      the less you want them, the more they need you.

      try it.

      • “…the less you want them, the more they need you.”

        That’s why they have government, for your (our) enslavement. Seriously, just ask these same bitches and that’s the answer they’ll give you.

        Preaching to the choir, I know.

        • you’re not supposed to knock ’em up.

          murkin wymin are conniving whores.

          let some other dumb-ass sucker support them leaky cunts.

          i’ve been married twice. that st00pit shit is thru. believe me, there’s nothing like taking a banded stack of new Benjamin’s and patting your forehead down when you get your heart broken.

      • That is the TRUTH!!!

        Try chasing a woman and it’s like a magnet trying to attract another magnet with the same pole.

      • Yep.
        An independent Man is something normal women instinctively crave.

        Why do you think Slick Willy was able to get so much strange on the side?

        Why do dykes hate independent Men?
        Pure jealousy.
        Freud called it something different.

  14. Been reading a series of books set in Dark ages England.
    That world made so much more sense.

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  16. islam must be destroyed. Time to get er’ done.


    And, on a personal note, I was taken to the woodshed today by my supervisor. It seems two students, a male and a female, complained that, while reviewing for a history test, I used the horrible epithet: “Muzzie” instead of Muslim, while describing how the Koran advocates the slaughter of non-believers. Even in Rawles Land, folks, the fix is in. I hope I don’t end up cleaning toilets in the local Wal Mart. But, maybe I would be better off.

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