Dear Abby:

If, as the zeitgeist is claiming, it is OK to punch someone you believe is a Nazi, does the same apply to Commies?

If not, why not?



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  1. VoxDay discussed precisely this issue at his site yesterday. His take is that it should be proportional response: a punch for a punch. That’s wrong. Since we are not going to vote our way out of this, the reponse must be escalatory: at a minimum, a hard punch to the face followed by a brutal kick to the head when the communist goes down….or better, if you’re carrying, kill the Red and walk away.

    • That’s crazy talk. The new POTUS will be murkas knight in shining armor. Just give him moar time, you’ll see… MMGA!

      Ever notice how these guys all changed their names? here’s just the latest.

      barry soetoro/obama

      george sherf/bush

      Donald Trump/Drumpf


      • that’s OK. Haxo Angmark is not my real name either.

      • When did the Sherf/Bush name change take place?

        It’s known that Drumpf went to Trump at some point before…1650.

        Because the lineal ancestor at the time knew it would sound silly in a country that didn’t yet exist, 360 years later…

        Or JOOOOOOOS. The JOOOOOOOOS were behind it, yeah.

        • Just checked, the Bush’s Have been Bush’s since 1593 at the latest. Longer than Trumps have been Trump. How about that….

          Oh yeah….


          • You know ((Haxo)) was just triggered, hes busy looking for a safe gentile space….

            • Lemme just throw this in the mix then: ((((Adolf Schicklgruber))))

              (ducks to avoid splodey-head fragments)

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Yup, 2 for 1 special.
      Bullets are going to fly soon, these folks have taken the gloves off and are fighting dirty. Preaching love and tolerance while they spray you with oven cleaner, that’s worth a few bullets to the face in return.
      But the learning curve will be hard on the masses, lots of pain and suffering before they figure this out.

      • SF0321, this is what I was telling you about on an
        older post regarding The Way of Right, about half
        way down scroll:

        semper vivium

        • SemperFi, 0321

          Thanks, interesting read until I got to the mythology section.
          My brain doesn’t operate on the Abrahamic desert mythology wave length, none of that makes any sense to me. But nice try.

          • SF0321, “But nice try” really was not my main point. It was
            pointing to The Right of Way regarding closing old trails/paths
            and how to keep records to continue using them. Hope that
            part helped.

    • ……………..Quietly….!……………………………………………Heh…..?

    • Welll… that makes twice I can remember agreeing with you Hax.

      These braindeadassholes have had it their way for decades, to the ruin of the country. They have neither learned nor admitted their folly, but rather have proselytized the gullible youth, suborned legislatures, the courts and he press, tripling down on their path to destruction.

      Time for them to pay the price, in the only way that will matter.

    • MichiganderJim

      “Since we are not going to vote our way out of this, the reponse must be escalatory…”

      Very impressive, a valid syllogism from you. Too bad almost nobody gets it. Probably that’s because there’s nobody to do it but themselves.

  2. Fair is fair.

    Follow up question: Is it okay to punch a Commie who is plotting to assault you but hasn’t yet?

    I’m going with yes

    (skip to ~3:00 for a feel good story)

  3. It’s also okay to kill the person who punches you because he mistakenly thinks you’re a Nazi.

    Because Fuck You, That’s Why

  4. Steel T Post

    DECAmate them.

    “Anybody that hits me, we’re gonna hit them 10 times harder.” -Donald Trump, November 3, 2015

    Not a spelling error. Deca = 10x, Deci = 1/10. Those dang Metric prefixes can be a little confusing sometimes. 🙂

    • and don’t forget,

      “they bring a knife, we bring a gun”

      – B. Hussein Obama

      • Actually, that was George C. Scott in The New Centurions(1972), quoting Kilvinski’s Law.

      • Carabiners make excellent key chains. The ones used for tree stand harnesses are pretty beefy and make an excellent fist multiplier. No sense hurting your hand if you have to collapse someone’s face to get your point accross.

    • Decimated is the body parts being put into ten different trash bags and scattered into various dumpsters.

  5. Dear Abby,

    With due consideration that there is little difference between a NAZI and a communist.. Kick the communist with equal or greater force as situations demand.

  6. Jimmy the Saint

    What was Joe Gallo’s advice? If you overreact and are unpredictable, people will quickly learn to leave you alone.

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  8. Red in OleVirginny

    Try not to hurt your hands . Use a stick if possible. Oak is a wonderful choice.
    Have a revolver? You don’t need a fancy suppressor (or a $200 tax). The Irish used to (still do?) hollow out one end of a potato and stick it over the barrel….just sayin.
    Red in OleVirginny

  9. v&sJ3ex4*EJyE358R^

  10. You misspelled (((Abby))).

  11. Dear God: Please let some anti-white communist try to punch me because (((it))) thinks I am a “nat-zee.” Amen.

    • var youGetPunched = true,
      Var result = Law.IsHateCrime(youGetPunched);

      Result = false

      • There is of course…..


        #define ASSAULT 1;
        char result;

        Main {
        result = char Revolt(ASSAULT^4);
        print(%s, result);

  12. “Be polite, be professional but have a plan to kill everyone you meet.” –Mattis

    So if the commies are in front of you and start some shit… then end it right then and there.

  13. Not OK. Throw them from helicopters.

  14. “Meet violence with violence” Gavin McInnes

  15. No its not okay to hit a commie.

    You hit Nazis because you MIGHT be able to beat some sense into them and set them straight.
    You cant fix a Commie.

    Commies get dropped out of helicopters.

  16. Dear Abby: My friends are all hyped up on the Doom that hasn’t arrived yet (been waiting more than ten years!) many of them are convinced they are super heroes, and not a few of them seem convinced the Jews are behind every rock, under every bed, and waiting with blood dripping from their teeth, itching to “take over the world”, or something. I don’t know, and I don’t think they know either. Sorry about that, I know you’re Jewish, no offense intended. Here’s my problem. While conditions and the situations we find ourselves in are actually conducive to the Doom, it hasn’t happened yet, and instead of coming together to face it and survive it, we seem to be pre-occupied with tearing each other apart! There’s no leadership, there’s not much training getting done,( although it IS available), the ranges are idle, and there doesn’t seem to be ANY teamwork, or organization. Think of 10,000 monkeys pounding on 10,000 keyboards all at once, and all of them think they have THE PLAN, while at the same time believing that the other 9,999 monkeys are SO WRONG. None of them agree on much, but they do agree that the other monkeys are wrong. And not only that, but they are always threatening horrible things to one another, instead of finding a way to unite and conquer. I really like the idea of the freedom thing, and everyone to their own little corner of the world, but I’m afraid that unless and until my friends find some way of settling their differences, the Left is going to have us for breakfast, and it will be the most bitter pill of all to swallow. To think we had a chance of saving the situation, and failed to stretch forth our hand while we had the time to do so. Please reply to me, as I am in need of guidance on this. This is a bigger problem than any of my friends want to admit, and a mistake we won’t recover from.

    • The “doom” already happened. The sad state of our white, childless, feminist, anti-white-man, unmarried/divorced “single mom” women IS the doom. It was done by the communists’ control of education, Hollywood, and the media — on purpose. (((They))) brag about it.

      Right now there are literally millions of beautiful white mothers and wives missing; they were never born. Their would-be parents never married. Their would-be mom followed Madonna’s advice to “don’t go for second best, baby — you’re too much better, baby, on your own.

      The no-fault industrial complex and affirmative action have stolen millions of dollars from the would-be fathers of (nonexistent) white families.

      For every unemployed white father–there are hundreds of thousands or millions–the doom is here. The modernity poz batshit crazy world in which we find ourselves right now IS the doom.

      That our (((media))) glorifies this while our government actively attacks the white men who built this country from the ground up–and the fact that we can do nothing about it–is the doom.

      (Unlike some, I do not consider myself a “badass” and I don’t attack anyone else for not “doing anything.” The power of the communist state is totally against us and any white man who does anything or even protests using words will simply be a lone wolf who goes directly to jail.)