Refugee Resettlement List – By State



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  1. Surely Mr T will sign an EO putting an immediate stop to this. Oh, wait a minute…or a day or a week…he’s about to bring in refugees from Britain.

    • that’s right. One in particular: Prime Minister May will be arriving shortly. Maybe she’ll just stay. Who would want to return to a city with a Muslim mayor? But probably the INS won’t let her remain, because she’s White.

  2. if it weren’t for the cops protecting these refugees “Rights” and the “Rights” of those importing them…

  3. They only count refugees. The key word is refugee. Once here they can legally bring their entire extended family. Those family members aren’t considered refugees and so they aren’t on the list. And they move to the front of the line for education and jobs, in front of you and your kids, because of affirmative action. What a country. And the Muslims in Europe, once they get that European passport, they get to come here with no visa, no vetting. There actually never was any vetting, but it sounds good on TV.

  4. Thanks for putting that info out, CA, knowledge is power. Reading some of the comments, I get a vision. Of being at the gate and wall where King Kong is on the way through the woods in the near distance, the gate is open, and instead of closing the gate, double quick,some of my comrades are instead loudly pointing out, with outrage, that there were items missing from the buffet. I used to send new recruits back home to their families while in basic, because of less than stellar performances. I’d tell them, “Go home, sit down and think about it for a while. This is the men’s department. I train men to break things, and kill other people. We don’t play fuck-around, and feelings is some thing they play on the radio. We do the real hard business of protecting this country. If you can get serious about that, come on back. If it ain’t for you, have a nice life.”

  5. I see that Wyoming didn’t make the list.

    • Once here, they can move anywhere. No interior border checks. Wyoming didn’t make the list, but who wants to live there (except me) when they can make it to NYC or CA for the generous welfare, the local citizen love, and the ghetto just like they had in the old country. Rest assured, though, these ain’t Irish and Italians like 100 years ago. These moslems want to kill you.

  6. Yes, We gottem here. in WY. I had to explain why the Post Office was closed. On MLK day. Yeah, and there are Somalis showing up.
    There goes the neighborhood…..I thought it was bad that we had MS13. At least they speak english,… oh , nevermind.

  7. Is that a target list? 😉

    Seriously though I’ve seen a few more hijabs lately and there was a call to prayer on FM radio just up the dial from the local “CONservative radio” station.

    Grey Ghost